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UNESCO World Heritage Site
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UNESCO World Heritage Site


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Published in: Education, Technology, Travel
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  • 1. W is Heritage? hat … som ething inherited from the past and valued enough today to leave for the future generations. 什么是古迹遗产? 。。。一些由历史传承和值得为下一代保留的东西。 Source: National Trust of Australia 资料 : 澳洲国民信托会
  • 2. Ge o rg e To wn and Me laka ‘ toric Citie s of the S traits of Malacca’ His UNESCO Wo rld Cultural He ritag e S ite 7 - 7- 2008
  • 3. George Tow W n orld Heritage Site 乔治市 - 世界遗产 Source: Ooi Bok Kim
  • 4. 乔治市 - 世界遗产 BUFFER Zo ne CORE Zo ne 冲缓区 主干区 150.04 ha 109.38 ha A total of 259.42 ha of the historic centre of George Tow has been gazetted as n aW orld Heritage Site 乔治市世界遗产占地 259.42公顷 Source: Goh. HM
  • 5. UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES Cultural S ite Natural S ite Mixe d S ite 文化遗产 自然遗产 混合遗产 Ge o rg e To wn has been validated by the World Heritage Com ittee as a place w unique c ultural as s e ts . m ith 乔治市被世界遗产委员会肯定为一个具备独特文化遗产的地方。
  • 6. CULTURAL ASSETS OF GEORGE TOW N 乔治市的文化遗产 Living Heritage Built Heritage 活文化遗产 建筑遗产 • Local Traditions • Architectural Monuments • Religious Ceremonies • Group of Buildings • Arts & Crafts • Historic Centers • Trades • Cultural Landscape etc. • Musuem & Private Collections etc. • 本土传统文化 • 宗教仪式 • 纪念性建筑物 • 坊间艺术和手工 • 建筑群典范 • 古老生意等等 • 历史地标 • 文化景观 • 博物院和私人珍藏等等 Source: UNESCO and ICCROM. 2003. Introducing Young People to Heritage Site Management and Protection. A Practical Manual for Secondary Teachers in the Arab Religion (Amman: UNESCO and ICCROM). P.8
  • 7. Living Heritage- The way people live their lives in George Tow 活文化遗产,是指乔治市居民在当地的生活方式。 n. Photos: Arts-ED, Ooi Bok Kim, Gwynn Jenkins, Tan Yeow Wooi
  • 8. Built Heritage-Outstanding examples of architecture and settlem patterns in George Tow ent n. 建筑遗产是指乔治市杰出的建筑物和群居方式。 Photos: Arts-ED, Ooi Bok Kim, Gwynn Jenkins, Tan Yeow Wooi