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  1. 1. THE USE OF by:
  2. 2. • Social Media plays a major role in generating Leads, increasing the Interest and Creating Trust in the brand through recommendations. • Social Media is the perfect channel to stimulate recommendations. • Social Media is used through consumers to find relevant product information and recommendation of others. • Social Media helps to keep the fans updated with news, product launches and the ideas of other fans. Why ?
  3. 3. • 92% of the customers trust family and friends and 47% trust advertisement on TV. • Social Media helps getting recommendations. • Customer generated content is dominating the web. • Facebook posts are little touch points that can make all the difference in staying top-of-mind with prospects. is Good For Engaging
  4. 4. Why would you use ? People interact with FB much more than other social networks
  5. 5. likes a brand because they 58%are already a customer
  6. 6. Most interact with brands just by reading the posts and newsfeeds
  7. 7. are…
  8. 8. What drives people to ?
  9. 9. People click the most on..
  10. 10. Companies use for • Enter into dialogue with customers • Answer specific questions of users of their product • Improve their brand awareness • To create brand ambassadors • To show their expertise ( Thought Leadership)
  11. 11. From Buyer to Brand Ambassador
  12. 12. Before you start with • Make a decision about your Social Media strategy • Know your customer by developing a buyer persona ( visualisation of your customer) • A consumer needs interesting content to stays involved in the page • Prepare 30 messages ( relevant content, funny video’s/ pictures, product information etc.) • Study website analytics ( which keywords are searched, which information is preferred) • Think big, start small
  13. 13. CONTENT is king, but in a good mixture
  14. 14. What do you need on your page? Edgerank determines who will see your message, dependent on likes, comments and shares. So you need: • Inspiring content • Relevant content • Video’s with brief and punchy messages and product tutorials or funny/ emotional content (videos are relevant for a higher commitment and higher ranking) • Pictures of products, events, experience, product actions and with funny/cute pets. (Pictures are higher rated as content. 20% of all the content needs to be a picture) • Relevant links to informative web pages
  15. 15. So this how Beefy will look like after using Social Media….
  16. 16. Key Performance Indicators KPI’s can be put on: • Number of Likes • IPM ( interaction per 1000 fans) • Number of reactions on a post • Number of shares of a post It is all about the engagement with the fans!
  17. 17. CARE Starting with Social Media means also web care because: • Consumers are getting more critical and they want an immediate answer on their questions. • 70% of the customers, who write an negative post on FB expect a reaction. Only 38% of the companies respond. • After a quick and effective reaction, consumers tend to recommend this company later on. • Surprise the consumer by your reaction and do it personally
  18. 18. is IMPORTANT A small group of product users could affect a large group of potential users. CARE
  19. 19. Otherwise THIS can be happen
  20. 20. Do’s • Use pictures with enough resolution ( 650x 650 pixels) • Shorten your text for a more effective message • Create a holistic experience that matches the brand • What really matters is having a social presence, showing your personality • Integrate FB with • Focus on your most active fan’s ( only 1- 10% of your fan’s) • Show the world that you are around with Facebook advertisements • Give marketing campaigns such personality that your prospects want to share it with their friends. • Entertain them. Delight them
  21. 21. • Be up to date with fresh timely content • Post should be written in the first person using a conversational tone • Humanize your business • Connect with customers to foster a two way dialogue • Direct conversations with customers will cascade with their network • Enable the crowds help with questions you have • Foster the worth of mouth through FB, promoting advocacy is an essential strategy • Get them to sign up for a Webinar by offering valuable content about the industry All the information must be in line with your value proposition. Do’s
  22. 22. • Don’t make the mistake of “selling” to them • Don’t use logo’s in the pictures • 80% of the content should be informative and entertaining and only 20% should be about the brand or products. Don’ts
  23. 23. Which content to use (1) • Quotes; people like quotes of the brand • Bold statements, where fans can discuss amongst themselves whether or not they agree • Use it as a market research tool. “this versus that”. Quick way to poll the fans on their preferences • A “fill in the blanks post” requires less effort but a big uptakefrom the easily distracted FB user • Use a “friend tagger”, show them a picture where they can tag their friends ( Which dog looks like your friend?) • Award a “featured friend”, an easy way to showcase your advocates and encourage others to be more involved
  24. 24. • Ask your fans to like you on your default landing page • Post 3 images to a gallery in sequences for a simple trick • People have connected because they liked the brand, so you can be “ product proud” but only in a creative way and with contextual relevance to peoples life. • Social goes about quality and not quantity, so appeal to your core fan base • Don’t repeat your successful posts • FB is an excellent home for free giveaways or consumer promotions Which content to use (1)
  25. 25. It can also used as a nice BROCHURE
  26. 26. Use of VIDEOS • and video’s are 4 times as much shared as other video’s ( good integration with and ) • video’s are shorter than and get a higher attention rate • and video’s are easy to look with 3G internet • People don’t expect fancy video’s from a 6-15 sec. movie • Post nice video bytes of events, fairs, user conferences, product usage and the making off.
  27. 27. How to engage • Invite all your friends, existing customers and companies • Share your FB site • Offline promotion of the site through posters, advertisements etc • Create a like box on your website • Integrate your FB link in your emails and newsletters • Start a FB campaign • Create good content • Engage consumers with content, prices, to show affection with the brand and latest news • Share your FB page with interesting FB groups • Advertise on FB • Use FB app’s
  28. 28. Value proposition through the Golden Circle Model What: Products, Services, Tactics And Results How: Positioning, Strategy, Process, Orga nisation Why: Mission, Vision, StrategyStart with the WHY! : “Give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.” : “Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”
  29. 29. Why ? Expert role: Instead of showing how good you are, show them your experience. This is good for trust and authority. ( Thought leadership) Advertising is old fashioned. 14% of the people trust advertisements. So we have to think about other ways to get a connection with our prospects and clients 360 degrees: We want to influence more target groups on different levels To be different
  30. 30. SEO: Google loves content. The more content the higher the ranking Site traffic: Good content is good for traffic to the website. This is the cheapest web traffic Conversion Sales tool: Content is an easy bridge for sales to their clients Sharing: Content is easy to share and with great coverage as a result. Why ?
  31. 31. CREATORS 18% • Publish a blog • Publish your own Web pages • Upload video you created • Upload audio/music/y ou created • Write articles or stories and post them CRITICS 25% • Post ratings/review s of products or services • Comment on someone else’s blog • Contribute to online forums • Contribute to/edit articles in a wiki COLLECTORS 12% • Use RSS feeds • Vote for Web sites online • Add “tags” to Web pages or photos JOINERS 25% • Maintain profile on a social networking site • Visit social networking sites SPECTATORS 48% • Reads blogs • Listen to podcasts • Watch video from other users • Read online forums • Read customer ratings/reviews • Reads tweets INACTIVES 44% • None of the above Who joins ?
  32. 32. ButtonsInformation Personal Indentity Integration & Social Interaction Entertainment Empowerment Reward Buttons of Activation