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Organization and admin Organization and admin Document Transcript

  • Evora, Maria Kristina Cassanda R. Guidance and CounselingBlk. 3 / BSED- III Mam Agnes Arellano / Professor Unit III: Organization and Administration of Guidance Group III reported about their topic regarding to the organization and administration of guidancethat always present in the school or elsewhere. It was stated that this program should have plan orsystem as to means of carrying out its objectives. When I heard it, one thing comes into my mind andsays “Ohh! It is same like a lesson plan of teacher who has a systematic and organizes procedure indelivering a lesson in his/ her daily teaching. That plan contains objectives that must be attaining inevery teaching process that he/ she made. The lesson or subject itself represents the organize programthat being offered in the school and teachers are those professionals or experts in giving the bestknowledge that every student needs. One topic catches my attention and it is about the “Forms or Types of Organization”. There are two:the non-centralized and the centralized guidance program. The first one talks about the program which is no little or no coordination among the teachers andadministrators because the administrator or principal sends students with problems to teachers whohave done outstanding work in counseling and guiding the students. The next one is usually under thecharge of a guidance expert who can effectively secure the cooperation and coordination of allconcerned like the administration down to last link which is the student. If I will be choosing a program, I will be choose the centralized one because for me, although this istime consuming but it shows the proper or systematic way in handling the process of guidance. Throughthe expertise of the councilor, he / she has the ability to know the problem of the person in a deepmanner, how to start to help them and give them the best guidance that could change their lives forgood.