Cpd ch 6 embarking the journey


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Cpd ch 6 embarking the journey

  1. 1. Embarking on the Journey toContributorship Group No.8 Thakkar Sagar Patel Vivek Jaydeep Undhad Parth Shah Vaibhav Vaghasiya
  2. 2. Embarking on the Journey to the Contributorship First step : From “Victim” to “Creator of my own destiny” Second step: Being the willingness to take full responsibility for one‟s own development Third Step: Being the Capacity to reflect on one’s development and making appropriate modifications
  3. 3. Victims Vs Contributors Victims ContributorsBelieve circumstances are more Believe that they as human beings,powerful than they are can shape the circumstances they are inLive in the comfort of the known Willing to fail and grow beyond the knownConstantly blame others for their Take responsibility for their ownCircumstances or problems problems and solvesDepend upon others to find Rely on themselves and their ownanswers for them solutions(instead of waiting for others to find answers)
  4. 4. Embarking on the Journey toContributorship From “Victim” to “Creator of my own Destiny” one should come out form his “comfort zone”. Victim:  Do not try new things.  live in the comfort of the known. contributor :  try the new things.  Willing to fail and grow beyond the known.
  5. 5.  Contributors are willing tostep out of their “comfort zone”and try out new things Prabhu Kastoorirajan isa actor. His screen nameis Dhanush . although he is a actorbut he try new thing , hesing a song which iswritten by him self.He come out his comfortzone and do the thing inwhich he is notprofessional. the song written andsung by him is becomevery popular and everyone give him praised him.
  6. 6. Contributors face challenges(instead of ignoring them or runningaway from them)6th Feb,1958Manchester UnitedFootball teamreturning from Serbiafaced disastrous plancrash in Munich21 of the 44 onboard aircraftdied & 8 of themwere teamplayers
  7. 7. OR as a Non ContributorOne Can Pile up theReason for theirproblems or defeats onsomeone else insteadof looking themistakes they haddone.
  8. 8. Contributors Choose to fill ownlife with „meaningful’ and „fulfilling’activities Kim clijstersA one of the Best Professional Tennisplayer has won 11 grand slams in Singlesand 4 titles in Doubles.
  9. 9. In 2006 Kim announced her engagement withbasketball player Brian Lynch. And with Someinjury Problems and family issues She retired in2007.After One year She gave birth to a baby.
  10. 10. After giving birth to Childshe didn’t give up hertennis carrier.She came back inProfessional Tennis in2009.After returning to the Prof.Tennis She won USOPEN(i.e. twice in 2009and 2010)Won Championship in2010
  11. 11. Lance ArmStrong
  12. 12. Lance Armstrong – A former Americanracing cyclist won TOUR DE FRANCErecord seven consecutive times afterhaving survived from Testicular Cancer And Yuvraj Singh is also fightingagainst the Cancer
  13. 13. Contributors Rely onthemselves, instead of waiting forothers to solve their problems APJ Abdul Kalam used to work as news paper Distributor to financially support his family.
  14. 14. Now from his Hard work and ambitions he hasbecome the Space Scientist and also serve India asex-President
  15. 15. ConclusionSo we‟re trying to sell you all is that All the major contributors in present or past have gone through many obstacles but and every time they had to chose between two roads and they chose “Not To Give UP” And this is what makes them special. SO here we can Conclude that these people to gain the title of “Contributor”had to go off books or syllabous