Faculty Social Media Overview


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A quick overview for my department's staff and faculty on the benefits of social media and the resources our department uses

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  • Some current stats for social media in 2012
  • * Facebook launched in February 2004. Only if our students were born in Feb 1991 would they be old enough to join (13). Most of the Class of ‘13 and ‘14 were born in ‘90-93.
  • Faculty Social Media Overview

    1. 1. Best Practices in Social Media Your guide to being social as an instructor and a professional, and how to help your students do the same! Kristin Salingkristin.saling@usma.edukristin.saling@gmail.com(o) 845-938-4576
    2. 2. Overview• Why should YOU be on social media? – Managing your reputation – Staying technologically current – Marketing yourself• Why should YOUR STUDENTS be on social media? – All the same reasons!!• What do WE do with social media?• Questions and Comments
    3. 3. State of Social Media in 2012
    4. 4. Future of Social MediaBaekel. T. (April 27, 2009). Where is everyone? Baekel Online Magazine. Retrieved fromhttp://www.baekdal.com/articles/Management/market-of-information/.
    5. 5. Priority 1:Managing Online Reputation• Are you already on Social Media outlets?• You SHOULD be!• One of your first priorities should be to make yourself aware of your own online presence as an individual and a professional. Just because you didn’t personally build a presence doesn’t mean you don’t have one!!• And remember, once something is online…do these firsties and these captains look familiar to you?
    6. 6. Managing Online Reputation• A reputation has many attributes: – A latent construct that encompasses the character, conscience, or credibility of the individual or entity in question – Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIN have become tools for managing reputation online with both positive and negative outcomes – If you are not online, you can’t see what’s being said about you! And worse, your online reputation will be based solely on what others have to say about you!
    7. 7. Priority 2: Staying Technologically Current• A look at our cadets’ perspectives: – DNA fingerprinting and maps of the • There is a growing human genome have always existed academic trend in – Computers have always had a CD- implementing new ROM disk drive – The Gulf War happened before they technology into the were born classroom as well as – LBJ are the initials of LeBron James engaging in conversation and not the 36th President – They have always been able to swipe outside the classroom cards at McDonald’s • In order to be able to – Czechoslovakia has never existed – There has always been an Internet converse with our – They have never pointed at their students intelligently, we wrists to ask for the time need to be able to – Amazon has never been just a river in South America communicate with them – When Facebook launched, some of across many media! them were too young to join
    8. 8. Priority 3: Marketing Yourself!• Social media is a great way to get your work and yourself in the mainstream – with today’s technology, you can be your own PAO!• Are you working on a great project? Are you looking for a new project/new research? Let your professional network know on LinkedIN or share to the official pages on Facebook!• Accentuate the positive. People tend to look down on negative commentary regardless as to the source, so whenever you can, play up the positive in your work.
    9. 9. Reputation Do’s and Don’t’s• Do NOT: • DO: – Post any pictures or – Safeguard your opinions you would not personal information want your family to see – Remember that you are – Assume that, whatever setting an example, and the settings, your make it a good one profile/account is – Establish your own private reputation online – what – Assume that your do you want people boss/friends/family do saying about you? not Google you if – Use the opportunity to they’re technoliterate network, connect, and – Be afraid of social expand your influence! media
    10. 10. Technology Do’s and Don’t’s• Do NOT: • DO: – Be afraid to branch out into – Provide cadets with new technology and new resources they can use media outside the class – Use sensitive personal – Promote an environment of information on social sites – collaboration that spans you should not have that across different social and much faith in the technology professional networks behind online security – Keep in contact with cadets after they leave your class – you may need a research minion and they may need a grad school recommendation!
    11. 11. Marketing Do’s and Don’t’s• Do NOT: • DO: – Forget that even if your – Be aware that your actions pictures/username/ID don’t reflect upon West Point and have anything to do with the the Army whether or not you Army or West Point, people are wearing the uniform will still know that you are in – Promote your “brand” and the Army play to your strengths – you – Post anything with alcohol in are sharing the best of what it – HR offices scour you and your institution employees’ social media and represent, so don’t be afraid this is the biggest detractor to show off a little! – Be a negative commentator – regardless of the subject, people tend to shy away from negative chatter and your message will get lost
    12. 12. Something to think about…• “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.” -- Benjamin Franklin
    13. 13. Our Social Media Presence• Our department has an official presence in the following outlets: – Facebook – Linked IN – Flickr – Vimeo Lots of Some No activity activity activity
    14. 14. Find our page onFacebook to find:•News links Facebook Notes…•Researchopportunities •There is no such thing as a fully private account, so have your students like the page to keep up on•Class/student events systems events•Pictures•Highlights •Think reputation management – if you like the page, your profile picture and information are visible! This is a good student mentorship opportunity (and a chance to check yourself!)
    15. 15. A closed group forprofessionalnetworking! Join LinkedIN to see:Create your profile •Job recommendationsand build your •Grad school recommendationsnetwork! •Professional updates •Research/job opportunities •Link to other groups and associations like ASEM, SWE, MORS…
    16. 16. An online photo host used for events with largeraudiences and a larger number of photos (and key forthose folks who just won’t get on Facebook!)Photos are open sourced but members can leavecommentsAll photos must have appropriate namesYou can subscribe to the “photostream” for the latestupdates and photos
    17. 17. An online video sharing platformWest Point Department of Systems Engineering has achannel on which we share promotional videos and othermaterial of interestIf you have ideas for this platform, please share them withthe Commo Committee!
    18. 18. What else is out there?• Twitter• YouTube• Pinterest• Foursquare• Digg• Reddit• StumbleUpon• Tumblr• Blogger• Google +
    19. 19. Social Media Resources• Websites – Brian Solis: www.briansolis.com – The Google of Social Media - Samepoint.com – Another good search engine - Socialmention.com – Social Media Influence (Case studies): http://socialmediainfluence.com/ – Pew Research Internet Resources: http://www.pewinternet.org/• Blogs – Mashable: www.mashable.com – PR Squared: http://www.pr-squared.com/ – PR Sarah Evans: http://prsarahevans.com/ – PR Daily – Social Media Today: http://socialmediatoday.com/ – Social Times: http://socialtimes.com/
    20. 20. Additional Resources for Reputation Management• Dr. Leslie Gaines-Ross (Weber-Shandwick Chief Reputation Strategist): http://reputationxchange.com/• Reputation Rx: http://www.reputationrx.com/• Online reputation (Reputation Rx): http://www.reputationrx.com/Default.aspx/ONLINERE PUTATION• Reputation Institute (Corporate): http://www.reputationinstitute.com/
    21. 21. Any questions or comments? Thank you very much. MAJ Kristin Saling kristin.saling@usma.edu kristin.saling@gmail.com (o) 845-938-4576 You can also find me on…