What Does It That Make a Website So Good?


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Website is a major aspect of today’s business. A good, professional looking website represents your company profile and creates a good image of it.

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What Does It That Make a Website So Good?

  1. 1. What Does It That Make a Website So Good?Website is a major aspect of today’s business. A good, professionallooking website represents your company profile and creates a goodimage of it. It is a virtual representative of the company. So, it is vitalthat it should be well designed and maintained. There are many factorsthat will make your site look great and charming. It creates your webpresence on the web. So, what exactly is the reason that make yourwebsite great and appealing? There are few things that really matter.Let’s discuss them.Unification of Experience:Websites provide the visitors or consumers a great visual brandexperience. It is the overall design strategy of the web designers that playsa critical role in improving the visual experience. And to create a well-built visual brand experience, unification of the overall visual experienceis vital. Your presentation must be similar at all the contact points foryour customers. Plan the design of your site in such a manner that thecustomers come at your brick-and-mortar shop or your website andwhenever they come across your products or services, they will have anexclusive, consistent and characteristic user experience for enhancedeffect.Emphasis on the Content:With some major updates in search engine algorithms which lay greatemphasis on the content. Content is the King as per the Google update. Itis all about making and highlighting the content prospective. According toGoogle panda (An algorithm update of Google), content of your websitewhether for on page or off page should be authentic and fresh.Informative and unique content allure not only search engine bots butalso visitors. So fresh content enrich your website performance as well.Personalized UX Design:Today is the age of personalized UX (user experience) and the age of the‘one-size-fits-all’ approach has long been outdated. Effortlesspersonalized account settings which allow the users to set their favoritepages, their preferred color schemes and complete control over theirpersonal information to multifaceted systems that preserve personalfavorites and all such information, contemporary websites cater to theindividual requirements of the users. They change animatedly in reply todiverse requirements of different customers, and give them faithfullywhat they want. They present a perfect balance between customization
  2. 2. with accessibility.Flexibility:Flexibility is the key for the sites to effectively cater for a wide range ofdevices with different screen resolutions. To survive with the chang intime, it is essential that the websites are designed in such a way thatthey fit in the screens of a mobile phone or a tablet or a laptop or adesktop computer and remain flexible because rigidity means death tothem. They cannot afford to be created along inflexible and stilldimensions. They should be highly effective and must easily adapt todissimilar devices and platforms which the target customers will be using.This is achieved with CSS 3, HTML 5 and Java etc. which help in creatingflexible web experiences.So, there are many other considerations which make the websites greatand provide good visual experience. Considering the factors discussedabove will certainly help in creating a great, eye catching website.Kristinakathy is an experienced content writer working at Indian webdesign company. Being a techno-savvy writer, she is also active on theweb by way of writing articles on different topics.