Cloud Slam Presentation April2009


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Presentation for CloudSlam 2009 looking at the cloud landscape and who might win - the large companies or startups? I know the cloud vendor landscape is changing every day, so if you have any feedback on Slide 8 (the cloud landspape), let me know.

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Cloud Slam Presentation April2009

  1. 1. Who will win in the cloud? David or Goliath? Krishna Subramanian Sr Director Sun Microsystems 408.209.9483 1
  2. 2. Computing shifting to the cloud First Wave: Software-as-a-Service, Web 2.0 Legacy New Leaders Infrastructure-as-a-service Market Drivers: -Efficiency SaaS, Web 2.0 -Green Tech -Virtualization -Open-source Storage Internet Servers Enterprise – To: Cloud-based, shared, general-purpose – Shift from existing: – Creates new leaders In-house, dedicated, custom-built Google, eBay, Salesforce, Amazon... apps – SaaS $11B in 2011, 20% CAGR – 1/3 Enterprise spend by 2012 in SaaS – Web2.0 from $24B in ’07 to $40B in ’08 By: Krishna Subramanian 2
  3. 3. Next wave: Cloud computing By 2011, 40% of IT infrastructure will be bought as-a-service - Gartner Merrill Lynch estimates $130B+ market opportunity in next 3-5 years IDC estimates cloud services to grow to $42B in 2012, at 5 times the growth of traditional IT, with a CAGR of 27% Infratructure-as-a-Service Custom Datacenter Custom Datacenter Custom Datacenter Custom Datacenter Custom Datacenter By: Krishna Subramanian 3
  4. 4. What is cloud computing? • Virtualized - drives economies of scale • Elastic - grows & shrinks with your needs • Flexible - offers some pay-as-you-go model, again CapEx to OpEx • Accessible via a network - does not require proximity • Some level of sharing - lower costs either via multi-tenancy, or sharing across departments within a company, etc. ‣ Cloud computing is a paradigm shift, both in technology and business model By: Krishna Subramanian 4
  5. 5. Forecast: Many Clouds... Private/ Public Specialized Clouds Clouds – Elastic datacenters: – Government clouds – e.g. Amazon AWS, Mosso, – e.g. DoD’s cloud Joyent, Flexiscale, etc. – Enterprise clouds – Hosting 2.0 – e.g. Morgan Stanley’s cloud – Geo-specific clouds – Private ecosystem clouds – Platform-as-a-Service – e.g., Intuit Quickbase – Application-specific/vertical clouds By: Krishna Subramnian 5
  6. 6. Cloud Opportunities Software-as-a- Provide apps as a service Service Examples: SalesForce, SuccessFactors, Zoho, etc Platform-as-a- Provide development and runtime environments for cloud apps. Service Examples: Google AppEngine, Provide key hardware/infrastructure elements on demand (e.g. Infrastructure- storage, compute, database, etc) as-a-Service Examples: Amazon, Sun, GoGrid Provide technology to enterprises/cloud service providers to help Supplier them build out one of the above stacks Examples: VMWare, Sun, IBM By: Krishna Subramnian 6
  7. 7. So, who will win? David or Goliath? • Paradigm shifts level the playing field • New architecture requires a redesign for players big and small • New business models require realignment on sales strategies • New markets (e.g. SMB’s, Emerging countries) growing faster than traditional large customer segments • This creates opportunities for new startups • Especially in areas that require specialized expertise/IP, and do not require massive infrastructure buildout By: Krishna Subramnian 7
  8. 8. IT-as-a-service Stack Twine Oco Marketo Ning Bidz Atlassian SpringCM aprimo NetSuite Taleo Google Odyssey Software Igloo SugarCRM thinkFree Google Cognos eBay -aaS HR Social Enterprise Content CRM ERP Mktng ERM Office Mobile Analytics Ntwk. e-com. 2.0 aaS NetSuite Kenexa Eloqua Success MS Live Amazon Amazon Xythos VMWare SalesForce RightNow Factors Intuit Facebook Intaact Sun Coghead Heroku Provisioning Boomi Appirio Zuora Billing HP Ping Bitkoo OpSource (LeCayla*) eVapt IBM Platform-aaS Identity Integration SaaS- Aria Development & Runtime SalesForce Gigaspaces -aaS -aaS Utilities -aaS Google BungeeLabs Conformity Skema Mule -aaS Cloud LongJump Rollbase 10gen Compliance CastIron Inter-cloud BlueStripe Service Securact Integration Hyperic Analytics Provider Kaavo Ylastic PoolParty OpSource CohesiveFT Cloud App Management Rightscale WeoCeo DynamicOps Scalr Enki Enomaly 3Tera Q-Layer Elastra DynamicOps VMOps Provisioning Virtual Datacenter Automation Sun Cloudscale Eucalyptus Infrastructure Non-relational IBM(Aresenal Digital*) as-a- Mosso Microsoft DB Amazon Backup EMC(Mozy*) Service (SSD) (Simple DB) Carbonite Elastra Compute Data-aaS Storage- Zetta Enomaly Joyent -aaS aaS Flexiscale EnterpriseDB Elastra Parascale Parascale Relational- Amazon (AWS) Amazon (EC2) DB StrikeIron Amazon (S3) Nirvanix Rackspace By: Krishna Subramanian Virtualization 8
  9. 9. Cloud: big market, multiple opportunities • Huge market provides opportunities for both large players and emerging startups • Ecosystems currently forming across suppliers to address customer needs • Standards are beginning to emerge, these will play an important role in clouds going mainstream By: Krishna Subramanian 9
  10. 10. Who will win in the cloud? David or Goliath? Krishna Subramanian Sr Director Sun Microsystems 408.209.9483 10
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