Famous people in lithuania


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Famous people in lithuania

  1. 1. Famous Lithuanian People
  2. 2. Jurgita Jurkutė (born on April 23, 1985, in Plungė , Lithuania ) is the winner of the Miss Lithuania 2007 beauty contest. Jurgita now is studying in Vilnius University for the Bachelor of Arts on social work. She also works as a model, with a professional experience gained in among other countries: Japan , Italy , Spain , Greece or Germany . She landed the lead role in Tv series "Moterys meluoja geriau" ( Women lie better ) in 2008. 2009-2010 Jurgita Jurkutė hosted TV3 projects „Šok su manimi“ (Dance with me) and „Chorų karai“ (Wars of choirs).
  3. 3. Vytautas Šapranauskas (b. 1958 The April 19 September) – Lithuania n f ilm and theatre actor, TV host , humorist . In his spare time he likes fish ing.
  4. 4. Rūta Ščiogoliovaitė is a Lithuanian singer. She released her first solo album at the age of 15. She has also judged music talent competitions on LNK and TV3.
  5. 5. Marijonas Mikutavičius (born 19 April 1971) is a popular Lithuanian singer , musician and songwriter, a television journalist , a comedian and a talk show host from Vilnius . He is known for his song Trys Milijonai . He has been working as a screenwriter and a participant in a variety of programs, usually youth oriented, on Lithuanian National Radio and Television and on major commercial TV channels LNK and Lithuanian TV3 . He has hosted Vakaras su Marijonu ( An Evening with Marijonas ), a talk show on LNK. He also works as a Lietuvos rytas daily ( Lithuanian Morning ) correspondent. Mikutavičius is the author of a number of hit songs which stand at the top of the music charts in Lithuania. As the author of the popular song Trys Milijonai , he became a Bravo 2000 music award winner ( Bravo is a Lithuanian analogue of BRIT Awards voted by the music industry people); he is also a recipient of the Radiocentras music award (voted by the listeners). In 2004, a Lithuanian music recording company "Intervid" released his album Pasveikinkit vieni kitus ( Greeting Each Other ), which included 2 versions of "Trys Milijonai". This album reached the platinum award for sales in Lithuania (sold 20,000 copies early in 2004 and more than 30,000 copies by 2005).
  6. 6. Vilija Matačiūnaitė was born in 1986 . She is a famous Lithuanian singer and actress. She won fame taking part in a reality show ‘The Way to the Stars’.
  7. 7. Arvydas Martinėnas ( Woody ) - Lithuania n pop singer. Became popular after participating in a reality show ‘The Way to the Stars’.