Preparation of a White paper on the development of Ayurveda


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A round table discussion with Health secretary at KINFRA Kuratty, Thrissur

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  • Good effort Dr ! Keep the spirit going. Including Ayurveda in school syllabus is one of the best ways to ensure a healthy tomorrow. Sports Medicine is an excellent area that has to be explored well. Yoga should become a part of every Indian's daily routine. In spite of having such a scientific and practical medicine like Ayurveda, it is a pity to see a poor India in terms of health. India can bade good-bye to lifestyle and other disorders provided the Modi govt is made known the depth of the Indian System of Medicine, the best of all, AYURVEDA.
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  • Thanx manu
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  • Great!!!! Congraaaats!!!
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Preparation of a White paper on the development of Ayurveda

  1. 1. Aim Universal Health care----Use Ayurveda as Kerala Brand Uplift from Indigenous to Integrated. Approval as National Medical System. Use Panchakarma treatment for the holistic health of commonman
  2. 2.  ISM DeptProvides primary healthcare to commonman in Kerala (Grass root level)119 hospitals768 dispensaries .May be only Ayurvedic institution which providesfresh kashayam without preservative even in thisera.
  3. 3. No mentioning in Health policy draft – how toPromote the dept.No referal system—Thaluk level orblock level hospitals are less
  4. 4.  Research and Documentation Lack of Manpower Four staff in one dispensary Comparison with PHC which containsminimum 25 staff.In the existing Public health care systemAyurveda should be incorporated
  5. 5. Balamukulam---Catch them youngImmuno modulatory effects of Indukanthamgritha is proved in studies conducted byGACT in assosiation with RCC.Just like use the possibilities of Ayurveda inrecurrent respiratory tract infections,skindiseases,digestive problems etc.As per WHO guidelines it is better to reducethe maximum use of antibiotics.
  6. 6.  DM HTN Dyslipidaemia CAD Liver disorders PCOD etc. YOGA----Start yoga centrs in every Ay dispensary-But not even one word mentioned in Policy draft.
  7. 7.  Communicable diseasesPopularisation of medicines like Aparajithadhoopam, Bio insecticides,Seasonal habits astold in In Swasthavritha etc.
  8. 8.  Pre natal and Post natal careIntegrating with the existingmodalities which will be much beneficialfor public Geriatrics Palliative care Health calender which includes all healthyfood habits , Dinacharyas, Rithucharyas etc.
  9. 9.  ISM infrastructure can be utilised. Care Keralam can initiate widespread cultivation,collection etc. with the help of medicinal plantboard.
  11. 11.  TOURISM Start speciality centres in Dist Centresconsidering foreigners Curative Rejuvinative.
  12. 12.  Quacks ---Effective measures neededGive permission to DMO to enquire on acomplaint and to advise Police dept and medicalcouncil for proper action.Proper awareness among public is needed.Specific Medicine based and false Advertisementsshould be banned.
  13. 13.  NEED of AYUSH dept 96 crores for ayurveda in haryana Kerala-only 14 crores-7 for oushadhi,1/2 for medicinal plantboard, remaining for Ayurveda (Including salaries)Even Sreelanka is having an Ayurveda Dept anda Minister for it. When an IAS cadre man is there to controll, the whole scenario will changedrastically.
  14. 14.  Need of RCC, Sreechitra model institutionsrather than Ayurvedic resorts. Documentation and validation---Propagation ofthese therapeutic procedures—Both have to go inparallel way. E-ISM—developing softwares.
  15. 15.  Need of Intense Training / CMEsFor taking effective public classesFor preparing projectsFor Inculcation of modern culture in diagnosis and treatment.For introducing modern innovationsAnd also for not diluting Ayurvedic basic principles.
  16. 16. Leading manufacturing companies should spend apercentage for research-mandatory for licence renewal.They shall help the dept in conducting speciality Ops likeThyroid clinic, diabetic clinic etc.The custom of stopping the manufacturing ofSpecific classical products is not good to the future ofsystem.
  17. 17. NEED of Inclusion of Ayurvedic Culture andprinciples in School syllabus-----which will be helpfull in all aspectsin long run.
  18. 18.  Inclusion of Ayurvedic Treatments inInsurance coverage Incorporating Ayurveda in Agriculture andVeterinary fields.
  19. 19.  Ayurveda is not a private property of Ayurvedic people It is the duty of each Indian to propagate it. An Intellectual group of Efficient professionals fromvarious field have to work together in administrative,project implementation, andin all aspects which will propagate Ayurveda globally.
  20. 20. Whole world is looking Ayurveda as an effectivealternative system, Quality people should come toAyurvedic field. For that the social status of ayurvedicpeople should be in par with counterparts in pay & perks.NHP 2002 on ISM&H ,The states would be encouraged to consolidate the ISMinfrastructure and raise the salary/professional status ofISM Practitioners to encourage inflow of talent andenhanced work culture.