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  • Worst Thunderstorm I encountered on my trip.First Hostel Kristen and I stayed at.Owners, Josh and Leigh saint GA->ME '00 CT '05 LT '06
  • The summit of springermtn, a foggy day with no view.
  • Camped with Stefanos at Lance creek campsite.
  • Got the shake down from “Woldwide” Packed way too much food, swapped my boots out that were way to small for some trail runners. Met Yappie!
  • Where all Hikers congregate.
  • Very tough day! Yappy kept me going! Got my trail name of salty.
  • From hiawassee to he gap. Missed my shuttle, because I was too drunk!
  • The shelter before was packed with Hikers! The first day I wore shorts ( thanks to good deeds) And an alternate trail name of tumor calves is suggested. The first night I sleep in a shelter. Meet up with City and Dorothy
  • Stopped Early today, as other hikers passed to push closer the noc.
  • One of the hardest climbs I can remember, Also met Bat. Mice bad in this shelter.
  • Very long day with big climbs. Spring break, filled shelter, I tented behind. Remember a christian catholic debate raging by the fire. I opted out f that convo.
  • First time meeting dropout and Bams, decided to leave this shelter and push on to the next less than 2 miles away.
  • Got caught in a hail storm
  • Overcrouded shelter! I get the last spot. Huge T-storm!
  • My first Zero day.
  • First time I meet Pa-bert and Noreaster, also see skillet and q-tip.
  • Elmers place, Communal vegitarian dining, no tv, plenty off books
  • Staying with pa bert skillet and q tip. Finally got my trail leggs.
  • Staying with Bams and Dropout, a creepy guy showed up at 9pm. Some 4 wheelers with spot lights dogs and guns was heard after midnight making for some uneasy sleeping. An hoot owl killed a mouse on the picnic table as well. Hiked out the next morning in a huge thunderstorm.
  • Rain all day, and very cold! I met the hot garbage crew for the first time! Went to see hunger games.
  • Left to right: Greazy Ninja, Ace, Booza
  • O nly 1 here, tented, a mouse widened the lid of my jetboil.
  • Hot day, passed Watuaga dam, me chef beard and coyote. Bob people jokes all over the shelter walls
  • Got picked up here and drove murdock into damascus!
  • Met many a hiker here. A few ended their hike here and I few I would never see again. Murdock, Backdraft, Famous, Patches, and many others
  • Daves place hostel, stayed with ho garbage, backdraft, pa-bert.
  • Had pizza delivered to this snazzy shelter
  • Rainy day, wet feet been hiking solo for some time now.
  • Met section hikers Mike and Akita the dog, cold night.
  • Had dave come pick me up and spent the night at moms house. Then surprised kristen the next day
  • Bad stomach problems from eating to much at easter.
  • Met a family who built a new picnic table
  • Surprised Bams and hot Garbage! Got super drunk at the hotel… Realized I left my headlamp at home, oops, no early predawn hiking for a while. Alien and swiss mix, nor-easter, drop, goldbond, and greygoose
  • Kristen picked me up.
  • Kristen and I hiked 18 miles today
  • Actually hiked to the road. Met becca. Stayed in BV.
  • Dutchhaus, stayed here, met strollin astronomer, grey goose, pabert, and an annoying couple
  • Snow on the ground today, couple of old guys at the shelter having a blast making fire and hanging their bags etc, got some booze from them.
  • Ray and nick come to visit
  • Met up with sharky and rummy, stayed at rangeview cabin, 2 bears
  • Solar shower.!
  • Long day through the rollercoaster!
  • Shelter is too close to the road, some rough people showed up…
  • SALTY's AT Hike

    1. 1. Georgia to MaineMarch 3 rd 2012 to July 8 th 2012
    2. 2.  traverses the Chattahoochee National Forest. This area features rugged wilderness hiking, with highway crossings spaced about a moderate days journey apart. Hiking includes many steep ups and downs,. A.T. mileage 76.4 miles Difficulty rating 6 Elevation 2,510 - 4,461 feet
    3. 3. DAY ZERO: HIKER HOSTELDrove from Md. Tothis Hostel, locatedin Amicolla falls, GA.Very bad thunder-storm overnight.Owners, Josh andLeigh saint haveThru-Hiked the ATIN 2000, The CT in05 and the LT in 06.
    4. 4. DAY 1: 14MILES, JUSTUSCREEK CAMPThis Plaque marksthe start of the Georgia.2184 miles to go!I had a hard timesetting up my tent.I met Butters andStefano today.Butters and I wouldsee each other manytime throughout thehike.
    5. 5. DAY 2: LANCECREEK, 10 MILESBlisters on my heelsstart to make hikingvery uncomfortableTrail runner told methere was very highBear activity in thearea.Camped out at lancecreek.
    6. 6. Day 3: Neels Gap, 7 MilesBlood Mtn.Shelter, The highestMountain in GeorgiaNeels gap was myfirst real Hostelexperience.Switched out myboots for trailrunnersMet lots of hikers atthe hostel.
    7. 7. INFAMOUS! Machete Mitch is wanted by the park service for Disturbing a hiker in his tent while he was sleeping. This is what he was said to look like .Machete Mitch
    8. 8. Machete MitchThis is the realMachete Mitch
    9. 9. Day 4: Trail Magic!The first of manytrail magic locationsin the South.Normally churchesor previous thru-hikers provide trailmagic.Normally done atroad crossings.
    10. 10. TRAIL LEGEND Yappy: Has hiked many trails all over the U.S. This will be her 3rd A.T. hike. Yappy taught me allot, and I hiked with her for about 2 weeks.YAPPY
    11. 11. Day 4: Blue Mountain Shelter, 19 Miles Got my Trail Name today. “Salty” Got it when I stopped to take a picture for some ladies, and they noticed salt on my face from sweating profusely. Very long tiring day, but Yappy kept pushing me along.Blue Mtn. Shelter
    12. 12. From left to right: Good deeds, Mellowyellow, Chief, Butters, Reboot, Animal, Stefano
    13. 13. Day 7, First Hitch!Stayed at “RonHavens” Hotel lastnight.Drank way too muchwith “Good deeds”Missed myshuttle, so I had toHitch.Started to eat like ahorse!
    14. 14. Day 7, North Carolina BorderThis Tree marks thestate line fromGeorgia to N.C. My 1stof 14 states iscomplete.I stopped here to eatlunch “Subway”.“City” took thispicture.
    15. 15.  A.T. mileage 95.5 miles (does not include miles in North Carolina, closely following or on the Tennessee/North Carolina border) Difficulty rating 3-6 Elevation 1,725 - 5,498 feet
    16. 16. Day 7, StandingIndian Shelter, 17MilesThis is the 1st shelter Islept in.City, Dorothy, andYappy were heretonight.I got in very late andwas very very tired.
    17. 17. Day 8: GlassmineGap, 17 MilesTypicall place to stopand refill your water.Very cold night.
    18. 18. Day 9: Wayah Shelter, 17 MilesEasy day ofhiking, choose totent here.Needed to dry outmy sleeping bag, as itgot wet last night.Good cell phonecoverage here!Cell service was verygood along the entireA.T. there was onlymaybe 10 days totalthat I didn’t haveservice.
    19. 19. Day 10: NOC, 16 MilesThe NantahaleaOutdoor Center, Agreat outfitter whospecializes in watersports.Stayed in a bunkhouse, resupplied, and did laundry.The restaurant wasvery good.
    20. 20. Day 11: Brown Fork Gap Shelter, 16 Miles One of the hardest climbs I can remember. The Mice in this shelter were very bad Met “BAT” a legally blind thru-hiker. His trail name comes from the saying “as blind as a bat”Falling Turtle and Irish
    21. 21. Day 12: Fontana LakeThe trail runs Westhere for 6 miles toget around this lake,witch is mentallyfrustrating because Iam supposed to betraveling North East.The smokies are inthe background
    22. 22. Day 12: MolliesRidge Shelter, 24MilesIn the Smokies!The tarps aresupposed to deterBears!All hikers need toregister beforeentering the Smokies.All Hikers must usethe shelters, Nostealth camping isallowed.I tented behind theshelter, as it was full ofspring breakers.
    23. 23. Siler Bald ShelterAll shelters in theSmokies had fencesaround them toprotect Hikers frombears. However thehikers were feedingthe bears throughthe fence, and thebears wouldn’t leave!Now all the fenceshave been removedfrom the shelters.
    24. 24. Hail In The SmokiesI decided to push onto the next shelterand got caught in abad hail storm.
    25. 25. Day 13: DoubleSpring GapShelter, 19 mi.This shelter wasfilled to capacity! Igot the lastspot, witch was agood thing, becausea terriblethunderstorm rippedthrough here.I met “Bams” and“Dropout” today, andwould hike withthem throughsouthern Va.
    26. 26. Clingmans Dome Observation TowerThe highest point onthe A.T.Very touristy, as aparking lot is just aquarter mile away.
    27. 27. Clingmans DomeNotice all the deadtrees being killed bya non indigenousfungus originallyfrom China.
    28. 28. BamsBams is the guy inthe middle with theyellow sleeping padon top his pack.
    29. 29. Day 14: Newfound Gap, 11 MilesKristen picked me uphere for my 1st Zeroday!A zero day is a hikingterm for zero mileshiked in a day. Othercommon terms are aNero day.
    30. 30. Day 15: Gatlingburg, 0 MilesWhat a shock! It waslike the ocean city ofthe mountains.It was great to see mywife!We gave hiker“Hawkeye” a ride toand from he trail. Inever saw him again.
    31. 31. Day 16:TricornerKnob Shelter, 16MilesMet “Pa-Bert” and“Noreaster” todayAlso met “Skillet andQ-tip”They cookedeggs, bacon andpancakes forbreakfast the nextmorning! A very hardthing to do on trail.They had theheaviest food bag I’dever seen.
    32. 32. Day 18: Roaringfork shelter, 17milesMet Pretzel and JCtoday.Climbed Max patchMtn.
    33. 33. Day 19: Hot Springs, 18 MilesStayed at Elmershouse today.Served us acompletelyVegetarian meal.Met hikers,Granddad, Biscuit,Napolean,
    34. 34. Hot SpringsThe trail runs onmain street in Hotsprings.Easy resupply andrestaurants.
    35. 35. Day 20: LittleLaurel Shelter, 20milesStayed with P-Berttoday.I am finally feelingstronger, like I havemy Trail Legs.
    36. 36. Bear CablesWe use these cablesto hang food andpacks to keep thebears at bay.
    37. 37. Day 21: Flint Mtn Shelter, 13 milesStaying with Bamsand dropout today, 1hiker came in at 9pmAt around midnightwe saw 4 wheelersand hound dogscoon hunting.A sleepless night forsure.
    38. 38. Day 22: Spivey GapCamp, 25 MilesMore trail magic!Hiked through anasty thunderstormtoday.Crossed intoTennesee
    39. 39. Day 23: ErwinTn, UncleJohnnys, 11 MilesRained all day!Was very very coldMade it tounclejohnyshostel, the worsthostel I stayed at…The roof leaked allover my gear.Went into town andwatched a movieMet the Hot GarbageCrew.
    40. 40. INFAMOUS!The Hot Garbage Crew.Left to right:Graezzy, Ninja, Ace, and Booza.I would hike throughNew Hampshire andMaine with Booza andGreazzy…. All thanks tothe journals left atshelters.
    41. 41.  Terrain By Region: Tennessee South of Damascus, Virginia, the Appalachian Trail follows segments of mountain ranges in the Cherokee National Forest, ascending to the high country of the North Carolina-Tennessee state line, and the highest mountains along the Trail—several above six thousand feet. at a Glance A.T. mileage 287.9 miles (includes miles in North Carolina, closely following or on the Tennessee/North Carolina border) Difficulty rating 5-6 Elevation 1,326 - 6,625 feet
    42. 42. Day 26, MorelandGap Shelter 24MilesI heard this shelterleaks, so I tentednext to it. A mouseate a hole throughthe lid of my Jet-Boil.The rain nevercame… Oh well.
    43. 43. Day 27: Vanderventer Shelter, 24 MilesMet Chef Beard andCoyote.Coyote broke his legon trail and had tocut his tip short.We arranged for himto be picked up anddropped of inDamascus.A very hot day.
    44. 44. A.T. LEGEND Maintains the A.T. in TN for 25 years. Has hiked over 30,000 miles Runs the concora hostel, a donations only hostel. Kicked Chuck Norris ass back in 1999.Bob Peoples
    45. 45.  Superman has a pair of Bob people pajamas Bears hang Bob People bags Mice bring Bob Peoples food Whenever Bob builds another switchback, an angel gets its wings Bob Peoples gives his boots blisters Bob Peoples sleeps with a pillow under his pistol
    46. 46. Day 28: Low Gap, 18 MilesKristen and Bayleemet me at lowgap.Gave hiker“Murdock” a ride into town.
    47. 47. Day 29: Damascus Va! Zero dayDamascus, a HikersMecca! Thousands ofHikers descend hereeach year for Traildays!Methikers, Patches, Famous, and backdraft.The trail runs downmain street here.
    48. 48. Day30, Damascus!, 14 MilesStayed here withBams and Hotgarbage.
    49. 49.  One-fourth of the Appalachian Trail lies in Virginia. It varies from easy hiking to very difficult rock scrambling, from busy national parks to isolated wilderness areas. at a Glance A.T. mileage 550.3 miles (includes 20+ miles along Virginia/West Virginia border) Difficulty rating 2-6 Elevation 265 - 5,500 feet
    50. 50. Day 31: Whitetop Mtn, 21 MilesVery long day, with ahuge climb to gethere. One of mymost proudaccomplishments ofthe trip.Very cold night
    51. 51. Grayson Highland PoniesThese poniesblocked my path, agranola bar was paidas toll.These ponies wereimported fromAssateague island.
    52. 52. Day 32: HurricaneMtn Shelter, 23MilesTrail magic beerswaiting for me at thisshelter.Got through thegrayson highlandtoday, one of the bestsections of the trail.
    53. 53. INFAMOUS! The roaming dude, just an all around annoying person. If you see him at a shelter, just keep hiking.The roaming dude
    54. 54. Day 33:PartnershipShelter, 20 MilesHad pizza deliveredhere!This shelter also hasa propaneshower, however itwasn’t turned onwhen I arrived.
    55. 55. Day 34: Ceres Va. Camp, 22 MilesRain most of the dayBeen hiking alone fora few days now.Had lunch at “TheBarn” Restaurant,Resupplied at a gasstation.
    56. 56. Day 35: Jenkins Shelter, 22 MilesStarting to get lonelyMet a couple ofsection hikersThe trail is relativelyeasy the past coupledays.Trail magic 3 days ina row now!
    57. 57. Day 36: Bland Va, 12 MilesHad Dave come andpick me up inBland, Went homefor Easter andsurprised The Family.
    58. 58. Day 38: Campingon a ridge, 6 milesBad stomachproblemstoday, probably atetoo much eastergrub.Snakes galore in Va.
    59. 59. Day 39: Wapiti Shelter, 20 MilesMet some trailmaintainers whobuilt a new picnictable.Read in the Journalthat Bams and hotgarbage are having aparty tomorrow atPearisburg. I decideto surprise them, asthey think I am wayahead of them.
    60. 60. Day 40: Pearisburg, 17 MilesI surprised HotGarbage and Bams ata hotel in Parisburg.There are many otherhikers here aswell, and we decideto all go to theChinese AYCE buffet.I crash at Bamshotel, 7 of us stayingin a small hotelroom, the life of athru-hiker!
    61. 61. Day 41: PineSwamp Branch, 19MilesCrouded shelter, Itseems that all thehikers who stayed inpearisburg chose tocome here today.Very cold nightBams, Hot Garbagecrew, Butters, Goldbond, Meats, Drop, Grandad, and Pa-Bertall stayed heretonight.
    62. 62. Day 42: Va 630, 22 MilesKristen met me, andwe hiked together fora few days.The trail runsthrough cow pasturesand private land inthis area of Va.
    63. 63. Day 43: Troutcreek camp, 18MilesKristen and I campout at Trout creek.Kristen did awesome!18 miles for her 1stday is great!We tackled 2 bigmtns.
    64. 64. Dragons tooth ClimbThe dragons tooth!Known for thetechnical route andits difficultyWe take a short dayand stay at theluxurious 4 pineshostel
    65. 65. 4 Pines luxury AccomodationsWe decide to do trailmagic today, andload the car up withbeer, and offershuttles to the HomePlaceRestaurant, Manyhikers are glad to seeus and take theshuttle.We meet up withDropout again afterhe got off trail for aweek to go to Floridafor vacation.
    66. 66. Mcaffees KnobI have allot of milesto make up today tocatch back up withthe group.Mcafees knob, themost photographedspot on the entiretrail.
    67. 67. Tinker CliffsDrop left a note on atree to watch out fora big timber rattlesnake.Very hot today, I getdehydrated for thefirst time on my trip,and I swear it will bethe last.
    68. 68. Day 45:Daleville, 26 MilesI make it here, after26 hard miles. Pa-Bert offers me a freestay as thanks for thetrail magic yesterday.Ticks are becoming aproblemHot Garbage andDropout receive trailmagic in the form ofa free hotel stay.
    69. 69. Day 46: Cove MtnShelter, 25 MilesLong day!My trekking pole tipbroke, Pa-bert andNoreaster and Imade a futile attemptto repair.
    70. 70. THE GUILLOTINEA fun landmark onthe trail.
    71. 71. Day 47: Thunderhill shelter, 17 MilesMiserable day!Rain all day withrough trail, I wascold and wet allday, couldn’t evenstop for a break forfear of freezing!Pa-Bert andNoreaster shared inmy misery.
    72. 72. James RiverOne of the bestViews I canremember.Still Rainy, howeverclearing up.
    73. 73. Day 48:PunchbowlShelter, 26 MilesI pushed on to theBlue ridge parkwayabout 1 mile fromhere, and my sisterpicked me up.We stayed at a hoteln Buena Vista
    74. 74. Day 49: Salt loggap camp, 19 MilesBec did great! 19miles with 2 bigmountains to cross.We provided trailmagic at the roadcrossing for thehikers who stayed atpunchbowl shelterlast night.
    75. 75. Day 50: Va 56 Tye River, 17 MilesThe Dutch Haus, oneof the best stays onthe trail, and I almostdidn’t stay here.Bec surprised me at aroad crossing after Ihiked the Priest Mtn.Met up with Pa-bertand Grey goose.
    76. 76. Day 51: 11 Miles BRPBig snowstorm in theforecast, very coldrain forced me to getoff trail and headinto Wayensboro.Big thanks to pa bertand his wifeShirley, for the rideinto town
    77. 77. Day 52:Waynesboro, zeroSalty, Pa-Bert, andNoreaster outside arestaurant inWaynesboro Va.I spent the day in ahotel while the snowwas falling.
    78. 78. Day 53: Calf Mountain Shelter, 26 milesLong day!Couple of old guys atshelter having funand offered me someBooze, witch I gladlyacceptedHad a nice fire onthis very cold day.
    79. 79. Day 54: camped ata spring 23 milesMet up with Ray andNick and Sage thedog today!My best friends cameout from Coloradoand Nevada to seeme.We camped at amaintenance garage
    80. 80. Day 55: Bearfencemtn hut, 24 milesResupplied at LewisMtn camp store, andpacked a 6pack tothis shelter.Shelter was full ofboyscouts, I kickedthem out, as sheltersare reserved forThru-hikers.Played cards with 3Frenchmen.
    81. 81. Day 56: Hawksbill Gap, 13 MilesAm seeing bearsmultiple time a day.I am really liking theshannys!Kristen picked me uptoday and we headedhome for a zero day.
    82. 82. Day 58: RangeviewCabin, 22 MilesCamping withSharky and Rummy.The curious bearswere scoping out ourtent sight.
    83. 83. Famous Blackberry MilkshakeOne of the greatthings about thissection of the trail, isthat there arerestaurants andstores about a dayshike apart.
    84. 84. There are 14 such mountains in a 15 mile stretch
    85. 85.  at a Glance A.T. mileage 4 miles Difficulty rating 2-3 Elevation 265 - 1,200 feet
    86. 86.  The Appalachian Trail in Maryland follows a forty-mile route along the backbone of South Mountain, a north- south ridge that extends from Pennsylvania to the Potomac River. This section is great for three- or four- day trips, is easy by A.T. standards, and is a good place to find out if youre ready for more rugged parts of the Trail. You are required to stay at designated shelters and campsites. at a Glance A.T. mileage 40.9 miles Difficulty rating 2-3 Elevation 230 - 1,880 feet
    87. 87.  long section of Trail notorious for its foot-bruising, boot-destroying rocks. The Trail north of the Susquehanna is characterized by long, flat, rocky ridges broken by fairly strenuous climbs in and out of gaps. About ten miles south of the Susquehanna River, the Trail crosses the Great Valley of the Appalachians to the Blue Ridge. This southern portion of the Trail through Pennsylvania has many sections that are gentle, and grades are easy, making it one of the easiest sections of the Trail. Pennsylvania can be oppressively hot in summer, and water may be scarce. The Trail crosses many roads, and some shelters are near roads, where scattered crime problems make extra safety awareness a good idea. A.T. mileage 229.6 miles Difficulty rating 2-4 Elevation 320 - 2,080 feet
    88. 88. Halfway Point
    89. 89. Day 69, Pa roadcrossing, 27 milesLeft my trekkingpoles at the roadcrossing .They were gonewhen I returned
    90. 90. Day 70, 0 Day2nd zero day at homefor Mothers dayThis would be mylast stop home untilthe end of my trip.
    91. 91. Day 72, Port Clinton, 15 MilesMet Noreaster andPa-Bert today, aftertaking 2 zero days!Drank at thefirehouse barSlept in a pavillion
    92. 92. Day 73, Allentownhiking clubshelter, 23 milesThe rocks of“Rocksylvania”started todayRain all day
    93. 93. Day 74, 18miles, PalmertonThe famous JailhouseHostel, a free staylocated under the policestation.Rain all day.I got a fast hitch intotown as I was going toskip palmerton if I didnot get a ride.We got a fast hitch outinn the morning aswell, and a freebreakfast!Good resupply andlaundry as well
    94. 94. Day 75, wolf rockscampsite, 26 MilesGot a little wet as apassing storm caughtme off guard, as I didnot have my raincover on my tent.
    95. 95. The Appalachian Trail along the Kittatinny Range in New Jersey is rugged and more remote than one might expect considering its proximity to large population centers, with abundant wildlife, including an active bear a GlanceA.T. mileage 72.2 milesDifficulty rating 2-5Elevation 350 - 1,685 feet
    96. 96. Day 76, Moc, 20milesKristen met me atthe MOC.Pabert and Noreasterwere also here.
    97. 97. Day77, Mashipacongshelter, 27 milesMet reboot at theMOC.Pabert, reboot, and Islackpacked.Kristen hiked a halfday and then met usat the road crossingnear the shelter.
    98. 98. Day 78, Vernon, 26milesWe stayed at thechurch hostel.Ordered pizza andpasta, met someother section hikers
    99. 99. RattlesnakeThis guy rattled atme as I was walkingdown he trail.He was very hard tosee in the brush
    100. 100. Day 79, little damlake, 26 milesPa bert and I campfor the night.We were camped ontop of a coyoteden, the howlingafter sunset wasintense.Very buggy and rainytoday.
    101. 101. Day 80, Bear mtnBridge, 21 milesRain all day.Pa Bert and I stayedat a hotel to dry offWe ate at a nice BBQrestaurant andwatched somebaseball at the bar.We visited the ATzoo.
    102. 102. The section through Harriman-Bear Mountain StatePark, where in 1923 the very first new section of theAppalachian Trail was completed, gets a lot of visitors. As theTrail passes through the Trailside Museum and Zoo at BearMountain, it drops to its lowest elevation point—124 feet. at a Glance A.T. 88.4 miles mileage Difficulty 2-5 rating Elevation 124 - 1,433 feet
    103. 103. Day 81, spiritualcenter of themonks, 10 milesShort day, rain all dayMet up with hotgarbage, sticks,dropout, andNoreaster caught upwith us.Slept on top of picnictables in the pavilion,Very crouded.
    104. 104. Day 82, Morganstewart shelter. 27milesReally badthunderstorm while Iwas on top of amountainI met “Navigator” forthe first time.
    105. 105. Day 83, 10 mileriver lean-to, 21milesSticks catches upwith me today.Made it to Ct!
    106. 106. Connecticuthe Appalachian Trail route through the northwestern corner of Connecticutmeanders across the worn-down remnants of a once-lofty mountain range.The Housatonic River Valley to the east and the Taconic Range to the west areparticularly scenic, and one section of the Trail near Falls Village has beendesigned for wheelchair accessibility.Many sections run along the banks of rivers. Hiking is mostly moderate, withsteep, fairly challenging sections that are short in duration. Views are oftenpastoral. at a Glance A.T. 51.6 miles mileage Difficulty 4-5 rating Elevation 260 - 2,316 feet
    107. 107. Day 84, kent, Ct .9 milesMet KristenWe stayed at a niceB@BHad Dinner withPa_Bert his wife andtheir Grandson
    108. 108. Day 85, Silver hillcamp, 16 milesKristen Hiked withme todayThe site we stayed atused to have a shelteruntil it burned down.We had a nice Picnichosted by Greazzysparrents who live inCT
    109. 109. PicnicPa-Berts Grandsonsigning Dropoutspool. Dropout would“finish his hike” withthe pool.
    110. 110. PicnicBooza and Meatswrestling.
    111. 111. Day 86, SalisburyCt, 23 milesStayed in a nice daysinn hotelKristen and I ate atan indian restaurantVery hot day.
    112. 112. Day 87, TheHemlock Lean-to.14 milesVery nice shelterIt was a very hot daybut I made a fireanyway.Found a fawn in themiddle of the trail
    113. 113. Massachusettshe Appalachian Trail here leads through the Berkshires. Pleasant stretchesthrough wooded hills and valleys feature such outstanding peaks as Mt. Greylockand Mt. Everett, and the Trail passes through several small New England towns.Water is plentiful.Several summits and ledges provide views, and there are long, flat sections atopthe Berkshire Plateau quite different from the dry ridgewalks of the mid-Atlanticand Virginias. Ascents, though sometimes steep, are seldom sustained. at a Glance A.T. 90.2 miles mileage Difficulty 3-6 rating Elevation 650 - 3,491 feet
    114. 114. Day 88,Mt wilcoxsouth lean-to,20 milesRain most of the dayBad hail storm overnightI was the only onehere at the shelter
    115. 115. Day 89, OctoberMtn lean-to25 milesSticks and Navigatorcatch up to me.Navigator doesn’t getin to shelter until after10pmVery muddy trailRain all day and nightPorcupine activityhigh,I see Moose tracks forthe first time
    116. 116. Day 90, TomLevardis HouseTom giving Xtremehis patentedmohawkLevardi does about100 Mohawks eachhiking season
    117. 117. LevardisThe first of manywonderful thingsLevardi did for ustoday.Free lodging, freedinner, free shuttle totown for resupply areamong the others.
    118. 118. Day 91: Shermanbrook camp, 26milesVery windy antterrible stormovernight, branchesfell down all aroundme.Mount greylock wasfunSaw some paragliders
    119. 119. Day 92, 18miles, melvillenaihumm shelterInto Vt!Rain and mud all dayLong trail hikersstarting this weekendremindes me of myfirst week in georgia.The long trail andthe AT share thesame trail for over100 miles.
    120. 120. Vermontrugged country with woods and overgrown farmlands. From "Maine Junction" (near U.S. 4)south, the A.T. follows about one hundred miles of the famed “Long Trail” along the ruggedcrest of the Green Mountains.The Trail approaches treeline at Killington and Stratton mountains, and parts featurestrenuous ascents. But, in general, Vermont hiking crosses varied terrain, at lower to mid-range elevations with a fair amount of elevation gain and loss. It passes through forests ofpaper birch and white pine, wooded mountains, and farm valleys. Some overnight sitescharge a fee.Avoid Vermont trails in "mud season," mid-April through Memorial Day. Hiking there inwet, sloppy conditions leads to serious Trail erosion. Organized groups can reduce theirchances of arriving at already-crowded sites by contacting the local trail clubs about groupvoluntary registration programs. at a Glance A.T. mileage 149.8 miles Difficulty rating 5-6 Elevation 400—4,010 feet
    121. 121. Day 93, storyspring shelter, 17milesMore rain and mudThe trail here isterrible.Beavers have madeponds all over thetrail.
    122. 122. Day94, Manchester, 21milesGot a hitch intoManchester forresupply and a hotmeal.Glad to be out of therain.Stayed at johnnyseesaws for the night.
    123. 123. Day 95, greenwallshelter, 25 milesMore mud and rainall day.
    124. 124. Day 96, chuchillscott shelter, 26milesMet a couple oflongtrail girls whogave me a wholebottle of wineRain and more mud
    125. 125. Day 97, wintturishelter, 22 milesThis was the dirtiestshelter I saw on myentire trip.There was a note leftstating that it wasjust cleaned.More rain and mud
    126. 126. Day 98, westhartford vt, 17milesKristen met me at aroad crossing wherewe got lunch, I wasrelieved to see herShe brought the sunwith her!
    127. 127. Day 99, Zero day,white river jctn.Stayed at a hostelhereGood foodA very interestingfun and weird town
    128. 128. New Hampshiredramatic scenery of which attracts more backcountry visitors than any other part of the Trail.Travel here requires intelligent planning and ample time; plan no more than five to eightmiles per day. Be prepared for steep ascents and descents that require the use of your handsand, occasionally, the seat of your pants.Much of the Trail is above timberline, where the temperature may change very suddenly;snow is possible in any season. The same severe weather conditions that prevent trees fromgrowing on the high ridges also require a higher level of preparedness for a safe, successfulhiking trip. Snow falls on Mt. Washington during every month of the year. High winds anddense fog are common. Most shelters and campsites charge a fee.The White Mountains section stretches 117 miles from Maine-New Hampshire state line toGlencliff, New Hampshire. Organized groups can reduce their chances of arriving at already-crowded sites by contacting the local trail clubs about group voluntary registration programs.Between the White Mountains and the Vermont border, the Trail crosses broken terrain ofalternating mountains and valleys. This 44-mile stretch is noted for its fall foliage and is agood alternative to the crowds and steep scrambles of the Whites A.T. mileage 160.9 miles Difficulty rating 6-10 Elevation 400—6,288 feet
    129. 129. Day 100, 20 milesmoose mtnshelterStayed here aloneThe water source wasterrible
    130. 130. Day 101, Hexacubashelter, 18 milesAlone again todayHard hiking makingfor less miles
    131. 131. Day102, Glencliff, 15milesStayed at the hikerswelcome hostel.Phat Chap runs theplaceMet a hiker namedberlin from germany
    132. 132. Day 103,Kinsmannotch, 10 milesRain todayThe hardest climb ofthe entire trip for meStayed at chets hostel
    133. 133. Day 104, franconianotch, 18 milesA long slack pack dayMet deisel and thekid,Stayed at chets hostelagain.
    134. 134. Day 105, Therouefalls, 22.5 milesDiesel and the KidA very long day!I noticed Booza andGreazzy signed in atrail book and wereahead of me!I was determined tocatch up to them.I hiked until 10 pmthis day, making sureto stop at all the hutsfor free food!
    135. 135. Day 106, Lakes ofthe clouds hut, 17milesWe did a work forstay here, and had awonderful dinnerAn extremelybeautiful place withastounding views!
    136. 136. Day 107, PikhamNotch, 14 MilesStayed with the AMCmaintenance crewPlaying “Nails” agame of considerableskill invilvingflipping a hammer inthe air then in onemotion, catching thehammer and strikingyour opponents nail.
    137. 137. Day 108, Gorham,21 MilesOut of thePresidential range!Staying at the Whitemountain Hostel, thebest stay of my trip!The owners areawesome!
    138. 138. Day 109, Zero Day!I decided to zerohere!Floated down a riverEnjoyed dinner withtheir familyMet some nicesection hikers
    139. 139. Day 110, full gooseshelter, 21 milesMaine!!!A very hard long day!Caught the sectionhikers that left theday before.
    140. 140. MaineMost of the Appalachian Trail in Maine is not recommended for novice hikers; Maines 281miles are generally considered the most difficult of all fourteen states. Even the strongesthikers may average only one mile an hour in some parts. Other parts require grabbing ontotree roots and limbs to climb or descend, and are especially slippery and hazardous in wetweather.Lakes, streams, and bogs abound. While that makes moose and loons common sights, italso makes for muddy treadway and many fords of mountain streams. Some of thesefords—notably the Kennebec River—can be difficult and potentially life-threatening whenwater is high. When streams run high in the spring or after heavy rains, often the onlyoptions are waiting for them to subside or back-tracking and finding a road to follow—ifone exists!.
    141. 141. The 281 miles in Maine can be roughly divided into three segments:The eastern section, sometimes called "the Hundred Miles" between Katahdin andMonson, comprises disconnected mountains, lakes, ponds, streams, and forest. While theeastern section has a flatter profile than other parts of Maine, it has special challenges. Themountains are relatively low, but present some very rugged climbs. Stream crossings herecan be tricky—even life-threatening—in high water. Resupply is scarce in this isolated butheavily used area.The central section, between Monson and the Bigelow Preserve, features a short, ruggedstretch followed by some of the least strenuous hiking in Maine and a crossing of the widestunbridged river along the Trail, the Kennebec. A free canoe service ferries A.T. users acrossthe Kennebec River and is the Trails official and historic route; fording the river is extremelydangerous, because the water level can rise rapidly and without warning.The western section is an area of extremely steep, 4,000-foot mountains, arguably thetoughest part of the entire A.T. It includes the notorious mile-long boulder scramble ofMahoosuc Notch.Organized groups can reduce their chances of arriving at already-crowded sites bycontacting the local trail clubs about group voluntary registration programs
    142. 142. Day 111, Frie notchlean-toMahoosicNotch, consideredthe hardest mile onthe trailSnow is found hereyear roundIt took me 2 hours tocomplete this 1 milesection.I found it very fun!
    143. 143. Day 112, 15 MilesPine Ellis HostelI am starting to seeSouthbundersregularly,The trail isextremely difficult
    144. 144. Day 113, Swiftpond camp, 22milesBeen by myself for afew days now.I met a hiker named“You Again”
    145. 145. Day 114,Spaulding mtnlean toI catch up withButters, Brillo andBoulder ! I haventseen them sinceDncannon PA.I steal a southboundmonkey and take itnorth!
    146. 146. Day115, Stratton, 14milesRain all day! I leaveearly to get intotown before noon.We all stay at thestranton Hostel.Greazzy, Booza,Butters, YouAgain,Boulder, Brillo
    147. 147. Day 116, Zero dayRain again all day, Idecide to zero hereas hiking in the raindoes not soundappealinng.
    148. 148. Day 117, Littlebigelow mtn, 15milesHard day, very rockyThis Grouse wasfollowing me for along time.I have hiked over 200miles, and my clothesare starting to fallapart.The fords were veryhigh and I almos gotswept away, myphone got drenched!
    149. 149. Day 118, Piercepond, 17.7 milesI went for a swimArranged for a nicebreakfast tomorrowat a hunters lodgeclose to the trail.A NOBO Hikernamed Parksidedrowned in the lakea week prior to myarrival.
    150. 150. Day 119, Moxiebald lean-to, 23milesLong dayThe fords wereterrible, very highwater.Very hot as well,Shelters are full ofsouthbounders
    151. 151. Day120, Monson, 18MilesMet up with Grezzyand Booza again.Met Butters and crewas well,I Borrowed a car toget into town
    152. 152. Day 121, 15miles, long pondstream shelterI got a very late starttodayShuttled people toand from the trailheadSaid goodbye toButters and crewI decide to stick withGreazzy and Boozathrough the 100 milewilderness onaccount of all thefords.
    153. 153. Day 122, CarlNewman Shelter,21 milesPacked shelter, lotsof Hikers and groupsout to complete the100 mile wilderness.
    154. 154. Day 123, cooperbrook falls shelterFull shelterGood place to swim
    155. 155. Day 124, Wadleighstream Lean-to, 22milesFull shelter, and fullcampground.This will be the lastshelter I stay in.
    156. 156. Day 125, RainbowLedges, 17 milesDecided to campherePicked some wildblueberriesHave a great view ofKatahdin in thebackground.
    157. 157. Day 126 GoldenRoad, 6 milesCamping heretonight, as I amahead of schedule tomeet family.Drink lots of beerGreat views ofKatahdin
    158. 158. Day 127, KatahdinstreamCampgroundI meet Bec andKristenMom and Davesurprise me!We eat lobster withGreazzys parents!
    159. 159. Day 128, KatahdinThe end of thisjourney, And what ajourney it was, Everyday was special andnew, trying andrewarding, fulfillingand perspective.Live Simply andSimply Live!