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  1. 1. MARKETINGMADE EASY WEBINAR SERIESHow to Increase on yourpage
  2. 2. Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends, family, andtheir community, locally and globally.More than 1 billion people use Facebook to keep up with friends, sharephotos, videos, and links, and learn about people, places, and businesses.What Is ?
  3. 3. Over 1 Billion Users Are SpendingThrough
  4. 4. Your Customers Are On ,Even While They Watch TV!Nielsen‘s Report - State of the Media: U.S. Digital Consumption Report, Q3-Q4 2011
  5. 5. Think It’s Not Worth YourTime To Be On ?
  6. 6. You Just NeedBetter Tactics!Wrong!
  7. 7. 42% of B2B and 67% of B2Cbusinesses have acquired a customerthrough Facebook.94% of small businesses use socialmedia to market.70% of small businesses using socialmedia marketing rank Facebook #1.Search engines: social authority isincluded in determining page rank ofyour website.Sources: Hubspot, Crowdshifter,Socialtimes, Register.com, Six Degrees SEOWrong! You Just Need Better Tactics!
  8. 8. Inbound marketing costs 62% LESSthan traditional marketing.69% of consumers are more likely to usea local business if it has informationavailable on a social network.A forgotten or neglected Facebookbusiness page translates as a failedattempt at social media marketing.Sources: Hubspot, Crowdshifter, Socialtimes,Register.com, Six Degrees SEOWrong! You Just Need Better Tactics!
  9. 9. Convinced Yet?Good!Not Sure Where To Start?No Problem!
  10. 10. Start With A GreatCover photo should be visually engaging to users.Cover photo cannot include price or purchase information, referenceFacebook features or actions, contact information, or calls to action.Cover photos can have an arrow pointing to the Like button.Profile picture should be the company logo.Business Page Cover Photo
  11. 11. Do use high resolution imagery.Do list your urls in the description of the image.Cover Image Do’s
  12. 12. Do be creative.Do show your brand, slogan, logo.Do use images of your product.Do use images of people using your product.Cover Image Do’s
  13. 13. Don’t be spammy.Don’t have arrows everywhere.Cover Image Don’ts
  14. 14. Don’t display urls or contact information.Don’t use call to actions.Cover Image Don’ts
  15. 15. Facebook pages havea default of 4 tabsdisplaying per page.The first tab position isused for photos.Making The Most Of Tabs
  16. 16. Use the remaining tabsto advertise calls toaction for companypromotions, sales, andspecial offers.Utilize tabs to featureyour company’s othersocial media accountssuch as Twitter.Making The Most Of Tabs
  17. 17. Good milestones topromote include fanbase milestones, newproduct launches, andemployeeaccomplishments.Milestones can bedated retroactively tocreate a companyhistory.Company milestonesadd interest to abusiness page.Company Milestones On
  18. 18. Optimizing ABusiness Page On
  19. 19. Provide as much detail as possible in the “About” section of thebusiness page.Include optimized language for targeted keywords in the companydescription to maximize the page’s SEO.Ensure maximum exposure by selecting “everyone can post totimeline” in the “manage permissions” section.Enable the account to receive direct messages from users.Optimizing A Business Page On
  20. 20. PostingGuidelines
  21. 21. Posting GuidelinesUse posts to establishthe business as anauthority in the field.Provide usefulinformation that isrelated to the business’field.Post with the user’sbenefit in mind – do notbe overly promotional inposts.
  22. 22. Posting GuidelinesHighlight important poststo expand them to fullpage width.Pin important posts tokeep them at the top of thepage’s timeline for 7 days.Pin a post containing a callto action once a week.
  23. 23. Keep it short and simple- short posts are more likely tobe read.Keep it consistent – postat least once a day.Increase the chances of usersseeing the posts by postingdirectly through Facebook, rather thana third party application such as Hootsuite.Posting Guidelines
  24. 24. Like the comments users make.Respond to both negative and positive user comments.Like the links users post to the page.Use the @ symbol to include a user’s name when replying to them.Posting Guidelines ToEncourage User Engagement
  25. 25. Increase TheVisual InterestOf Posts
  26. 26. Posts with a photo generatetwice as much engagement asthose without a photo.Infographics encourage userengagement and increase thelikelihood of sharing.Always include photos andvideos when possible – theyare more visually interestingthan simple links.Increase TheOf PostsVisual Interest
  27. 27. Influence Users ToBecome Engaged
  28. 28. Optimize post length toencourage user actions.Place a call to action over theimage with the URL for yourlanding page.Include text over images thatinstructs users to take either a“share” or “like” action basedupon their opinion of the image.Influence Users ToBecome Engaged
  29. 29. Ask ForUser Participation
  30. 30. Ask your users open-ended questions in theposts to encourageinteraction.Make controversialstatements: “I will shavemy head if this postsgets more than 100shares.”Post inkblots and askwhat users see in theimages.Ask ForUser Participation
  31. 31. Host a sweepstakes and have participants like your page.Host hangman games for fans and give prizes to the winners.Give prizes to the fans who share the most posts each month.Offer prizes to fans who include the most friends in their postsusing the @ symbol.Hold Contests& Sweepstakes
  32. 32. Thoroughly complete the business page profile, optimizing for keywords.Engage fans by replying to comments and addressing them directly inposts using “@”.Increase visual engagement by posting videos and images including text.Ask questions of users and host contests and sweepstakes to increaseuser engagement.LeveragingForBusinessTakeaways
  33. 33. Is Your BusinessReady?
  34. 34. Social Media management across multiple platforms includingFacebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and many others.Fresh interactive content published daily.Unique content creation including infographics and videos.Concise marketing reports illustrating marketing campaign efficacy.JSA Interactive provides:Is YourBusinessReady?For a free social media services quotecontact JSA Interactive at (617) 615-9895.
  35. 35. The Introductory Package includes:Limited Offer Just For You!!!Facebook page set upFacebook page optimization and basic designA complete analysis of the interest level in yourbusiness on Facebook for only $97!JSA Interactive is offering an exclusive deal toattendees of this webinar.To take advantage of this exclusive dealcontact JSA Interactive at (617) 615-9895 or http://jsainteractive.com.