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Ramayana - Core Value Proposition
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Ramayana - Core Value Proposition

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I notice that a lot of these executive/manager types have forgotten the glory of our epics. So I have attempted to distill the core value proposition of the Ramayana in a format managers will find......

I notice that a lot of these executive/manager types have forgotten the glory of our epics. So I have attempted to distill the core value proposition of the Ramayana in a format managers will find friendly

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  • Can′t decide if this is hilarious or scary - I can actually imagine a Ramayana presentation like this in all earnest. The best (worst?) part is at one level it fits so coherently, despite the BS. Very nicely done! -gauri
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  • 1. Ramayana Core Value Proposition and Synergy Positioning deck PS: Ramayana is RSS-enabled (and enabling)
  • 2. Dasaratha Dasaratha had embraced three plug-and-play, but non-value-adding relationships
  • 3. As-is Family Architecture Kausalya Dasaratha Sumitra Kaikeyi
  • 4. Children After a Yagna, He eventually synergized best- of-breed children by touching base and leveraging those relationships
  • 5. To-be Family Architecture Kausalya Kaikeyi Sumitra • Rama • Bharatha • Lakshmana • Shatrughana
  • 6. Training methodologies Vishwamitra wished to harness Rama and Lakshmana’s core competencies of efficient risk management against demonic showstoppers
  • 7. Elevate and Pitch Ram had to articulate his core value proposition by impressing key stakeholders with leading edge bow-lifting skills
  • 8. Knowledge Management Kaikeyi exploited her knowledge base of lessons learnt, best practices and boons to initiate a paradigm shift in the legacy inheritance architecture by demanding Rama’s proactive, seamless migration out of the loop
  • 9. Two Tier Boon Model • Leadership position for Boon1 Bharatha • Rama to transition to Forest Boon2 • Effort = 14 person years
  • 10. Surpanakha Offering Surpanakha envisioned a win-win, value-added partnership with Rama as she considered him to be a strategic fit, but Rama recontextualized that relationship with his cutting-edge action item to deliver a loosely coupled architecture involving her body and her nose
  • 11. Status Report to Ravana Surpanakha transitions her knowledge of Sita’s B2B features and robust back-end to her brother thus incubating an impactful desire to seamlessly migrate Sita across silos
  • 12. Ravana’s project plan Ravana arranges for an attractive front-end deer covering a back-end demon to entice Sita to go across organizational boundaries
  • 13. Three Tier Kidnap architecture Deer UI Rich Experience High Desirability Asura Middleware Flexibility Customizability Lanka Backend Ashokavana Storage High security
  • 14. Proposal presentation Ravana articulated his core value proposition and positioned his rich, compelling ROI in order to gain Sita’s mindshare
  • 15. Targeted Search Hanuman, after impressing Ravana by leveraging reusable components to build a chair for himself, then harnessed long-tail effects to use a distributed architecture to efficiently transition fire across Lanka
  • 16. Offshore development Rama built a skill-based social network of robust primate resources and leveraged Jataayu’s knowledgebase to conduct a gap analysis prior to initiating a project to build components to close those gaps.
  • 17. Case Study The bridge project is a case study of a successful harnessing of collective intelligence and large scale, emergent, collaborative, network effects to use small, loosely coupled reusable components to bridge key requirement gaps.
  • 18. Case Study-Bridge project Lanka Bid Daddies Junior Simians Squirrel Monkey Strength India Lots of Rocks Leadership
  • 19. Bridge Process Pick Chant Search Drop Float
  • 20. Case Study-Bridge Project Reality Rama
  • 21. Kumbhakarna Design  Ravana attempted to harness his legacy, large, monolithic, inflexible sibling to unleash radical change but with severe time-to-market challenges, this strategy did not scale well
  • 22. Defect Management  Causal analysis of Lakshmana’s showstopper revealed the need to harness H(an)uman capital to deliver rapid defect fixes using the Sanjeevani framework
  • 23. Sanjeevani Framework Buy one, get mountain free Multi-purpose drugs Himalayan purity
  • 24. End-to-End B2C At the end of the day, Rama deployed next generation, B2C (Brahmastra To Ceylonese) components to deliver killer performance
  • 25. Risk Mitigation As part of risk mitigation initiatives and complacency-avoidance strategies, Sita underwent extensive end-to-end firecall testing and assessment to uncover potential, mission-critical infidelities
  • 26. Closing the feedback loop But subsequent Social media buzz analytics and ballpark image metrics revealed a potential risk in the maintenance of Indian Male Ego, thereby leading Rama to envisioneer a separation of concerns for both of them
  • 27. Please do the needful and revert back with any concerns to jalsa.jilpa@gmail.com