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PR Presentation

  1. 1. Mehtaj Ahmed - Joseph Alberghina - Ioanna Catsimalis - Kristen Gruenfelder - Thomas Schalk
  2. 2. History of Nintendo
  3. 3. History of Nintendo 1902 - 1933 Mr. Yamauchi started manufacturing the first western-style playing cards in Japan. These were originally intended for export, but the product became popular in Japan as well as the rest of the world. The company was established as an unlimited partnership, Yamauchi Nintendo & Co. 1951 - 1963 The name of the company was changed to Nintendo Playing Card Co. Ltd. The company's consolidated factories were dispersed in Kyoto, Japan. The company changed its name to Nintendo Co., Ltd. and started manufacturing games in addition to playing cards.
  4. 4. History of Nintendo 1977 - 1980 The company developed home-use videogames in cooperation with Mitsubishi Electric: "TV Game 15" and "TV Game 6." The company created a wholly owned subsidiary, Nintendo of America Inc. in New York. 1981 Nintendo developed and distributed the coin-operated video game "Donkey Kong." This video game quickly became the hottest-selling individual coin-operated machine in the business.
  5. 5. Past Campaigns and Products
  6. 6. Nintendo Entertainment System • The NES was released in the U.S in 1985, signified the end of the video game crash • It became an instant classic with games such as Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, and Metroid which gathered a tremendous amount of fans
  7. 7. Super Nintendo Entertainment System • The SNES followed the NES in 1991 • 16 bit console which meant better graphics, game speed and sound • Dealt competitively with the Sega Genesis and ultimately won by outselling the Genesis by about 20 million consoles
  8. 8. Nintendo 64 • The Nintendo 64 release was a marketing success with it’s slogan “Play it Loud” • The 3D worlds were the first of their video game generation and it was a fan favorite with the introduction of Super Mario 64. • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was one of the highest rated video games of all time.
  9. 9. GameCube • Released in 2001, it became first Nintendo console to use disks. • Began in a long term console war between the Xbox, and PlayStation which is still going on today
  10. 10. Wii • The Wii started a revolution in the motion gaming era • Outsold both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 • Connected families together as a party console
  11. 11. Game Boy • The Game Boy was a handheld video game device released in 1989 • In combination with the Game Boy Color they sold 118.69 million units • The most popular games included: Tetris and Pokémon Red and Blue
  12. 12. Game Boy Advance • The Game Boy Advance is the successor to the Game Boy Color, released in 2001 • A flip-designed Game Boy Advance SP came out in 2003, which included a backlit screen and rechargeable battery
  13. 13. Nintendo DS • The Nintendo DS (DS = dual screen) is Nintendo’s best selling handheld gaming system with almost 154 million sold • The bottom screen was a touch screen that included a stylus which would be used for gameplay • Backwards compatible with Game Boy Advanced games
  14. 14. Nintendo 3DS • The most recent installment in Nintendo’s portable game series line, the Nintendo 3DS has been a revolutionary system, being the first and only system with a screen able to produce 3D images without the use of 3D glasses.
  15. 15. Nintendo Today
  16. 16. Current Products
  17. 17. 3DS • Portable game console • Projects stereoscopic 3D effects without glasses • Backward compatability with DS and Dsi games • Competition with PlayStation Vita handheld console • Features include StreetPass, Virtual Console, Miiverse, front facing and rear camera, and application use
  18. 18. 3DS XL and 2DS • Screen is 90% larger • Longer battery life • Greater overall size • Lacks 3D screen • Mono speakers • Slate-like design
  19. 19. 2DS Intentions This was a strategy to broaden the Nintendo handheld market • Cheaper model ($129 vs. $169 or $199) • Targeted at younger users
  20. 20. Current Products (cont.) Wii U Wii
  21. 21. Wii • Home game console • Targets a broader demographic • Wii Remote: pointing device, detects movement in three dimensions • Originally had backward compatibility with GameCube games • Internet connection and Virtual Console
  22. 22. Wii Mini and Wii U
  23. 23. Current Popular Titles
  24. 24. Current Popular Titles
  25. 25. Current Popular Titles
  26. 26. Current Popular Titles
  27. 27. Upcoming Titles
  28. 28. Success of Products
  29. 29. Current Competition
  30. 30. Current Competition • 2.7 million Wii U consoles were sold in the last year • The total number sold since November 2012 is 6.17 million. • In comparison, Sony’s PS4 sold 7 million since November 2013.
  31. 31. Current Competition • The last quarter saw Nintendo sell 310,000 units of its latest console, which is a 20 percent drop on how many were sold in the same period 12 months prior. • Its failure to sell is causing the company to lose money in both Europe and North America, due to a combination of markdowns and poor software sales.
  32. 32. Current Competition The Wii U launch in Japan started strong and quickly declined.
  33. 33. Current Competition Millions of hardware units sold as of April 2014
  34. 34. What is the Wii?
  35. 35. Wii is not just a game console. Wii is a “social and active entertainment that brings the whole family together”.
  36. 36. Why was the Wii successful?
  37. 37. The entertainment  Since it’s family oriented, it provides entertainment for people of all ages.  It brings families together!  The system is interactive and it requires you to move.
  38. 38. The Workout  THE Wii has a Wii Fit game where it allows people to work out by partaking in exercise games.  This allows people to work out through movement and interaction.  This allows people to lose weight and they become healthy and productive.
  39. 39. The Affordability At $129.99, the Wii is very affordable in comparison to the Xbox and the PlayStation 3 (its competitors). XBox which is $299.99 PlayStation 3 which is 399.99
  40. 40. What is the Wii U?
  41. 41.  “It’s an entirely new system that will change the way you experience entertainment.”  It is in HD, can provide more entertainment than the Wii and enhances your television experience.
  42. 42. Why did the Wii U flop?
  43. 43. 1. The Screen  The Wii U allows the player to play with 2 screens, one on the device and the other through their tv. However, the screen on the device was not as powerful as the screen from a cell phone or a tablet.  With the phone/ table providing better game experience, the Wii U did not set apart from the competition.
  44. 44. 2. The Competition  At this point, the competition is the XBox 360 as well as the PS3. So by creating the Wii U, we hoped to be better when it came to the graphics. The graphics were decent however, the customers wanted to buy a system that was more powerful and our competition was..  Nintendo still wants to be known ONLY as a game console while its competition is known not only as a game console, but as a media entertainment as well.
  45. 45. Wii U PS3
  46. 46. 3rd Party Support Decrease  While it is already hard enough to getting the support of a third party, it was even worse keeping it.  Nintendo games are usually not successful therefore third party publishers do not want to provide their games to the company.
  47. 47. The Price. The Wii U costs $300. While the competition consoles costs around $200- $300, their graphics and quality of game console is worth the money (in comparison).
  48. 48. INTRODUCING…
  49. 49. Nintendo U “NU”
  50. 50. What makes it different?  The NU will have some changes to the Wii U.  It would be designed to appeal to the gaming desires of men/women.  It will utilize modern technologies to shine light on old gaming classics as well as new featured games.
  51. 51. Graphics  The graphics on the NU will be much more High Definition than the Wii U.  It would be more graphic and more clear than the visuals of Xbox and PS3.
  52. 52. 3rd Party Gaming With the improvements of the NU (in comparisons to the Wii U) 3rd party publishers will want to provide their games to Nintendo.
  53. 53. Resources   video-games-are-so-popular-amongst-the-general- public/  wii-u-failure-sales-flop_n_4618218.html  Reasons-The-Wii-U-Will-Fail.htm
  54. 54. Specs and Design CPU 8 core processor 2.0 ghz clock speed GPU AMD next-generation Radeon based graphics engine Memory: 8GB GDDR5 Storage size: 500GB hard disk drive, user removable* AV and HDMI output (480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p and 4K support) Input/Output: Super-Speed USBx (USB 3.0) port x2, AUX port x1 Networking: Ethernet x1, IEEE 802.11b/g/n (2.4 GHz only), Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
  55. 55. Specs and Design • Thinner vertically • Light gray top replaced with sleek black or white • Dark gray bottom replaced with rough black bottom • Sharper edges than Wii U
  56. 56. Specs and Design • We are here to win back the gamer with a mature yet nostalgic design • Edgy, akin to the PlayStation 4 or XBOX One
  57. 57. N.U Campaign “NINTENDO, GAME ON!”
  58. 58. Topics and Themes • New slogan: “Game On” • Emphasis on logo in advertising • Nostalgia tactic: original character artwork for lapsed customers
  59. 59. Target Publics • Lapsed Nintendo consumers • Teenagers and young adults, ages 13 – 35 • Parents who once played • Both genders
  60. 60. Key Messages 1. Nintendo is not just for kids 2. Nintendo is contemporary 3. Continue to “Game On” with Nintendo
  61. 61. Tools • Adjust Nintendo World website for the sale of Nintendo merchandise and games • Cable TV coverage: MTV, Teen Nick, and regular networks such as NBC during prime time hours • Continued use of Club Nintendo rewards for registering Nintendo products online • Magazine coverage: Game Informer, Maxim, Playboy • Online advertising: YouTube pre-roll ads for gaming channels (GameGrumps, Pewdiepie, TobyGames, RoosterTeeth, etc.)
  62. 62. Influentials • Jimmy Fallon in advertisements. Will promote Nintendo’s N.U to his audience on The Tonight Show • Reggie Fils-Aime in events at Nintendo World and other promotional activities • 20 year old males and females in commercials to appeal to teenagers
  63. 63. Plans for Promotions • 24 months for entire campaign. • Scheduled events and news releases: • Teaser advertisements • E3 reveal: June, first look at the N.U • Commercials with logo emphasis • Giveaways on America’s Got Talent: to audience members and callers (voters), which encourages voting • Public service announcement for radio, giving N.U systems to family oriented homeless shelters
  64. 64. Plans for Promotions PSA: “The Gift of a Game” Voiced by Thomas Schalk Royalty free background track from
  65. 65. Plans for Promotions The Nintendo website will have an assigned area to answer questions about the N.U, as they do for all current consoles.
  66. 66. Goal of Campaign • Create a console to bring in hardcore gamers • Make Nintendo a personal brand that connects more with the buyer • Establish broader age and gender demographic outside of just children and families.
  67. 67. Goal of Campaign Plan to make up for the losses caused by the failed advertising of the Wii U