MOOCovery for #SXSWEDU #UVaMOOC Planning, Process, Ideas


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  • SC - We’re running 12th MOOC on 4 platforms with ~1M participants. How many created a MOOC, thinking about creating one, or taken a MOOC?
    KP - How about finished one? Keep up the discussion at #UVaMOOC and meet up at 5
  • SC At end of this slide poll audience on who’s done a MOOC, who’s getting ready to do one, who’s taken one. Stace throws to Kristin. What’s the single most important piece of advice for someone starting down this path?
  • Planning - Understanding why you want to create a MOOC
  • Planning - Building a Team
    Faculty sage on stage working with team across university
    Possible Lou story re: hospital
  • Planning to Process > KP and SC
  • SC. Be Effective in Communication. Understand emails Limitations, Work Side-by-Side when Nec, Share Don’t Send - our structure mirroring course
  • SC Course Structure - By Week, By Lesson - learning outcomes? Next Slide: BK Video (:34) on Forums
    Consistency and expectations with a visual marker of where you are at
  • KP Recognize Limits of what yo can do. Establish Crisis Policy. [SC] Possible crisis evolving into a valuable class discussion with 30+(?) posts - “wait and see” policy paid off.
  • Stace - Authentic to location and professor
    Locations, Let out the personality of your Profs and the institution.
  • K to talk to alumni engagement
  • Stace - FB, Jefferson Course<->Alumni Connect, ItunesU: structure mirrors, OPens course to supplementals over time, availability to fellow educators in an evergreen format. iTunes U for “evergreening” and educational extension… SO EASY..
    Easily copy course structure to iTunesU Course Manager
    Opens course to wider variety of supplemental materials
    Make your material available for thousands of educators worldwide
  • K - Ever green > social media and online communities
  • Amazing Opportunity
    Thrilling Ride rarely matched in Academia
    Thank YOU for having us here
  • MOOCovery for #SXSWEDU #UVaMOOC Planning, Process, Ideas

    1. 1. MOOCovery - #MOOCovery Meet up @ 5PM in Loft Bar Stace Carter Kristin Palmer @kpatwork
    2. 2. Take Aways Planning Process New Ideas #MOOCovery
    3. 3. #MOOCovery
    4. 4. #MOOCovery
    5. 5. Establish Expectations and Responsibility • Kick-off meeting: IP, copyright, renumeration, best practices and course agreement • Task List: who does what and when does stuff need to happen • Look and feel: budget, branding and production value$ #MOOCovery
    6. 6. Process: Team Communication #MOOCovery
    7. 7. Process: You need Structure… • Course Structure - By Week, By Lesson - • From outline to LMS design to Forum Design • Use Learning Outcomes as a guidepost #MOOCovery
    8. 8. #MOOCovery
    9. 9. Process: Forums • Recognize Your Limits, be “Joyfully Overwhelmed”. • Crisis Policy #MOOCovery
    10. 10. 11. Find Your Place #MOOCovery
    11. 11. #MOOCovery
    12. 12. Reach Your Full Potential: Ever Green #MOOCovery
    13. 13. Reach Your Full Potential #MOOCovery
    14. 14. We are grateful… #UVaMOOC #MOOCovery