Usability of Google Docs


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Slides I made in a class project. It is not fully styled but shows a good example of how to use icons in slides to convey messages

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Usability of Google Docs

  1. 1. IntroductionGoogle Docs isA web-based word processor and spreadsheetsimilar to Microsoft Office
  2. 2. IntroductionGoogle Docs has unique features:real-time collaboration, web-based documentstorage, mobile access
  3. 3. Research objectives
  4. 4. Research objectivesUnderstand 1.  User adoption 2.  What Google Docs lacks 3.  Issues for Mobile Use and Accessibility 4.  Issues Surrounding Collaboration 5.  Security and Privacy Issues
  5. 5. Methods
  6. 6. Contextual Inquiry–  Directed interview + observation–  Provides data on user behaviors •  what features they use •  how they use the product–  2 sessions conducted
  7. 7. Usability Tests–  3 users–  10 tasks–  Quantitative metrics •  System Usability Score (SUS) •  Task completion time
  8. 8. Survey–  Conducted using Google Docs–  32 responses (20 users, 12 non-users)–  Mixture of open- and closed-ended questions •  5-point Likert scale used for attitude judgements
  9. 9. Interviews–  3 interviews conducted: •  experienced user •  functional user •  novice user–  Pre-determined questions and open-ended follow-up •  10-point Likert scale used to quantify attitudes
  10. 10. Focus Group–  One online chat room session–  Four participants •  Age 20-30 •  Use Google Docs >=1 year(s) •  Technical professionals and students–  Semi-structured
  11. 11. Key Findings
  12. 12. Key Findings–  Used in a variety of contexts: •  home, school, work–  Most likely to use for small, simple tasks “I think it works very well at least for the basic tasks.” 25% of Google Docs users surveyed reported that Google Docs was their primary word processor and spreadsheet.
  13. 13. Key Findings (2)–  Treated as a clone of Microsoft Office "It is quite similar to MS office. For me, it is pretty easy to use. Its like working with MS office.”–  Expect features to act the same “It doesnt support "Track changes" like what MS office does.” “Chart and graph functions are very good on MS Office comparing to the Google Doc.”
  14. 14. Key Findings (3)–  Most users are comfortable with storing documents online “I can access to that document anywhere anytime.” “When I’m travelling, I don’t have to worry about taking the computer with me” “online free storage of files as my HDD crashed several times.” “I have pdf’s of my tax returns up there, and I also have, for my small freelance business, I have contracts and things up there.”
  15. 15. Key Findings (4)–  Collaboration features are used heavily ! “It is easy to share document and have others view and adjust it without sending email back and forth”
  16. 16. Key Findings (4)–  Novice users sometimes confused by collaboration features “when I’ve collaborated and there are different versions of things it’s hard to find the specific one I’m looking for.” “So everybody would be making edits at the same time including me and because Google docs do the auto save, all the sudden everything would be different on everybody screen. What is saved wasn’t necessarily what is supposed to be saved”
  17. 17. Strengths
  18. 18. StrengthsCollaborative editingNo more sending email back and forthOnline accessAvailable from anywhere with InternetFamiliar interfaceSimilar to Microsoft OfficeFreeNo cost!
  19. 19. Weaknesses
  20. 20. WeaknessesLack advanced featuresCompared to Microsoft OfficeProblem with formatting, printingLoss of fidelity in imported documentsNo offline accessOnline onlyDifficult to discover new featuresDo not know about new, improved features
  21. 21. Recommendations
  22. 22. RecommendationsImprove support for collaborationand sharing features. “It would be great if it has ability to track changes made by collaborators.” “I would like it to be able to share documents with somebody who dont have a Gmail account.” …
  23. 23. Recommendations (2)Improve feature parity with Microsoft Office,especially formatting “Better formatting - At the moment, its quite difficult to format the document.” “I need more beautiful graph and charts on Google Docs.” Spreadsheet Macros and Formula …
  24. 24. Recommendations (3) Make it easier for existing users to learn about new featuresOffline service “Id like to use it offline ”
  25. 25. Conclusions
  26. 26. Conclusions Strengths WeaknessesShare & Collaborate Format & Print Available Online Online Only Familiar Not as good as Free New features
  27. 27. Conclusions Strengths WeaknessesShare & Collaborate Format & Print Available Online Online Only Familiar Not as good as Free New features
  28. 28. Conclusions Strengths WeaknessesShare & Collaborate Format & Print Available Online Online Only Familiar Not as good as Free New features