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  • Compared to other campuses in the state of Texas, we are in the average. The green ovals highlight the category rating our campus falls into. In each category, we are one of over 50% of the Texas schools in that rating. While we do have our areas of improvement, I feel it is important to point out the hard work that has already been put in place. Although we are not in the top ratings, we are receiving the average rating according the the campus statewide summary.
  • Please watch this video relating to technology and our education system. I hope it encourages you to make some adjustments in your classroom towards better preparing our students for a fast changing society.


  • 1. STaR Chart Findings
    Lewis Elementary
    By Kristy Duncan
  • 2. What Will You Learn?
    STaR Chart trends
    Campus’s areas of improvement
    Ways to increase our campus’s ratings
  • 3. Category 1: Teaching & Learning
    Technology integration
    Solve real world problems
    Access to technology
  • 4. Category 2: Educator Preparation & Development
    Professional development opportunities
    Collaboration with others
    Technology development hours
    SBEC technology application standards
  • 5. Category 3: Leadership, Administration, & Instructional Support
    Leadership that promotes technology
    CIP focused on technology development
    Variety of media available
    Resources available to teachers
    Available instructional support
  • 6. Category 4: Infrastructure for Technology
    Internet access
    Classroom computers
    Technical support
    Server resources
    Online learning resources available
  • 7. STaR Chart Trends
  • 8. Where We Stand
  • 9. How Do We Compare?
  • 10. What Can We Do?
    Think-Pair-Share with your table
    10 minutes
    3 Ideas
    Whole group discussion to follow
  • 11. Things to Come
    Education and the Future of Technology
    How will you prepare me for my future?
  • 12. Summary
    4 STaR Chart categories
    Strength – Infrastructure for technology
    Weakness – Educator preparation & development
    Technology integration is crucial
    Takes all members to meet campus needs
    Takes time!
  • 13. Resources