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  • Intro for an exciting event coming up: BYND 2015 – the Global Youth Summit. As you know, the Summit will take place in Costa Rica 9 – 11 September 2013.Beyond-2015 refers to the current efforts in the UN system to lay out the post-MDG sustainable development agenda.One of the main objectives of the Summit is to give youth a platform to shape this agenda…to tell world leaders about the kind of world they want. To give them a voice and the tools to change the world.
  • VISION for Summit: Mobilize youth to join forces and create solutions for social good, enabled through widespread access to information and communication technologies (ICTs).No one needs to tell young people about the importance of ICTs. They are the most avid users of these technologies.Instead, our aim is to mobilize youth to use these technologies to change their world in a positive way. Luckily there are many remarkable youth doing exactly this in different parts of the world. We want to bring change-makers, innovators and entrepreneurs together to share their stories and inspire others.
  • Not a typical UN Summit. Light on protocol, speeches. Focus on skills/capacity building. Interactive format. Workshops. Young leaders playing moderating roles. 500 youth in Costa Rica, but through our partners, we will reach out to many more online. Young people themselves will have an active hand in planning for and leading the Summit. Special invited guests and celebrity speakers will provide inspiration and leadership onsite. Special guests should come prepared to engage with young people in a dynamic and interactive environmentOnline conversation and engagement in the lead up to and during the Summit. Kofi Annan series + crowdsourcing platform. You can contribute your ideas and projects – video, blogs, songs… Mr Annan was in our studio in Geneva just last week for his third dialogue; this one focused on democracy and elections.
  • WHY BYND2015? World leaders are currently setting development goals and priorities that will drive policy making for the next generation. Beyond 2015 refers broadly to the UN and civil society mechanisms that will establish sustainable development frameworks fora post-MDG world. The deadline is 2015. The BYND2015 summit will target this process in highlighting the power of ICTs for development while emphasizing the opinions and recommendations of young people worldwide.It is foreseen that one of the key outcomes of the BYND2015 Global Youth Summit is a short policy statement which encapsulates the key issues and recommendations as identified by a worldwide youth community - to be presented to the UNGA and other fora in NYC in September by President Laura Chinchilla of Costa Rica as well as other high-level supporters.
  • A FULLY DIGITAL EXPERIENCE: BYND2015 Summit delegates will be provided with a hyper-connected environment, as well as the tools, training and mentorship to curate a global conversation around the issues. Social media will break down the event walls, as multiple sites are mobilized in locations around the world to provide content and input from local cultures in local languages on an almost on-going basis throughout the Summit. The event will serve to showcase some of the latest and exciting developments from the ICT sector.500 hyper-connected youth in a dynamic environment. No paper. Mobile app for programme. Real time voting on topics, on site and online.Chance to build their own summit programme. Select their topics, off site visits.Build up through crowdsourcingMultiple sites
  • An interactive programme combines dynamic workshop style formats with offsite visits. Session introductions and wrap-ups to be done with the help of special guests and inspiring mentors who can frame the issues. Different sites tuning in throughout the day providing localised content. Polling to help identify priorities for inclusion in the Summit outcomes.
  • Getahead: Employment; Entrepreneurship;InnovationRespectyourenvironment: Sustainabledevelopment ; Climatechange; EnvironmentalprotectionBe smart, be safe: Cybersecurity; Child online protectionBe healthy: Active living; Lifestyle awareness; Mobile healthChangeyourworld: UN Post 2015 global agenda; Citizenship and governanceCALL TO ACTION FOR UN AGENCIES: Support the flow of content and ideas on the BYND Summit online platform(s) by moderating discussion on your thematic areas and encouraging user engagement. Coordination could be done through young leaders / interns from your agencies. This in addition to onsite support and workshop facilitation in your areas of experience.
  • From mid-July 2013 up until the 09 Sept. 2013 there will be extensive online outreach via social media where young people will be engaged to identify key challenges and to propose and design solutions. In line with the summit, the focus will be on how ICTs can contribute to socio-economic development as well as how young people can make a greater contribution to global policy decision making processes.
  • BYND Summit challenges across each of the 5 summit themes have already been sourced from young people in Geneva and wider afar, from as many diverse backgrounds and nationalities as possible. These provide an initial point of entry to brainstorming ideas and solutions which will eventually evolve into the BYND Summit outcomes.Examples of challenges include: see slide.
  • A timeline between now and the Summit explains the preparatory crowdsourcing methodology in more detail. The exercise is currenly in Phase I which seeks initial feedback on the challenges in their existing form. Depending on feedback we will either proceed with the existing challenges or amend them as necessary. Phase I lasts until 24 July.Phase II will see young audiences providing input to the challenges in the form of solutions and ideas. Other users will be able to critique and vote a particular idea up or down, forcing popular solutions and ideas to the top and helping filter priorities. Thus, solutions will become more focussed, and eventually enter the Summit as groundwork to face further scrutiny. During the Summit, these ideas will meet new ones as workshops and coding sessions focus on addressing the priorities as identified by online youth.Polling and finalization will happen in Phase III which spans the three days of the BYND2015 Summit, from 9-11 September. During this session, participants onsite will lead the online finalization and polling on solutions / priorities which will eventually be reflected in the Summit outcomes. Summit participants will be actively involved in the preparatory process, and have a responsibility to reach out to their communities to generate feedback and engagement. Thus, when they travel to the summit they will have networks at home mobilized and ready to take action. Over the three days, the crowdsourcing activities spanning the previous weeks will be wrapped up and packaged in an intelligible statement that can be communicated with the UNGA.Engagement with the BYND Summit tools will be incentivised through a rewards based system which sees weekly tech give-aways as well as fully funded trips to participate in the Costa Rica Summit.
  • The main ‘community’ page for the Global Youth Summit is on Google+ - this is considered as the main online home of BYND2015 where its community can gather before during and after the Summit. Google+ provides plenty of tools such as video hangouts, blogging, photo essays etc. that allows the community itself to create content and drive the conversation and debate according to their interests.In parallel to this community there will be an online crowd-sourcing platform which will pose specific challenges (developed by the community) within specific time frames. The proposed solutions to these challenges will be voted on and rated by the community and the most popular ones will be included in the final statement.We will use social intelligence online metrics software called Ripple to measure and synthesize the conversation across all platforms. Ripple can provide ‘live’ metrics on what topics are trending etc. While most platforms have their own analytics functions they are not synchronized or compatible with each other so Ripple will be used to integrate findings across all platforms and to filter news from the noise, providing us with an accurate overview of what topics are considered the most important and what solutions are most supported. It is from this system of metrics - that runs underneath the above-mentioned platforms – that we will derive an accurate picture of what young audiences want.
  • Great opportunity for the UN system to work together to consolidate ideas around the issue of youth and ICT.We offer our platforms for your use, to help drive conversations and ideas around the areas of your interest.We will give you the audience, through a dedicated team tasked with reaching out to hubs and sites around the world.Suggestion: process could be driven through interns or networks of young people that your agency has access to. For example, at ITU, many interns are involved in the BYND Summit’s organization through a young people’s advisory board which is responsible for expanding our distributed presence around the globe. Young people on the board are encouraged to reach out to the their networks to drive localized content, and report on outcomes during weekly board meetings. Thus, young people themselves are responsible for driving online engagement, and in consolidating the BYND Summit outcomes.
  • It is now possible for people from around the world to share ideas, work and dream together on a scale we had never imagined before. This is possible by the rapid spread of information and communication technologies.The real actors of this new world are more than a billion connected, inspired YOUTH.Their generation is not limited by the barriers of the past. By distance or borders.They are the leaders of today... NOW.
  • Summit registration opened on 10 June. Register your team.Thank you for your time.Happy to provide more information.
  • Amb briefing nyc_10_july_v2[1][1]

    1. 1. To change their world using ICTs…. Change-makers. Innovators. Entrepreneurs. Inspire youth.
    2. 2. What is the world they want post-2015 Not a typical UN event Channel for youth to speak to leaders Dynamic and interactive workshop format Extensive use of ICT to extend reach beyond Summit walls
    3. 3. Output linked to UN Post-2015 process UN agency partners in thematic tracks Post-2015 theme of ‘Change Your World’ also overarching them of BYND 2015 Summit Summit output presented the UNGA in September
    4. 4. Summit Wow Factor 500 hyper-connected young leaders in dynamic environment Showcase of ICT for development Build up through crowdsourcing and online engagement Multiple sites – truly global summit
    5. 5. Provisional Programme * Excluding entertainment and special guests programme
    6. 6. The Summit Themes Respect Your Environment Get Ahead Be Healthy Be Smart, Be Safe Change Your World
    7. 7. Crowdsourcing the Summit Outcomes
    8. 8. Sample challenges Get Ahead Question 1: How might we use ICT to help young people develop their entrepreneurial skills and increase youth employment? Question 2: How might we fully integrate ICT training as a fundamental element in our education systems, to improve skills development and capacity building? Change Your World Question 1: How might ICTs help youth involvement in decision making at local, national and international levels? Question 2: How might online identities reshape notions of culture, ethnicity and gender as we understand them, to help bring down barriers surrounding each of these?
    9. 9. 09.09.2013: BYND Summit in Costa Rica 23.09.2013: UNGA in NYC 03.07.2013: 1st BYND Summit advisory group 18.07.2013: 3rd Kofi Annan Dialogue Democracy & elections July August September 10.07.2013: Crowdsourcing goes public 24.07.2013: End of Phase I Phase I: Feedback on the Challenges (2 weeks) Phase II: Solutions / Ideas (6.5 weeks) Phase III: Polling and finalization (3 days) August TBC Dialogue with UNSG’s Special representative Ahmad Alhendawi 15.07.2013: Crowdsourcing Toolkit becomes available August TBC Mobile App launched Internal piloting with Advisory Board
    10. 10. The Summit Tools: Facebook and Twitter: #BYND2015 Web: Google+ Community: Crowdicity: Phase I: BETA until 24.07 Ripple Platform: analyses ‘passive’ social media activity across multiple platforms
    11. 11. Call to Action for UN agencies / comms focal points Mobilize your network(s) of young professionals (i.e. interns) to lead your input to the process Help mobilize input to the crowdsourcing platform Lead discussion on your theme
    12. 12. Why Involve your Young Leaders? Leadership roles in Advisory Group Moderation roles in crowdsourcing Focus on skills and capacity building Debate with Peers and Global Leaders
    13. 13. For more info: