PHP Development: the growth and scale in Future


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PHP is one of the most widely used developmental platforms in the world today. The language has the potential to process all the data received from the client’s side or user side prior to sending it back as a hypertext.

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PHP Development: the growth and scale in Future

  1. 1. PHP Development: the growth and scale in FuturePHP is one of the most widely used developmental platforms in theworld today. The language has the potential to process all the datareceived from the client’s side or user side prior to sending it back as ahypertext. It is this functionality which enables web applicationdevelopment thereby making it a tremendous platform to developdynamic websites. Most of the popular social media sites are builtusing the PHP technology like FaceBook, WordPress, Wikipedia, Baidu,and many more. They have also integrated other technologies like C++, Java, and the likes, but the base is PHP. This has given a hugeboost to PHP development across the world and especially in India.The technology being an open source platform has its own benefits.Why PHP?There are lots of advantages using the PHP technology for your webdevelopment projects like it is highly compatible with most other web-server and operating system the application is laid on. Besides, theloading time is considerably reduced which save lot of time. Thus, it isa very light weight open source language for the development of yourwebsite. Besides, you get instant results with its real-time dataprocessing and the use of HTML coding which is one of the primereasons for its vast popularity. PHP development is massively helpful indeveloping the dynamic websites which give augmented functionalityto a webpage.So, let’s discuss some of the benefits:An Open Source Platform:PHP is an open source platform; that means it is freely available on theweb and you do not have to pay for any licensing fees. You can freelyuse all of its source codes; development environment, packages, baselibraries, etc. are freely available. Also, the PHP community iscontinually developing new functionalities of this language thusimproving its code package, base libraries and various classes.Easy to Understand:PHP is very easy and simple to use. You can very easily develop anywebsite or any application using the PHP codes yourself. The codes areeasy to write and understand as the level of complexity of a PHP code
  2. 2. is a lot lesser to the other complex technologies to develop webapplications or dynamic sites.Improved Graphics:PHP is used to create dynamic websites and therefore it can be used tocreate dynamic images or run-time images. You can also use all thesupported image formats with the help of all the image functionalitiesin a website or web application.Greater Security:Applications developed using PHP offers greater security features asthe technology uses the latest and high quality security encryptionscheme. So, the websites and application you develop using PHP givesyour websites and apps enhanced security which means they would betemper-proof.Compatible with Major Platforms:One of the biggest advantages of websites or application developedusing the PHP technology is that you can very easily host them withalmost all the major platforms as it is compatible with a variety ofplatforms and web servers. It is platform independent. Websitesdeveloped using PHP can be hosted on nearly all the web-serversavailable in the market.Kristina is a PHP programmer who is a passionate follower of PHPdevelopment. She is primarily focused these days upon the incrediblerise in PHP development in India and other countries. She is an opensource admirer also specializing in open source web developmenttechnologies.