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Scientific play gls 2011

Scientific play gls 2011






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  • The nice thing about GLS – dont need to argue the point that games and learning are not oppositesEthnographic: expertise, sharing of knowledge
  • Scientific language and phrases
  • A scitentic approach to the gameBased on numbers rather then experienceNot completely surprising:Min maxing has a history in RPGs such as D&D (Munchkins)Simple way out/cheating through guides are common in WoW
  • Nardi and Harris (2006) have identified three central types of knowledge in WoW; where to find and use items (fact finding), strategies for defeating monsters (devising tactics) and social norms of conduct (acquiring game ethos). The customization of the avatar which I will focus on in this paper can be understood as a fourth set of knowledges in relation to the game.
  • Guildforum som er åpent for andreThreads: 122,766Posts: 1,940,804Members: 447,63620-45 000 poster i hver enkelt av hovedkategorieneHar en spesiell status i WoW samfunnetEJ : name is not chosen coicendentally”These are forums for discussion and analysis, not for answering any question that you might happen to dream up. Search and read before posting--do not post a question unless you are fairly confident that the answer isn't widely known or easily attainable. In particular, we do not want to take a look at your armory or WWS to tell you what you're doing wrong and we're not interested in making your tough gear or spec decisions for you. ”Stolt av å være et sted for elitenSkal ikke være for alleBanhammer og Dungheap – viser åpent hva folk har gjort feil. Avansert rapporteringssystem og streng modereringKan for eksempel ikke poste før kontoen er minst 24 timer gammel
  • Talking in the theroycraft way is idolized. Being descriptive about game sessions. X happened, then Y. As opposed to ”I felt like something was going on” or ”it was a rush when this happened”.
  • Resistance against it

Scientific play gls 2011 Scientific play gls 2011 Presentation Transcript

  • Kristine Ask
    Phd student
    Scientific Play?How Players Remake World of Warcraft as a Game of Numbers.Kristine Ask, PhD Student Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  • Synopsis
    Background: Steinkuehler, Chen, Taylor
    Methodology: Ethnography
    Theory: Idiom of co-production (Jasanoff 2004)
    Case: Theorycraft in the MMO World of Warcraft
    Research question: how does the use of specific knowledge (theorycraft) shape player practices?
    Main findings: Remaking of the game as numbers
  • Developing a research question
    LF Two Healers Ulduar
    10 We Saved for Auriayna Link Me Epic For INV
    3 each stay at st and lm, rest rush GM
    LF2M DM tribute need ranged and tank
    To calculate the value of a spell, the formula (BaseValue + Spellpower * Coefficient) * Modifiers is used.
    Warlock with 2.6k+ XP LF arena partner in any teams, u need atleast 2.3k+ /w for if intrested
    Truesilver Ore is a rare spawn on certain nodes
  • Theorycrafting 101
    “Theorycraft is the attempt to mathematically analyze game mechanics in order to gain a better understanding of the inner workings of the game. “
  • Example: Frostfire bolt
    In game description
  • Example: Frostfire bolt
    In game description: 722-838 dmg
    Theorycraft: 4324,43 dmg
    In game description
    avg_damage_per_cast_noncrit = (avg_cast_base_dmg + (spell_coefficient + empowered_fire + empowered_frostbolt + arcane_empowerment) * final_spell_dmg) * (firepower + ffb_glyph + spell_impact + arcane_blast_buff + arcane_power) * pwf * piercing_ice [* ebon_plaguebringer or coe+malediction or earth&moon] * arcane_instability * frostbolt_glyph * molten_fury [* sanctified_retribution or ferocious_inspiration] * tricks_of_the_trade * troll_beast_racial/worgen_racial
    ex: frostfire bolt -- molten fury + berserking(20%) + bloodlust + icy veins + 4pct7 + CSD included, 2000 spelldmg, 55% crit, 500 haste ratingavg_damage_per_cast_noncrit = ( (722+838)/2 + (3/3.5 + 0.15) * 2000 spelldmg) * (1.1 + 0.02) * 1.03 * 1.06 * 1.13 * 1.12 =4324.43avg_damage_per_cast_critical = 4324.43 * (1 + 0.55 * (3.34565 - 1)) = 9903.41final_cast_time = 3 / (1 + 500/32.78998947/100) / 1.05 / 1.03 / 1.3 / 1.2 / 1.2 = 1.29
    Theory-crafted version
  • Framework for investigation
    Sheila Jasanoff: Idiom of co-production
    Knowledge Society
  • Making identity: When being a jerk is idolized
    ”Rule no 7: Do not beg for hand-holding. ”
    Links expertise and elitism/jerkism
    Opens for evaluation of other players’ performance
  • «To quote one of my former guildmateand good friend on what he said about the Blizzard forums: I almost never use them cause there is nothing interesting there and I tend to get a headache when that many retards are at one place»
  • Making discourses: Talking numbers to prove one’s skill
    Descriptive and non-emotive language
    Gatekeeping funcitonality
    Few are able to do the calculations, but talking as if you do still works!
  • Making representations: Tools for counting play
  • Making institutions: For those who know the numbers
    Evaluation of other players was central
    Performance was based on logs
    Resistance and acceptance of the game as numbers
    Dedication is not enough – you also need to prove your worth
  • Concluding remarks
    ”scientification” of leisuretime
    Gameplay is quantified and measured
    Game performance as production and evaluation of numbers
    Homogenisation and hetereogenisation