Digital Leaders 2011
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Digital Leaders 2011



The Schools Network National Conference

The Schools Network National Conference



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  • 2008 29% (4% Merits, 25% Pass)2009 63% (14% Distinction, 22% Merit, 27% Pass)2010 79% (20% Distinction 26% Merit 33% Pass) achieving 2 GCSE passes (without the exception of 3 students – who achieved 1 GCSE – with valid reasons).
  • A blueprint, a group or hub. Where students learning, sharing and explore everything digital. A hub of student talent taking back the very best that technology has to offer its school community, students, teachers and leadership team.
  • …and propel
  • …global causes.

Digital Leaders 2011 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. “We need you to embed a whole-college digital awareness. Can you do that? How long will it take?”
  • 2. Big Picture Website KS3 IT Hardware 2 VLEs Audio and Planning E-Resources 1-2-1 Software Staffing MIS Integration Video KS4 (VLE / Website) 3 Websites Computing Systems Attainment IT Services ICT Email E-Resources 19% ICT+ Resilience Network Learning Digital Redundancy Managers and EPRA Support and Digital Reliability Group Teaching Staff CPD Leaders ICTACProjected GCSE Pass GCSE Pass GCSE PassGCSE Pass Rate 29% Rate 63% Rate 79%Rate 19% (1 GCSE) (2 GCSEs) (2 GCSEs) 5 4 8 Staff ((3 ICT (4 ICT 1 Specialists) Specialist) Jan Aug Nov Aug Jan Aug Jan 2008 2008 2008 2009 2010 2010 2011
  • 3. The impact of Student Digital Leaders
  • 4. Reframing our Digital Culture“Students make up about 92% of people in attendancein any school. Most technology plans focus on the role ofthe other 8% (teachers, administrators, adult technical “support staff). This is especially unbalanced given the factthat today’s students are increasingly savvy about the roletechnology plays in modern life. GenYES Sylvia Martinez
  • 5. Student Digital Leaders Blueprint
  • 6. Student Digital Leader
  • 7. Launch
  • 8. GraceThe opportunity to Skills
  • 9. Amy
  • 10. ElliotAwesomeness
  • 11. Students Digital LeadersDNA OUR DNA
  • 12. SSAT Student Digital Leader SSAT
  • 13. Stating the Obvious
  • 14. Change Engaging with, and investing in, our students Redefining the students role (DNA) Impact = Student Digital Leadersn Redefining strategy, staying on budget Curriculum Innovation Enthused (Scratch, Alice, Kodu and Kinect) Digital diagnostics Seeking feedbackBruised Reducing digital variance
  • 15. Engagement of Others (Within school, locally, national and internationally) Sharing an aspiration with staffProviding staff with digital security and confidence ViTAL and SSAT and securing funding Presenting at local and national conferences ‘SSAT Student Digital Leader Conference’ Growing and sharing the idea (16 Student Digital Leader programmes and growing) School Partnerships Corporate Partners (Toshiba, Brother, BCSE and UKIE)
  • 16. Impact on Learning in Classroom Increased student Mean ATL* scores +0.54 for ICT, +0.76 for engagement with the Student Digital Leaders (1-5 scale) curriculum Significant reduction in behaviour referrals Student feedback survey Increased ICT options groups Enjoyment Lesson observations and appraisals GCSE pass rate and value added Attainment Level of Progress by Digital LeadersEngagement Enjoyment Attainment ATL* Attitude to Learning
  • 17. Impact on School Student opportunities Conference speaking, within and between Reduced CPD budgets school collaboration. Improved quality and Reduced training budget and increased availability of trainers training capacity Avoided expensive Increased use of technology for learning procurement errorsAuthenticate marketing Website, prospectus and productionsIn classroom IT support A reduction in helpdesk requests
  • 18. Moodle 2 Sept 2012 Deployment of new VLE Training of students Digital Leaders Sept-Dec 2011 through E-Resources teamINSET for curriculum VLE advocates, delivered with Student Digital LeadersWhole-school training delivered by curriculum VLE advocates, supported by Digital Leaders