Krishna Leela Series - Part 47 - Krishna the Ranachora
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Krishna Leela Series - Part 47 - Krishna the Ranachora



Krishna Leela Series - Part 47 - Krishna the Ranachora

Krishna Leela Series - Part 47 - Krishna the Ranachora



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Krishna Leela Series - Part 47 - Krishna the Ranachora Krishna Leela Series - Part 47 - Krishna the Ranachora Presentation Transcript

  • Krishna BhaktiSangha Presents
    Krishna Leela Series
    Krishna, the Ranachora
  • Recap…
    Muchukunda burns Kalayavana to ashes
    Girnar mountain - Muchukunda cave
    View from Damodarkund
    Junagad - Saurashtra
  • Trees and humans far reduced in size
    Age of Kali had approached
    Set out for Gandhamadan mountain
    In Badrikashram he worshipped Krishna
  • Krishna fought with soldiers of Kalayavana
  • Jarasandha attacked Mathura 18th time with 23 akshauhinis
    Krishna left the battlefield to attend to some urgent matter
    Pretended to be afraid
    Walked a long distance with
    His soft, lotus feet!
    To attend to a confidential letter
    Displayed supermostoppulence
    A demon always tries to measure the opulence of Krsna, whereas the devotee never tries to measure His strength and opulence, but always surrenders unto Him and worships Him.
    The Lord became famous as RanchorRaiji!
  • Dakor
    Original dwarakadhish
    Opulently served in
    56 offerings at noon
    Darling of the village
    Sri Rancchodraiji
  • To mitigate fatigue They climb a high mountain
    Jarasandha tries to search out Krishna
    Set fire to mountain peak to kill Them
    Krishna & Balaram jumped 88 miles (464640ft)
    Jarasandha concluded They were burnt to ashes
    He then left Mathura and went back to Magadha
    Krishna Balaram reach Dvaraka
  • Lord Balaram marries SrimatiRevati
    Kukudmi goes to Brahmaloka
    Gandharvas perform for Lord Brahma
    Who is a suitable match for Revati?
    Lord Brahma laughs
    Lord Balaram is the best match
  • Lord Krishna marries SrimatiRukmini
    Daughter of Bhishmaka of Vidarbha
    Lord Krishna is Supreme Lord Vasudev
    Rukmini is the Godess of ForturneLakshmi
    Radha and Krishna simultaneously expand
  • Eight kinds of Vedic marriages
    Brahma – Groom family looks for a bride
    Daiva – Bride married to a priest
    Arsha – Bride married to old sage in
    exchange for two cows
    Prajapatya – Bride family looks for a groom
    Gandharva – Love marriage
    Asura – Groom not suitable but gives wealth
    Rakshsa – Defeats bride family in battle and
    kidnaps bride
    Paishacha – Bride is seized against her wish
    Ruciranana snatched away by Krishna
  • They do not reject even a drop
    Krishna’s activities are transcendental being on absolute platform
    Devotee does not make a distinction between bellicose and friendly activites
    Prakrtasahajiyas are interested in only rasa-lila pastimes
    Relished by submissive aural reception
  • Story of Krishna’s marriage with Rukmini
    King Bhishmaka had 5 sons and one daughter
    Received may great sages, like Narada Muni
    Thus Rukmini obtained information about Krishna
    She surrenders just by hearing of His six opulences
    Krishna wanted her as His wife for her qualities
  • Despite everyone’s desire Rukmi arranged her marriage with Sisupala
    Rukmini was morose but decided to send a message to Krishna
    She selected a truthful brahmanaand sent him to Dvaraka
  • Brahmanareceived by Lord Krishna
    Krishna gave him His golden throne
    Worshipped him like the devas worship Krishna
    After his meals, when he was resting Krishna
    massaged his feet
    Enquired whether he was peaceful in mind
    A brahmanashould be self-satisfied, never disturbed
    Even Indra has to transmigrate
    A brahmana never takes job of shudra
    Respected brahmanas & vaishnavas
  • Rukmini’s love letter
    Just by hearing about You material pangs subside
    You have captivated me and stolen my heart
    I dedicate my life and soul at Your lotus feet
    Please accept me as Your wife and take me away
    You could kidnap her from the Durga temple
    She knew even Lord Siva tries to obtain His favour
    She desired to perform severe austeries life after life
    Her marriage with Sisupalawas fixed for next day
    Please do something immediately!
  • Chant and be Happy