Important aspects To Re-design Your Website


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Today, a web presence has become almost indispensable for a business to flourish online and offline as well. And so, a lot of businesses have set up their websites and some of them are there for more than a decade or even more.

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Important aspects To Re-design Your Website

  1. 1. Important aspects To Re-design Your WebsiteToday, a web presence has become almost indispensable for a business to flourishonline and offline as well. And so, a lot of businesses have set up their websites andsome of them are there for more than a decade or even more. But, looking at theirwebsites, it seems they are never bothered to consult a web design company or evenevaluate it for redesigning purposes. But, trends in website design and developmentkeep on changing with the passage of time and the introduction of newer technologies.What is cutting edge in 2012 is going to look incredibly dated in 2014. So, it makes justsense to consider redesigning your website.What are the aspects to be kept in mind while going for redesigning your website? Itinvolves lots of planning and so let’s discuss them in detail:Primary Assessment:  The Better Part of the Site:Evaluate your website initially with analytics and comments that you might havereceived and identify what parts of your current site work well with the visitors.Consider the entire layout and evaluate the site from the perspective of a new visitor toidentify what you like the most about your site. After picking out the parts that workfine, figure out how to make them work better and what are the new designingpossibilities.  The Parts that Need Make Over:Having identified the parts that work well, find out the elements that don’t work welland require complete revamping. You can use analytics and other tools to help you inidentifying the parts that work poor. Identify the problems for their poor performanceand try to correct them. And make sure, these issues are not repeated while redesigningyour site again!After Assessment:  Editing, Addition and Deleting:See if there are any web pages or any sections that need editing or anything needs to beadded or completely deleted from the website. You can note down and prepare a list.While redesigning your site, you can well organize the data into different groups and/orsections for easy access of the users. Keep the content that is most relevant only! Youcan add a blog or an image or video galleries if it is required as these parts have becomemore of a necessity for a website. Add the social sharing buttons also.
  2. 2.  Observe Your Traffic:Keep an eye on the traffic where it is coming from as this is very important. Focus on theelements that attract your visitors the most and find out the search terms your visitorsare using. You can use the data collected in redesigning your site. Find out if the visitorsare reaching the important parts of your site after searching and if not, find out what isfalling short and desired results are not achieved and what is there in the popularsearch terms or content.  Use Fresh Images and Videos:Don’t use images and videos that are a few years old. Use fresh images and videos toattract more visitors and improve rankings on the search engines. Images should stiremotions in the visitors and should be catchy. You may even want to give a differentimpression to your visitors by using current photos and portray in a different light!Play Safe: Work with an Experienced Web Designer!It only makes sense to work with an experienced web design company India tocompletely redesign your website. Because you cannot put everything at stake! Because,redesigning requires a lot of skills than designing a new site! There are manyconsiderations to take into account before redesigning a site that only an expert WebDesign India company can handle. So, if you are not going for a total revamping of thesite, consult someone who is highly experienced in this kind of project and be secured!