What more can the web do for you?


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What more can the web do for you?

  1. 1. What More Can the Web Do for You? with Kristi Hargis, President Kinected Marketing www.KinectedMarketing.com 1
  2. 2. Social MediaWhat is it, and why do you need it? 2
  3. 3. Social Media 3
  4. 4. Social Media• Definition: – “Social media uses web-based technologies to transform and broadcast media monologues into social media dialogues.” – “Interactive forms of media that allow users to interact with and publish to each other, generally by means of the Internet” – “Tools that allow the sharing of information and creation of communities through online networks of people.” 4
  5. 5. FacebookThe Personal Network 5
  6. 6. Facebook: Facts and Figures• Monthly active users now total nearly 850 million• 250 million photos are uploaded every day• 20% of all page views on the web are on Facebook• 425 million mobile users• 100 billion connections• 2.7 billion “likes” per day• 57% of users are female 6
  7. 7. Facebook: Facts and Figures 7
  8. 8. Facebook: Facts and Figures 8
  9. 9. Facebook: Facts and Figures 9
  10. 10. Facebook: Facts and Figures 10
  11. 11. Facebook: Facts and Figures 11
  12. 12. Reasons Your Business Should Be On Facebook 1. It’s Easy 2. Customers 3. Immediate Feedback 4. Competition 5. Search Engine Optimization 6. Cross-Promotion 7. Facebook AdsSource: Cross Creative Marketing 12
  13. 13. Custom URL on FB• Choose a Username• Connect it to your Page• http://www.facebook.com/username/ 13
  14. 14. Custom URL on FBFacebook.com/abc123!%kj98u,m 14
  15. 15. Custom URL on FBFacebook.com/Kinected Marketing 15
  16. 16. How to Create Facebook Ads www.facebook.com/ads/create 16
  17. 17. Creating Facebook Ads 17
  18. 18. Creating Facebook Ads 18
  19. 19. Creating Facebook Ads 19
  20. 20. Creating Facebook Ads 20
  21. 21. Creating Facebook Ads 21
  22. 22. Creating Facebook Ads 22
  23. 23. Why Facebook Ads are Great1. Target friends of your connections.2. Pay per click3. Because Facebook earns $$$ 23
  24. 24. Promoted Posts• Definition: “Promoted posts are a simple way to reach more of the people who like your Page and their friends. Visit your Company Page to try promoting a post. Promoted posts are available to Pages with 400 to 100,000 likes.” 24
  25. 25. Promoted Posts 25
  26. 26. Promoted Posts• Update your status on your company page, then promote.• http://www.facebook.com/help/promote/ 26
  27. 27. Facebook Offers 27
  28. 28. Tagging in Posts 28
  29. 29. Scheduled Posts 29
  30. 30. Goals of FB Marketing• Gain client base• Provide relevant information and pertinent information to customers• Promote business• Provide visual and content relative to what your customers are looking for 30
  31. 31. TwitterThe Fast Network 31
  32. 32. Twitter: Facts and Figures• There are over 465 million accounts• 175 million tweets a day• 1 million accounts are added to Twitter every day• Top 3 countries on Twitter are USA at 107 million, Brazil 33 million and Japan at nearly 30 million 32
  33. 33. Twitter: Facts and Figures 33
  34. 34. Twitter: Facts and Figures 34
  35. 35. Twitter: Facts and Figures 35
  36. 36. Twitter: Facts and Figures 36
  37. 37. Twitter: Facts and Figures 37
  38. 38. Reasons Your Business Should Be On Twitter 1. Connecting with customers 2. Branding 3. Customers feedback 4. Marketing 5. News 6. Give away coupon codes and promotions 7. Twitter is Viral 8. Spying on competition 9. Increase Sales 10. Brand loyaltySource: Ask Aaron Lee 38
  39. 39. How to Tweet• A Tweet is an announcement, status update, or any post made on Twitter.• To tweet, create an account, login, and click here: 39
  40. 40. Tweet Advice1. Create a good, relevant Username – No more than 15 characters – As close to @YourCompany as possible2. Create a Human Face for your business – Kristi_Kinected – Currently tweeted by Kristi Hargis3. Establish your specialty – Create a larger than life persona – Imagine your brand as the expert in the field 40
  41. 41. Tweet Advice4. Post frequently – Keep it brief; don’t overthink it – Tweet daily. Your Twitter “feed” needs nourishing! – Link to articles5. Use keywords for your industry – Wedding, Rental, Party, Event, Company6. Use “trending” hashtags (#) and promote your own – #Wedding, #TRA2012, #EventRental, #iLoveParties 41
  42. 42. Tweet Advice7. Follow and Follow Back – Don’t just post, you have to engage! – Search for people in your industry and follow them – Comment, reply, message, interact!8. Recognize your followers – Look into people who follow you, even for 1 second – Promote them, thanking them for the follow9. Promote – Put the Twitter icon prominently on your website – Use in your email signature 42
  43. 43. Tweet Advice10.Retweet11.Ask for retweets – “RT if you’re planning a #Wedding!” 43
  44. 44. Goals of Twitter Marketing• Share Real Time Updates• Create Brand Awareness• Monitor Brand (what people are saying)• Photo Sharing• Get info fast (no reading past 140 characters) 44
  45. 45. Tips to Tweeting EffectivelyCreate Lists• Increases your chances of being followed by TARGETED followers…not only quantity, but quality• Name of lists can bump up SEO• Organizes Twitter followers• Easy to find new people with similar interests 45
  46. 46. How to Create a List 46
  47. 47. How to Create a List 47
  48. 48. How to Create a List 48
  49. 49. How to Add People to List 49
  50. 50. How to Add People to List 50
  51. 51. How to Add People to List 51
  52. 52. How to Add People to List 52
  53. 53. How to Add People to List 53
  54. 54. How to Add People to List 54
  55. 55. Tips to Tweeting EffectivelyUse Hashtags• Organize your tweets• Help target your audience• Get you more retweets• Hashtags can get you more followers 55
  56. 56. The Life of a Hashtag: #iLoveWeddings 56
  57. 57. The Life of a Hashtag: #iLoveWeddings 57
  58. 58. The Life of a Hashtag: #iLoveWeddings 58
  59. 59. The Life of a Hashtag: #iLoveWeddings 59
  60. 60. The Life of a Hashtag: #iLoveWeddings 60
  61. 61. YES!• Register your Twitter account details to the following Twitter directories: – http://wefollow.com – http://listorious.com/ – http://twittercounter.com/ – http://twitterholic.com/ – http://justtweetit.com/ – http://twellow.com/ – http://twibs.com/ – http://www.ibegin.com/twitter/ – http://www.TweetFind.com – http://connect.me/ (BETA) 61
  62. 62. Twitter Sites• www.ManageFlitter.com – Manage Twitter Followers• www.SocialOomph.com – Schedule Tweets, and set recurring tweets for if and when you and/or Marketing person is on vacation. No interruption in content. 62
  63. 63. Follow Me: @KinectedTweets orwww.Twitter.com/KinectedTweets 63
  64. 64. LinkedInThe Business Network 64
  65. 65. LinkedIn: Facts and Figures• 2 new members join every second• USA leads at 57 million, Europe: 34 million members• In 2011 there were 4.2 billion professionally oriented searches on the LinkedIn platform• LinkedIn now has over 2,116 employees (at the beginning of 2010 it had only 500)• The fastest growing demographics are students and recent college graduates• Revenues for 2011 reached $522 million• LinkedIn is the 36th most visited website in the world 65
  66. 66. LinkedIn: Facts and Figures 66
  67. 67. LinkedIn: Facts and Figures 67
  68. 68. LinkedIn: Facts and Figures 68
  69. 69. LinkedIn: Facts and Figures 69
  70. 70. LinkedIn: Facts and Figures 70
  71. 71. LinkedIn: Facts and Figures 71
  72. 72. Reasons Your Business Should Be On LinkedIn1. Build your professional network2. Unique page versions3. 50% of LinkedIn users are key decision makers in the company4. 150 million LinkedIn users5. Value alignment6. Focused targeting Source: Shareocity 72
  73. 73. Tips to a great LinkedIn page• Join relevant groups in your niche• Use SEO keywords relevant to your niche in your summary.• While you should be professional, also be friendly, fun, personable, and social.• Participate in discussion boards. Invite others to one you’ve created.• Don’t forget to make your profile public. 73
  74. 74. PinterestThe Visual Network 74
  75. 75. Pinterest Facts and Figures• December of 2011 Pinterest became one of the top 10 largest social networks with 11 million visits per week• In January it was driving more referral traffic to retailers than LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+. – COMBINED• Over 10.4 million registered users• Nearly 12 million monthly unique visitors• Most of the sites users are female• It is the fastest site in history to break through the 10 million unique visitor mark 75
  76. 76. Pinterest 76
  77. 77. Pinterest 77
  78. 78. 10 Commandments 78
  79. 79. 10 Commandments 79
  80. 80. Add Board to Pinterest 80
  81. 81. Add Board to Pinterest 81
  82. 82. Add Board to Pinterest 82
  83. 83. Add Board to Pinterest 83
  84. 84. Add Board to Pinterest 84
  85. 85. 10 Commandments 85
  86. 86. Add Watermark 86
  87. 87. 10 Commandments 87
  88. 88. Price Banner 88
  89. 89. 10 Commandments 89
  90. 90. Track Repins• http://pinterest.com/source/YourCompany.com 90
  91. 91. 10 Commandments 91
  92. 92. Infographics• Visual.ly• Create custom Infographics based on your twitter stats• Here’s one of me, analyzed from my Twitter feed 92
  93. 93. 10 Commandments 93
  94. 94. Successful Pinner: The U.S. Army 94
  95. 95. 10 Commandments 95
  96. 96. Creative Business: Guess Jeans• Create a board around one of the 4 spring colors from the GUESS spring collection of colored jeans. The colors were not just teal, orange, red and purple but: “Noir Teal,” “Hot House Orange,” “Red Hot Overdue” and “New Plum Light.”• Promoted the contest on their website, FB & Twitter• Each pin must include the hashtag #GUESScolor and link their board to the GUESS “Color Me Inspired” contest board.• They selected 4 winners who got a pair of jeans free. 96
  97. 97. Create A Contest• Create a contest by asking pinners to create a board on their own account of photos of your rentals in action, and have them share the board with you. Consider offering a promotion to the “best user photo of an event we provided rentals for” and choose a winner in 1 month or so.• Promote on all sites: FB, Twitter, Blog, Website 97
  98. 98. 10 Commandments 98
  99. 99. What Makes Them Stay 99
  100. 100. Pin Original Content 100
  101. 101. 10 Commandments 101
  102. 102. New Management Tool• Pinvolve• www.Pinvolve.CO• http://www.facebook.com/KinectedMarketing 102
  103. 103. 10 Commandments 103
  104. 104. Recent Activity 104
  105. 105. Additional Pinterest Tips• Add the “Pin It” button to your blog• Add the “Pin It” button to specific products• Descriptions on Pins should be about 200 characters long and contain keywords and a weblink• Believe it or not, photos of FOOD top the list of repinned items• Size Matters. Both pixels and height.• Pin a screenshot of your website to a board and link it to your homepage (preview) 105
  106. 106. Additional Pinterest Tips• Name boards specifically. Assists with SEO and searching on Pinterest• Pinterest serves as a review site as well. Track brand and see what the buzz is about.• Pin something funny: 106
  107. 107. Pinterest Tips for Events• Pin YouTube videos on board called “Tutorials” or “Instructions” and type the step-by-step instructions under to make it taller (Chair Ties, Napkin Folding, Set a Table properly, etc…)• Show people how they can use rentals in a new way. Show them in a new light• Pin photos of employees doing daily tasks that would be considered “behind the scenes”. Not only does it give a personal touch and faces to your company, but it may give them that extra little insight into what goes into the rental process. 107
  108. 108. PinAlerts 108
  109. 109. PinAlerts 109
  110. 110. PinAlerts 110
  111. 111. PinAlerts 111
  112. 112. PinAlerts 112
  113. 113. PinAlerts 113
  114. 114. Pinterest MonitoringWebsite that can help you monitor your presence on Pinterest 114
  115. 115. Pin A Quote• Turns a text quote into something you can pin. Great quotes are very share-worthy, so think of how your business might use this tool to engage other Pinners. 115
  116. 116. SpinPicks• Finds content across the web that you may want to pin. If you’re just getting started on Pinterest, you may want to use this tool until you get a feel for your own curating style. 116
  117. 117. Pinterest Pro• Has a hover and zoom feature, as well as a function that lets you “right click to pin” for quick pinning. You can even view trending pins with a drop-down view from the toolbar. 117
  118. 118. ShotPin• A screen capture tool that lets you crop images, too. So you can put even more of your personal flair on each image you grab with a little editing. 118
  119. 119. Snapito!• Another screen capture tool, but this one adds the ability to automatically include the full- source URL into the description of every pin. Responsible pinning is easier with tools that help you attribute as you pin. 119
  120. 120. Curalate• Provides a monitoring, analytics, and brand intelligence platform so companies can curate community along with great content. This company realizes the marketing potential of visual curating and can help you get a grip on your overall Pinterest strategy. 120
  121. 121. Percolate• Another curation tool that serves up new content in an organized way. Then, its dashboard shows you what types of content resonate the most with your audience. 121
  122. 122. PinReach• Can help you monitor trends and measure your success with Pinterest. It includes a “trending pins” section to keep you abreast of the newest and best pins. 122
  123. 123. PinPuff• Analytics service that lets you know how much your Pinterest account is worth and gives you scores for reach, activity and virility. The platform includes the PinPerks program, which lets you earn free stuff for your activities on Pinterest. 123
  124. 124. Resources• Great eBook on How to use Pinterest for Business (from HubSpot): http://bit.ly/HS-Pinterest• www.Pinterest.com/Kinected – Apps for TRA 124
  125. 125. Blogging 125
  126. 126. What is a Blog?• Comes from the phrase “Web Log”• A Web site on which an individual or group of users record opinions, information, etc. on a regular basis.• For business, blogs are used more commonly to show recent work 126
  127. 127. Perks to Blogging• Humanizes the company by giving it an actual voice• Fast way to improve SEO by using Keywords and Tagging – To find out what keywords you’ve been using, create a Word Cloud. Here’s mine: • Create one at Taxedo.com or Wordle.com 127
  128. 128. FAQ on Blogging• How often should you blog? – However often you can come up with interesting, RELEVANT content for your followers.• Do I do social media, or put my time into developing a good blog? Which is better? – It’s not blog OR social media, it’s blog AND social media. Work together with cross-promotion.• How do I know what to Blog about? C – Create Value with the following 10 fool proof blogging topics: 128
  129. 129. Blog Topics1. Create a list (because everyone likes a good list)2. Tell a personal story that relates to what you do3. Write about a common question that comes up often in your field4. Reevaluate an earlier blog post and remark on what has changed5. Create a how-to guide, explaining something step-by-step6. Take a complex issue and break it down into simple terms7. Review something, like a book, video or another blog post8. Ask a question through social media and then respond to it9. Relate a current event or a recent news article to something in your field10. See what competitors are writing about and give your own opinion 129
  130. 130. Email Signatures 130
  131. 131. What to Include• Name• Title• Phone Number & Address• Company logo/slogan• Company Website• Links to social pages – FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Blog 131
  132. 132. QR Codes orQuick Response Codes 132
  133. 133. QR Codes• http://su.pr/2zkKcS - My Blog• 2D bar code that is created to be scanned by a Smart Phone to take the user to a specific page containing information• Webpage, Phone Call, Text Message, Photo 133
  134. 134. QR Code City• Scan 134
  135. 135. 135
  136. 136. Create a FREE QR Code• http://qrcode.kaywa.com/• Takes the user to a URL, Website, Phone Call, or SMS Text Message 136
  137. 137. In Conclusion… 137