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Ohl project risk register


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Ohl project risk register

  1. 1. OVERHEAD TRANSMISSION LINE PROJECT RISK REGISTER Risk Qualitative AssesmentSL. P*I P*I P*I Risk Area Risk Effect Risk Description Performanc Risk Rank Risk Response Mitigation PlanNO Probability Cost Impact Time Impact Performanc e Impact Cost Time e In such scenario, the review/approval process Changes in approved design Cost, Time, should be made faster. Decision making 1 Delay to project Foundation design changes after approval and commencement of work High High High High 16 16 16 Eliminate Performance should be consistant & faster. Reversal to will affect the progress of work original scope should be avoided. Deviation from the specifications Cost, Time, Introduction of prokon software for foundation design not mentioned in Intoduction of all requirements in the 2 Delay to project High Very High High High 20 16 16 Improve Performance the specification and studying of software and implementation leads to contract specification itself more time and engineering works. Eventhogh in accessible mountains the angle points shall be properly selected with minium Selection Route Alignment with out proper Walk over survey - selection of required details of terrain in between and route from Google Data- Section of Angle points upto 3.0-4.0 m in straight selection of route in such a way to get suitable line in hilly area without analysing the the site geographical conditions tower postiobns which will reduce benching , length of access roads and thereby construction time Due to the incompetency of conatrctors Selection of comptentent project team who is having previous working project team , realistic planning , Corrective action identification of project hazards are not experience in OHL construction in hilly area. happening which are resulting in dealy of project Propoer machinary deployment , allocation of Deployment of sufficient powerful machinaries in work liks access road , Corrective action sufficient work front will enhance the benching and excvation which are the tough civil work in this hilly area. progress of work Most of the activities in foundations are Absence of materials , Tools and plant like form box shutters and chimney Corrective action happening in more days due to shortages of for founadtion work materails Implemenation of user friendly or tailor made Implemenation of user friendly or tailor made design for the easiness of design for the easiness of foundation work foundation work (like hauch and trapezoidal base ) results in incaresed (like hauch and trapezoidal base ) results in preaparatory work which is deaplying completion time incaresed preaparatory work which is deaplying completion time New comments in subsequent revision of single document All the comments to be given in first Cost, Time, 3 Delay to project Passing out new comments in each revision of foundation design may lead High Low Very High High 8 20 16 Eliminate submission and new comments in subsequent Performance to design cycle delay and delay in execution submissions to be avoided Poor Vendor Support Time wasted waiting for response to queries or due to rework arising from Efficient tracking of design Cost, Time, 4 Delay to project assumptions made by the project team in the interim or the vendor Very low High High High 4 4 4 Improve submission/approvals.Interim changes in Performance reluctant to accepting the change request due to deviation in client design requirements to be avoided. requirements. Delay to project & Dependence of External suppliers May Cost, Time, miss milestones waiting for deliverables due to delay in vendor approvals, Adequate control Timely approval of vendors and design. 5 adverse impact in Medium High High High 12 12 12 Performance design approvals and issue of manufacturing clearance measures to be in place Manufacturing clearance to be given in time. project cashflow Non availability of approved materials The Cost, Time, Adequate control Take prior approval of multiple parties based 6 Delay to project approved materials will not be readily available or approved vendor may Very low High High High 4 4 4 Performance measures to be in place on their availabilty. fail to deliver due to some reasons Change in the original route Bestowing of approved route during site Cost, Time, Delay to project and The changes in original tender route and line passing through high hilly 7 Very High Very High Very High High 25 25 20 Eliminate handing over or properly estimating the Performance huge cost impact terrain due to objection from Municipality or objection of locals or due to possible route during tender stage itself. line passing through eco-torism zone Scope Variations Scope variations in the interim should be Delay to project & Conscious decision to Cost, Time, More than 20% increase in the BOQ quantity for activities like benching, maximum avoided.In case of scope variations 7 adverse impact in Very High Very High Very High High 25 25 20 accept impact Performance tower supply due to change in original route may adversely affect the it should be recorded and tracked for project cashflow contractually project execution proporationate time and cost implications Difficulty in manual survey Adoption of LIDAR survey in such terrain Cost, Time, 9 Delay to project Difficulty in the conventional manual survey due to hilly terrain conditions High High High High 16 16 16 Improve where manual survey is possible to save time Performance or non-accessability to locations and cost Damage in access road due to rain The Cost, Time, access road to reach the locations may get damaged due to heavy rain Application for insurance for such roads10 Delay to project Medium High High High 12 12 12 Corrective action Performance affecting the subsequent activities like benching,foundation etc inturn which can be claimed under natural calamity affecting the overall project schedule On transit material risk The Application for insurance in advance and Cost, Time,11 Delay to project possibilty of material may get lost or damaged on transit of materials from Medium High High High 12 12 12 Corrective action procuring materials through air fright to avoid Performance source port to destination port time delay Delay to project & Strictly follow the HSE rules,statistics to be Cost, Time, HSE Non compliance Adequate control12 adverse impact in Low Low Very Low Low 4 2 4 maintained regularly. Approved HSE plan Performance Non compliance may cause loss of manhours and damage to environment measures to be in place reputation should be strictly implemented Cost, Time, Availability of Resources Resource planning to be done at different13 Delay to project Low Low Medium Low 4 6 4 Improve Performance Resources constraints will affect the project milestones stages of the project Project control procedures to be Cost, Time, Project Controlling implemented and MIS reports to be be14 Delay to project Low Low Low Low 4 4 4 Improve Performance Project control procedures may not be adequate. generated for monitoring the project parameters. Proper tracking system has to be adopted and Cost, Time, Site Inspection tracking The inspection request15 Delay in starting activity Low Low Low Low 4 4 4 Improve responsible QA/QC engineer ahs to be given Performance given for consultant/client for activities may get missed or delayed responsibility Allocating only 2m working space for benching activities in hilly terrain Cost, Time,16 Delay to project The space constarint in tower locations may affect painitng activity in Very High High High High 20 20 20 Improve The painting has to be done after erection Performance gorund itself Page 1 of 1