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Brand behavior - portable mp3 player by anubhab & krishna - IWSB
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Brand behavior - portable mp3 player by anubhab & krishna - IWSB


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  • 1. Portable MP3 Player
  • 2. Flow of Presentation
    Target Segment
    • Demographics
    • 3. Usage
    Indian Consumer Durable Market
    • Brand Recall
    • 6. Perception
    • 7. Choice of Brand
    Category: Portable Music Player
    Brand Purchase
    • Influencers
    • 10. Purchase Location
  • 11. Section I: THE MARKET
  • 12. Structure of Indian Consumer Market
  • 13. Consumer Durable Market in India
    Y-o-Y Growth of Consumer Durables in India (%-age)
    *Source: Group compilation from sources,,
  • 14. Category-wise Dispersion (2009)
    *Source: Group compilation from sources, ,
  • 15. Ownership of consumer durables by households
  • 16. Trends in Sales: Portable MP3 player
    Number of Units Sold: India
    Y-o-Y Growth in Units Sold(%-age)
    • Average price of portable MP3 players in India in 2009 is Rs. 1100 per unit
    • 17. GAGRunits: 103%
    • 18. Highly competitive market with approximately 100 different brands available including 3-4 leading brands, 15 brands that are well known names of electronics and consumer electronics industry and other local and cheap Asian imports.
    *Source: Group compilation from sources,
  • 19. Market in Developed Countries
    The market in 2010 till September has shown a decline of 12% in unit sales, 7% decline in sales revenue
    Only segment with a slight boom was touch screen mp4 players
    Source: GfK Retail and Technology Global Report, September 1, 2010
  • 20. Brand-wise Dispersion
    • Sony dominates the market owing to the brand equity created by Sony Walkman® (portable cassette player) followed by Apple and Philips.
    • 21. Apple and Sony are the dominant players in Tire1 cities, Sony and Phillips dominates in Tire 2 cities while Tire 3 and Tire 4 cities are more dominated by various cheaper brands.
    *Source: Group compilation from sources,
  • 22. Key Points
    • The Indian economy is growing by 8% (approx), with the increase in disposable income and positive growth in upper-class, upper middleclass and middleclass pose serious opportunity for consumer durables.
    • 23. The sale of consumer durables have reported an average 8.5% growth through out last 4 years with a CAGRvalue of sales as 7%.
    • 24. The Category ‘Portable MP3’ player is a highly fragmented market with nearly 100 different brands available with top 5 brands having 38% of market share.
  • Section II: THE CONSUMER
  • 25. Consumer Demographics
    Based on Age Group
    Age Group
    • The majority of MP3 Player buyer is of the age group 18-40 years, middleclass or upper middleclass, from tire 1, tire 2 cities.
    *Source: Group compilation from sources, /Electronics
  • 26. Ownership of Popular Physical Assets/Durables at Urban Household Level
    *Source: JUXT, Indian Urbanites 2009 Study
  • 27. Motivation Behind Use of Electronic Gadgets
    *Source: JUXT, Indian Urbanites 2009 Study
  • 28. Hobbies and Interest: Urban
    *Source: Marketing Whitebook
  • 29. Frequency of Listening to Music
    Total Listening to Music
    Use of MP3 Players as a Music Player
    Though the average price of Portable MP3 player is presently `1000, its not perceived as an utilitarian product
    *Source: Primary Research
  • 30. Usage of Portable MP3 player
    Place of Use
    Sharing of MP3 Player
    High degree of personal involvement associated with the product
    *Source: Primary Research
  • 31. Attributes of Importance in Choosing a Brand
    High involvement product, ego-centric
    Scale of 1-5, 1 being least important and 5 as most important
    *Source: Primary Research
  • 32. Unaided Brand Recall
    • Apple enjoyed a 100% top of the mind recall
    *Source: Primary Research
  • 33. Brand Perception
    Apple® and Sony® receiving the highest association weight-age and highest brand recall (unaided) again goes on to establish the fact that this category is considered above utilitarian
  • 34. Purchase: Influencers
    Establishes the high dominance of young generation/youth in the purchase of the category
    *Source: Primary Research
  • 35. Point of Purchase
    Accompanied By
    Point of Purchase
    Motive of Purchase
    • Well thought and planned purchase, preference of modern trends and influenced by peer
    *Source: Primary Research
  • 36. Conclusion
    • Product associated with ego and ‘feel good’ factor rather than mundane or utilitarian need
    • 37. High involvement of young generation in purchase and purchase decision
    • 38. Preferred segment is of young and from middleclass to upper middleclass background, from Tire1 or Tire2 cities
    • 39. With the growth of economy Tire3 cities are also opening up as probable customer base
    • 40. Quality and looks being the highly rated attributes in the choice of brand, a certain premium may be charged on price especially in the tire1 and tire2 cities
    • 41. In order to cater to tire3 cities cheaper variants with high design features is a must to beat the competition of cheap Asian imports
    • 42. Marketers Take: Go for High Value mp3 Player with look, style & Design Attributes.