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  1. 1. Cocktail Journey On March 16, 1798, the Morning Post and Gazetter in London printed the wordCocktail for the first time! Today, after two centuries of cocktail making, we invite youto join us on an incredible journey through past, present and future, sampling along the way iconic cocktails from each era with our own creative twists. Dutch MuleThe drink that kicked off the Vodka Craze in the US! The story goes back to 1941, when three friends met in a New York bar: a famous distribution company exec, thepresident of the biggest selling vodka brand at the time, and the owner of Cock n Bull ginger beer. They mixed a two-ounce shot with ginger beer, a lime squeeze and ice.The men raised their cups and savored their concoction. It was good. It lifted the spirit to adventure. Their mixture was christened the Moscow Mule... Our Version: Ketel One® Vodka, Falernum, Green Chartreuse, Homemade Ginger Beer. Tiny 10 Julep Originating in the south of the US during the early 1700s, many have called the Mint Julep the most refreshing drink ever made! Its most lasting and famous incarnation is the Bourbon Mint Julep, but here in Santaella were going old school, serving you our gin variation! Tanqueray No. 10 gins heart is made by distilling fresh citrus fruits and botanicals in a small copper still, named Tiny 10. We thought it was fitting name for our Gin Julep... Our Version: Tanqueray No. Ten Gin, Elderflower liqueur, Cucumber, Mint, Grapefruit Zest. La Siesta Old Fashioned The old-fashioned is one of the original cocktails in the true sense of the word: sugar, water, bitters and spirits of any kind. In the late 1800s, all sorts of cocktails popped up at bars and saloons, so when a gentleman wanted a whiskey cocktail, hed order an "Old Fashioned". In the Mad Men era of the 1950s, this classic morphed into a muddled fruit and soda concoction, as Don Draper would drink it. Nowadays, its become a bartenders playground for its simplicity, and spirits forward beauty... Our Version: Don Julio Tequila Reposado, Agave Syrup, Peach and Chocolate & Mole Bitters. Perfect Lady A variation of the French version of the cocktail White Lady, using peach liqueurinstead of Cointreau. This amazingly subtle and refreshing libation comes from a 1934book entitled ‘Here’s How...’ which was issued by the Victoria Wine Company, London’s leading wine merchants of the era. Our Version: Ketel One® vodka, Elderflower liqueur, Egg White, Lemon and Lime Juice, Santaella Herbal Syrup El ConquistadorFollowing our success with the "Perfect Lady", we got inspired and sought to create the right match for her, El Conquistador... A contemporary cocktail inspired on a Retro- Chic combination of spirits, fortified wine, bitters and egg whites. Drink and Conquer! Our Version: Zacapa Rum, Pedro Ximenez, Fig Jam, Chocolate Bitters, Lemon Juice and Egg White. Find out more about the Worldclass Collection luxury liquor spirits on 40% alc/vol. Distributed by Méndez & Co. Please drink responsibly
  2. 2. House CocktailsSANDIA MOJITOOur house specialty, we muddle fresh Watermelon and Mint with PuertoRican White Rum, lemon & lime juice and a couple of other secretsMANGO AND GINGER FIZZKetel One® Citroen vodka and orange liqueur shaken with Mangopuree, house infused ginger and tarragon syrup; it’s served over rocksand topped with sodaTAMARIND MARGARITAFresh Tamarind pulp mixed with 100% Blue Agave Tequila, orange liqueur,fresh lime juice and a splash of cinnamon infused syrup; served up oron the rocksGUANABANA ONEKetel One® vodka, freshly squeezed lime juice, house made Soursoppuree, basil leaves and dark chocolate dustSANTAELLA SIDECARA Caribbean version of the granddaddy of all sours, Aged Puerto RicanRum and orange liqueurs shaken with a dose of Orange Bitters and freshlemon juiceBLOODY SAINTBlood Orange and Ruby Red Grapefruit juices shaken up with KetelOne® vodka, St-Germain Elderflower liqueur and a hint of cinnamonBEE’S KNEEOur spin on the Prohibition Era classic, Tanqueray No. Ten gin shaken withfresh lemon juice and our house infused Honey and Rosemary syrup…“That’s the Bee’s Knee”NYDIA CAROHendrick’s Gin, Rose Petal Water and house infused Lavender syrupmixed with Prosecco sparkling wine… This one’s a tributeWhisky Cognac | Brandy Cordials | LiquorsBuchanan’s 12 Armagnac Larressingle Agwa Coca LeafChivas Regal 12 | 18 | 25 Camus X.O. Amaretto DisaronnoCutty Sark | 15 Cardenal Mendoza AperolDewar’s 12 | 18 Courvoisier VS | Napoleon BaileysDewar’s White Label Duque de Alba CampariJ&B Grand Marnier 100 | 150 CilantroJohnnie Walker Black Label Hennessy VS | VSOP CointreauJohnnie Walker Swing Osborne Veterano FrangelicoJohnnie Walker Gold Label Quintessence Grand MarnierJohnnie Walker Blue Label Remy Martin VSOP | XO Jack Daniels HoneyPinch 15 Jägermeister Tequila KahlúaSingle Malt Whisky 1800 Silver | Añejo Gold La Fée AbsintheArdbeg 10 Casa Noble Añejo Licor 43Balvenie 12 Corralejo Añejo Limoncello Villa MassaGlenfiddich 12 | 15 | 18 | 30 Don Julio Blanco Navan (Vanilla)Glenlivet 12 Don Julio Reposado OR-GGlenmorangie 10 Don Julio Añejo Patrón CaféGlenmorangie Lasanta Don Julio 1942 Pazo Valdomiño HierbasGlenmorangie Nectar DOr El Jimador Sambuca Romana | BlackGlenmorangie Quinta Ruban Frida Kahlo Reposado St-Germain ElderflowerGlenrothes Frida Kahlo Añejo Zoco PacharanJohnnie Walker Green Label Herradura ReposadoLaphroaig 10 Herradura Añejo Dessert Wines | OportoMacallan 12 | 15 Patrón Silver Reposado Ferreira Tawny | White Patrón Añejo Fonseca Bin 27 | 20yrWhiskeys Patron Platinum Moscatel Torres FloralisBookers Tres Generaciones Añejo Moscato DAsti NivoleCanadian Club 6 Muscat Gutierrez de VegaCrown Royal Aged Rum Sauternes Château BarbierGentleman Jack Bacardi Select Tardío Santa JuliaJack Daniels | Single Barrel Bacardi 8 Tokaji Mád CuvéeJameson | 18 Bacardi Reserva Ltd.Jim Beam Don Q Añejo Craft BeersKnob Creek Don Q Gran Añejo Brooklyn Brown AleMakers Mark Ron del Barrilito Brooklyn LagerWoodford Reserve Zacapa 23 Brooklyn Pale Ale Zacapa XO Blue Moon Magic Hat Matilda