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Power point presentation holidays_kristin mattingly
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Power point presentation holidays_kristin mattingly


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Holidays for all Seasons. A little history calendar of favorite holidays.

Holidays for all Seasons. A little history calendar of favorite holidays.

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  • 1. Kristin Mattingly
  • 2. JANUARYAccording to Wikipedia, the freeencyclopedia:New Years Day is observed on January 1, thefirst day of the year on the modern GregorianCalendar as well as the Julian calendar used inancient Rome. With most countries using theGregorian calendar as their main calendar, NewYears Day is the closest thing to being theworlds only truly global public holiday.
  • 3. FEBRUARYAccording to Day is a celebration of love andlovers. The roots of Valentines Day goesback to ancient times, when people paidhonor to the Roman God of Fertility. This wasknown as the Feast of Lupercalia, and wascelebrated even then on February 14th.
  • 4. MARCHAccording to Patricks Day is celebrated on March17, the saints religious feast day and theanniversary of his death in the fifth century.On St. Patricks Day, which falls during theChristian season of Lent, Irish families wouldtraditionally attend church in the morningand celebrate in the afternoon
  • 5. AprilAccording to Holiday Smart web site:Earth Day is a global holiday celebrated asa day to bring awareness and appreciationfor the Earth and its environment. It iscelebrated internationally on the first day ofSpring in March, usually on March 20th or21st and in some places on April 22nd.
  • 6. MAYAccording to Day, originally called DecorationDay, is a day of remembrance for thosewho have died in our nations service.Memorial Day was officially proclaimed on 5May 1868 by General John Logan.
  • 7. JuneFlag Day is said to have first beencelebrated way back on June14, 1885, when schoolteacher B.J.Cigrand had his class celebrate theflag’s birthday. It was officially declareda holiday by President Harry Truman in1949.
  • 8. JulyAccording to this day in 1776, theDeclaration of Independence wasapproved by the ContinentalCongress, setting the 13 colonieson the road to freedom as asovereign nation. As always, thismost American of holidays will bemarked by parades, fireworks andbackyard barbecues across thecountry
  • 9. AugustCan’t really find a decent holidayfor August. Its just hot! Accordingto highest recorded temperaturein August for Louisville Kentuckyfor the past 63 years was 105degrees Fahrenheit, mostrecently encountered on August16, 2007, and the typical high is86
  • 10. SeptemberAccording to first Labor Day was held in 1882.Its origins stem from the desire of theCentral Labor Union to create a holidayfor workers. It became a federalholiday in 1894.
  • 11. October
  • 12. NovemberAccording to 1621, the Plymouth colonists andWampanoag Indians shared an autumnharvest feast that is acknowledged todayas one of the first Thanksgivingcelebrations in the colonies.It wasnt until 1863, in the midst of the CivilWar, that President Abraham Lincolnproclaimed a national Thanksgiving Day tobe held each November.
  • 13. DecemberAccording to celebrateChristmas Day as theanniversary of the birth ofJesus of Nazareth, a spiritualleader whose teachings formthe basis of their religion.
  • 14. THEEND