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Visayan Forum Foundation for MS Office 2010 by Ms. Cecilia Flores-Oebanda (Manila Leg)
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Visayan Forum Foundation for MS Office 2010 by Ms. Cecilia Flores-Oebanda (Manila Leg)


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Learn how Visayan Forum integrates the use of Office 2010 in their work.

Learn how Visayan Forum integrates the use of Office 2010 in their work.

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  • 1. Ma. Cecilia Flores-OebandaPresident and Executive Director Visayan Forum Foundation
  • 2. •11 Regional offices•2O Cities/Provinces Projectareas
  • 3. Human Trafficking While slavery has been legally abolished all over the world, thousands of people live in slave-like conditions because of human trafficking. Human trafficking is a serious crime, a threat to every society, especially in Third World countries
  • 4. Human Trafficking Human trafficking is the illegal trade in human beings for the purposes of exploitation, prostitution, forced labor: a modern-day form of slavery. It is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world, and tied with the illegal arms industry as the second largest, after the drug-trade
  • 5. Human Trafficking Next to trafficking of money, drugs, and guns, trafficking in persons is among the most profitable underground business worldwide US$ 31.6 billion are estimated to be the annual profits from the exploitation (Patrick Besler, 2005) Trafficking is a crime that transcended borders and does not care about age, gender or race of victims.
  • 6. Global Snapshot 12.3 million adults and children are in forced labor (including sexualexploitation) bonded labor , and forcedprostitution around the world; with 2.5million as a result of trafficking; and over 50% in Asia and the Pacific(ILO, 2005 Global Report on Forced Labour)
  • 7. The US Trafficking in PersonsReport An annual report submitted to the US Congress on the foreign governments’ efforts to eliminate severe forms of human trafficking
  • 8. Philippine Tier Standing Record
  • 9. Why Philippines is in the Tier 2 Watch list ?•RP does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination oftrafficking•RP has never convicted any offenders of labor trafficking•Government did not show evidence of significant progress in convictingtrafficking offenders ( 380 pending & only 18 conviction)•Need serious effort to address the significant level of corruption that allowshuman trafficking crimes to continue
  • 10. The Philippines is a leading source of migrant workers 3rd of the top sending countries in the world in terms of migration Remittances keep our economy afloat: $16.4 billion, 12% higher than in 2007 13% of the 9 million Filipinos working abroad are professionals.
  • 11. Making headways … December 2011, the Philippine President declared that Human Trafficking is a priority issue of his administration. From 2003 to 2010 there were only 18 convictions but this total increased to 38 since the administration began. Numerous reforms have been introduced including revision of line-agencies policies in order to prevent human trafficking The PPA and MIAA provided building space for Halfway houses which operate in coordination with Task Forces VF and partners sited as an international best practice by the U.S. State Department in its 2005 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report.
  • 12. VF anti-trafficking strategies  Establish Community Preventive mechanism and programs  Guard and Choke strategic transit  Mobilize multi-sectoral partnerships (MSNAT)  Providing services and opportunities to trafficking survivors and vulnerable groups
  • 13. FIVE PHASES OF TRAFFICKINGA person is Withdrawalrecruited Period Phase Recovery e.g. by and or in being escape, possible moves transit exploited agreement reintegration away or outside from intervention home 13
  • 14. step- • Basic Orientation Life Skills • Communication & Interpersonal Skills Against human trafficking and other Training • Critical Thinking & vulnerabilities Decision Making Skills •Self Management & Coping Skills Information Social Technology andEntrepreneurship Other •Job Preparation •Enterprise Development Technical Skills • Microsoft Curriculum • Vocational and Technical Courses
  • 15. How Office 2010 can help NGOs work more effectively
  • 16. Microsoft Office as a critical social marketing tool  Production of advocacy materials easier because of the various desktop publishing software  Communication and networking via the internet and Outlook is easier because of the convenience in managing contacts and information  Trainings and orientations are easier because of
  • 17. Documentation of Trafficking Cases, SuccessStories, Good Practices through the useMicrosoft Word 2010
  • 18. Microsoft Office and Information Management  Databasing and tracking of cases through Excel.  Microsoft Acess allows us to sort, analyze and draw conclusions from data to aid  Makes research easier and more efficient because of the ease of sorting data.  Databasing of partners, contacts and finances  Word and Excel facilitate the creation of proposals and making sure that reports are backed by data
  • 19. Data-basing of Trafficking Cases and Tracking of Survivorsthrough the use of Microsoft Access 2010
  • 20. Thru VF-Microsoft step-UP Project which is a Preventive and Protective Measure against Human Trafficking, Office 2010: serves as a tool to empower migrant workers and vulnerable groups, especially women and children by giving them economic opportunities through I.T. skills trainings coupled with Daily Living Skills and enterprise development trainings Hotspot communities are particularly targeted by the program. It levels the playing field and gives vulnerable groups the chance to catch up with the fast changing technology. Over 30% of STEP UP graduates have been gainfully employed
  • 21. Contributes to the efficientoperations of Visayan Forum
  • 22. This technology helps us in the WAR AGAINST HUMAN TRAFFICKING (WAHT) campaigns which aims:To create massive social awareness in the prevention oftrafficking in both the supply and demand sideTo sustain public support and ownership among majorstakeholders, especially in the government , private sectorfor policy development at the local and national level.By streamlining VF operations, facilitating social marketing,enabling communication, helping generate usefulinformation and empowering vulnerable communities
  • 23. For more information about VF,you may call + 63 2 709 0711/ 709-0573/911-3986 or visit our website