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  • 9 8 7 6 Age 5 17-19 4 20-22 3 23-26 2 1 0 1I tried to get a range of different ages to appeal to my target audience. As I am trying to appeal tothe female gender from ages 17-26. 12 10 8 Do you regularly watch documentaries 6 Yes 4 No 2 0 1By finding out how many of my target audience watch documentaries this will helped me to decideon when if my audience was around the right range who would watch my documentary thereforegiving me an incentive to create a documentary.
  • 6 What is your favourite 5 genre of documentary? Food and Health 4 Educational 3 News 2 Wildlife 1 Crime 0 1I found that many people like crime as a opposed to an educational documentary, however frommany research I found that many people would like to watch an educational documentary. 12 10 8 Are you interested in dance/performance? 6 Yes 4 No 2 0 1From finding that many of my target audience were interested in dance/performance this helped meto focus on the performing arts.
  • 10 9 8 Are there any 7 documentaries you found 6 memorable? 5 Yes 4 3 No 2 1 0 1I finding my target audience found many of the documentaries memorable it inspired me to create adocumentary that would interest people, therefore taking away knowledge with them. 10 9 8 7 Do you prefer ubeat or 6 reflective documentaries? 5 Upbeat 4 3 Reflective 2 1 0 1I found that more people like a upbeat documentary, as a opposed to a reflective documentary. Thisis good evidence to use within my documentary as I will try to create a product that will give my View slide
  • target audience what they want. I hope to make my documentary a upbeat documentary, howeverwith an element of reflection to add drama to my documentary. 12 Which of the following 10 would you like to see in documentaries? 8 Archive Footage 6 Well researched voice 4 over 2 Fly on the wall footage 0 1In finding that my target audience would like to see use of fly on the wall footage in mydocumentary I will use this in my documentary, I also think this will bring focus on my individualrather than focusing too much on the style in which the documentary takes. View slide