Preserving Your Family Memories (Personal Digital Archiving)


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Quick presentation for the University of Scranton's Technology on Your Own Terms series for Spring 2012, heavily indebted to the Library of Congress National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program ( and Ellyssa Kroski's Personal Digital Archiving Series on iLibrarian (

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Preserving Your Family Memories (Personal Digital Archiving)

  1. 1. Part II (Digital) Kristen YarmeyTechnology On Your Own Terms Spring 2012
  2. 2. Digital Natives Explore Digital Preservation Why Digital Preservation is Important for YouWhy Digital Preservation is Important for Everyone
  3. 3. Media degradation Media obsolescenceHardware obsolescence Software obsolescence Technology failure User error ...etc
  4. 4.  Identify Decide what to save Organize Save and back up Monitor Photos and videos Documents Email Websites and social media Digitization Digital afterlife
  5. 5. Laptop hard driveExternal hard drive CDs and DVDs Phone Tablet Memory cards iTunes Facebook EmailPhoto sharing sites Google Docs
  6. 6. File names Folders
  7. 7. Description Software
  8. 8. (3) copies on (2) different mediawith (1) in a different place
  9. 9. • Widely adopted• Open (rather than File format proprietary)• Photos: JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG• Videos: MPEG-2, MPEG-4• Audio: WAV, MP3, AAC, WMA• Documents: PDF, ODF• Email: TXT, PDF, MBOX, EML
  10. 10. • Easy• Convenient Medium• Stable• Exportable• Diverse• Working copy: desktop or laptop hard drive• Probably not such a great idea: memory card, USB flash drive
  11. 11. • Automatic?• Stable Backups• Easy to refresh• Diverse• External hard drive (1TB ≈ $100)• Cloud storage• Print• CDs or DVDs…. ehhhhhh
  12. 12. • Price• Privacy• Exportability Cloud services• Compression?• Ease of use• Retention policy• Photosharing – KodakGallery, Shutterfly, Flickr…• Windows Live (SkyDrive) = 25GB free• Google• Dropbox•• Jungle Disk• Carbonite
  13. 13. • Refresh media• Migrate file formats• Spot check files• Watch for obsolescence
  14. 14. • Where are your email messages stored?• Do you want to organize? Does anyone?• How do you want to back up?• MailStore Home• Email Management and Preservation Guidelines
  15. 15. Facebook Twitter YouTube Website Blog Google Docs Evernote• Deathwatch and Fire Drill
  16. 16. Download your data from Facebook (Archive Team)
  17. 17. Google Data Liberation Front Google Takeout
  18. 18. • VHS• Film• Photos
  19. 19.  Identify Decide what to save Organize Save and back up Monitor Be practical. You can’t won’t save everything. Delete as you go. LOCKSS. Did I mention backing up? Forgive yourself.
  20. 20.  Library of Congress  Scanning Your Personal Collections  How Long Will Digital Storage Media Last?  Transferring Photos from Your Camera to Your Computer  Transferring Video from Tape, DVD or Camera to Your Computer  Keeping Personal Digital Photographs  Keeping Personal Digital Video  Personal Digital Records  Keeping Personal Electronic Mail  Archiving Email  Keeping Personal Websites, Blogs and Social Media Save My Memories (International Imaging Industry Association)  Learn  Prepare  Protect  Recover
  21. 21.  Library of Congress  Personal Archiving  Sustainability of Digital Formats Film Preservation Links (via Smithsonian) iLibrarian  Selection Strategy  Case by Case Strategy PARADIGM  Eleven top tips for preserving your personal data Digital Preservation Management PCMag  Disaster-Proof Your Data with Online Backup