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Pain has an Element of Blank
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Pain has an Element of Blank


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Published in: News & Politics
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  • 1. By Kristie Teesdale
  • 2. In the world today there are five major environmental threats. •Bahan sampah mengandung racun •Pengotoran udara •Ozon Kerusakan •Penggundulan •Hujan yang asam All of these play a major part of threats to the world today.
  • 3. Di Australia ada dua lingkungan persoalan itu paras Australia hari ini. Salinity •Climate change which is effecting the Great Barrier Reef But by far salinity is our biggest threat. The high levels of salinity affect our farmers the most. If it effects the farmers it will thus affect us because we rely on the farmers for fruit and vegetables. The high salinity levels are coursed by global warming.
  • 4. Indonesia’s biggest enviromental threat is: Penggundulan Penggundulan sebab lingkungan salju lain seperti: •Habitat loss for endangered species •Loss of revenue •Agricultural pollution All of this occurs so that they can create palm oil plantations, animals are killed, forests are burnt so that palm oil can be planted
  • 5. Penggundulan di Indonesia menginkat dari satu juta hectares per tahun ke two juta hectares per tahun. Hutan ulasn yang tumbang dari 162 juta hectares ke 98 juta hectares. At this rate by 2010 it is predicted that Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Sumatra will all be fully cleared. Before deforestation The most common way they are clearing the forests is setting forest fires.
  • 6. Sebagai terbesar kebakaran hutan adalah ‘man-made’. Orang-orang awal kebakaran hutan sehingga tanah adalah barang kosong dan mereka tanam-tanaman kelapa sawit. Mereka juga penggunaan kebakaran karena ada murah. These fires not only have devesting effects were they are lit but neighbouring countries cop it too. Smoke from fires across Malaysia With thick smoke and haze from the fires, it makes it hard to live a normal life. Result of fires These fires are all so that palm oil trees can be planted.
  • 7. Deforestation is occurring in the Indonesian regions to make way for palm oil plantations. Perkebuan kelapa sawit adalah bekas untuk oli masakan dan margarina. Kelapa sawit adalah murid warna. It is because of the deforestation that is occurring in Indonesia for the palm oil plantations that so many wild animals are endangered especially the orang-utan
  • 8. Binantang liar yang terancam punah karena penggundulan untuk perkebuan kelapa sawit banyak binantang liar adalah memusnahkan karena pekeja di perkebuan kelapa sawit. The orang-utans and the Sumatran tigers are most at risk because of the deforestations that are occurring.
  • 9. • • • • • • • • • • • • •