Facebook Advertising Guide


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Do you want to reach millions of targeted customers?

Do you want to learn an online advertising system that is more targeted and less expensive than Google AdWords?

Facebook Advertising Guide will show you all you need to know how to create successful Marketing and Advertising campaigns on Facebook.

You will learn how to avoid costly mistakes that can be crucial to your online marketing success. You will also learn how to create great Facebook Pages, Groups, Places, Social Plugins and how to use them to your advantage in your business marketing.

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Facebook Advertising Guide

  1. How You CanReach Millions of Targeted Customers Introduction to the Facebook Advertising Guide DigPublish©
  2. Social Media MarketingFeatured in Chapter 2 What is Social Media Marketing and how you can use it in your business?
  3. Facebook AdvertisingFeatured in Chapter 3 What is Facebook Advertising? What advertising options are available? What are the Facebook Presence Options for your business?
  4. Facebook Advertising CampaignFeatured in Chapter 4 Running your first Facebook Advertising Campaign How to design your Facebook Ads? How to target your Ads? Effective Facebook Ad pricing
  5. Campaign ManagementFeatured in Chapter 5 How to use the Facebook Ads Manager and create & report campaign results.
  6. Effective Landing PagesFeatured in Chapter 6 How to create better landing pages for your Facebook and other online advertising campaigns.
  7. Facebook PagesFeatured in Chapter 7 What are Facebook Business Pages? Creating a Facebook Page for Your Business Advertising your Facebook Page Using Facebook Insights
  8. Facebook OffersFeatured in Chapter 8 What are Facebook Offers? How you can create a Facebook Offer How to use Facebook Offers for your Business?
  9. Facebook News Feed AdsFeatured in Chapter 9 What is Facebook News Feed Advertising? How to create a News Feed Ad for your business? Facebook News Feed Ad samples
  10. Facebook GroupsFeatured in Chapter 10 How to create a Facebook Group? How to advertise your Facebook Group? Using Groups in your business marketing.
  11. Facebook EventsFeatured in Chapter 11 What are Facebook Events and how to use them in your marketing? Creating your first Facebook Event Advertising your Events
  12. Facebook PlacesFeatured in Chapter 12 Creating and advertising your own Facebook Places.
  13. Facebook NotesFeatured in Chapter 12 What are Facebook Notes and how to use them in your marketing? Creating and advertising Facebook Notes
  14. Facebook BadgesFeatured in Chapter 14 Creating your own Facebook Badges.
  15. Facebook Social PluginsFeatured in Chapter 15 What are Facebook Social Plugins and how to use them in your marketing? Creating the Facebook Like button How to use Facebook Social Plugins on your website or blog
  16. Improving Ad PerformanceFeatured in Chapter 16 Learn simple techniques how to improve your Facebook Ad performance. How to write effective Facebook Ads and avoid costly mistakes? Lots of great Facebook Ad samples!
  17. Now You Know You Too Can Reach Millions of Targeted Customers This Book Will Show You How. Facebook Advertising Guide is available here: www.fbag.infoDigPublish©