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Grammar editing

  1. 1. Company nameMr. Kamlesh Joshi
  2. 2.  Edit the underlined parts of the text.I called five boy on the compound butthey did not come. A gentlemen cameand informed me about those girl whowere sitting near that ladies. She wasstanding on one benches.
  3. 3.  Boys are.. I am .. She has.. I have.. I do not … She does not .. We are .. Ami goes .. We go ..
  4. 4.  Edit the underlined part of the text.Generally I does not drive vehicle atnight. She have a scooter and shealways drive at night. It is not good. Shedon’t know the troubles which one haveto face during night time.
  5. 5.  Edit the underlined parts of the text.Yesterday I go to Agra. I seen the Taj.It is beautiful. Before you call me,I returned from there. I go there againnext week.
  6. 6.  Edit the underlined part of the textA Ramayan is the epic. It is one of abest holy books. Lord Ram crossedan Arebian sea and went to Lanka.What an great man he is !
  7. 7. • On – overOn – over• Under – belowUnder – below• Behind – besideBehind – beside• In – intoIn – into• Out – out ofOut – out of• To – towardsTo – towards
  8. 8.  fill in the blanks with correct words.There is a book ____(on, over) the table.The table is ___(near, besides) the chair.A box is ____(below, under) the table.Ajay enters____(in, into) the class andcalled the boys standing ____(out, out of).
  9. 9.  Edit the underlined parts of the textI am Sohan. This is me school.These books are our. We clean ourschool our self. She is Sanjana.They are his friends. They do theirswork.
  10. 10.  Many – muchMany – much Few – a fewFew – a few Little – a littleLittle – a little Each other – one anotherEach other – one another Between – amongBetween – among Each – allEach – all Since – forSince – for All – noneAll – none
  11. 11.  Fill in the blanks with correct wordsAs Raja was new here, hehas____________(a little, a few) friends.He distributed clothes (between,among) his friends. (Each, All) of themhas _______ (many, much) clothes. Theyhelp_____(each other, one another)
  12. 12.  Fill in the blanks with correct wordsI met a musician (who, whom) youknow. His sister is in U.S.A. (but, or)he cannot go there. (Because, Because of) hispoverty he stays here ( and, so)plays music. He is happy (though, therefore)he will never go.
  13. 13.  Fill the blanks with correct wordsHardly had I seen him (than, when)I informed you. He has (so, thesame) dress (as, that) you wear. Heis proudly so I (either, neither)called him (nor, or) listened tohim.
  14. 14.  QuietQuiet quitequite PiecePiece peacepeace WholeWhole holehole FormForm fromfrom AcceptAccept exceptexcept LeaveLeave livelive DearDear deerdeer PlacePlace palacepalace
  15. 15.  Fill the blanks with correct words.(Dear, Deer) friends, it is (quite,quiet) possible that you won’t comethis (palace, place) again.So (live, leave) here(piece fully, peacefully).
  16. 16.  Fill in the blanks with correct words._____(Till, When) I reached to the school,I _____(find, found)_______(that, why) oneof the ______(cleverer, cleverest)students______(have, had) failed.It _______(will inform, will be informed) tohis parents.
  17. 17.  Fill in the blanks with correct words.Science____1___technology have played ____2__important ____3____in the field of health care.____4___diseases can be cured now___5____inventions of different medicines. Any kind ofsurgery can be easily carried___6___ with itshelp.
  18. 18. 1. [A] end [B] and [C] but [D] or2. [A] a [B] the [C] an [D] non3. [A] role [B] roll [C] rule [D] roal4. [A] much [B] little [C] many [D] less5. [A] instead of [B] because of[C] afraid of [D] in spite of6. [A] on [B] for [C] to [D] out
  19. 19.  Fill in the blanks with correct words.There was a ten years old boy namedBadri__1____ was very fond of an apple tree. Heused to spent__2____hours playing__3___thetree and sitting on__4___branches. The tress alsohad a great linking for the boy__5____it allowedhim to do ___6___ the boy liked to do.
  20. 20. 1. [A] whose [B] who [C] whom [D] if2. [A] much [B] any [C] little [D] many3. [A] near [B] over [C] to [D] from4. [A] it’s [B] their [C] its [D] his5. [A] so [B] with [C] because [D] or6. [A] whenever [B] whatever[C] however [D] wherever
  21. 21. Mr. Kamlesh Joshi