Some Tools to Test Your Website on Mobile Devices


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With the arrival of the smartphones in the market, users of the handheld devices have a big say in general upon the viewership of a website.

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Some Tools to Test Your Website on Mobile Devices

  1. 1. Some Tools to Test Your Website on Mobile DevicesWith the arrival of the smartphones in the market, users of the handheld devices havea big say in general upon the viewership of a website. And it is predictable to boostwith the passage of time and that the mobile internet users are all set to have a greatershare in the website usage compared their laptop and desktop equivalents.Rise of Mobile Friendly Websites:The time has come that you cannot ignore the rising mobile users especially while youare considering hiring PHP programmers for your website. The onus is thus shifting tothe mobile-friendly websites. And in such a scenario, to make your website mobile-friendly is of prime importance and for that you need to test it for differentsmartphone and other handheld devices’ platforms.Use of Mobile Phone Emulators:Prior to designing and making your website mobile-friendly, it is imperative to test itusing a good mobile phone emulator to test the responsiveness and functionality of themobile websites across different mobile platforms such as iPhone, Android,BlackBerry, iPad etc. These tools identify the probable issues and find out problems byway of offering virtual mobile interface, making it easier for you to make necessarychanges before launching your website.There are many mobile phone emulators available in the market. Let’s see some of themore popular ones:  iPhone Tester:iPhone Tester is one of the most favourite emulators which tests the compatibility of awebsite on the iOS. Simply enter the URL of the website you want to test into thesearch box to get an immediate preview of the site and its performance on iOS.  Responsivepx:To cater to the rising demands of responsive website design – the most recentbuzzword among the developers today – this emulator is specifically designed to testthe responsiveness of the website design under examination. Select between multiplescreen sizes to test all the functionalities of the website and user experience acrossdissimilar mobile phone devices.  Opera Mini Simulator:Opera Mini is one of the most widely used mobile web browsers and therefore it issensible to test the compatibility of the websites using Opera Mini Simulator to cater toa greater user base of this browser. Test the website under review and make requireddesign changes if any.
  2. 2. You can use any of the above mentioned emulators to test your mobile website.Kristina is a software engineer and a freelance writer specializing in usability and front-end technologies. She is focusing on PHP programming and development.. In the currentarticle, she shares her insights about the use of mobile emulators and suggests that onecan hire PHP programmer for accurate results.