Bali Climate Conference Comparative Media Analysis (By Kris Haamer)

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Comparative analysis of media coverage of the Bali Climate Change Confence

Comparative analysis of media coverage of the Bali Climate Change Confence

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  • 1. Climate Change Reporting Bali: Climate Conference By Kris Haamer
  • 2. Bali: Climate Conference December 2007, Bali island • Biggest climate change conference • Expected successor to the Kyoto Protocol to tackle global warming • Involves 180 countries
  • 3. Bali: Climate Conference
  • 4. Bali: Media CoverageHow much media coverage in 5 countries?• France • Argentina• United Kingdom • Estonia• United States• Includes 3 top newspapers from every country + Global media
  • 5. Bali: Media CoverageFrench media, stats Dec. 07:• Int. Herald Tribune (en) 58• Le Monde 46• Les Echos 33 Total reports: 137
  • 6. Bali: Media CoverageFrench media headlines:• Int. Herald Tribune, Dec 17: “Disappointment in Bali”• Le Monde, Dec 10: “Le réchauffement climatique pourrait déclencher une ‘guerre civile mondiale’” – trans: Global warming could trigger a ‘global civil war’
  • 7. Bali: Media CoverageFrench media conclusion:• Extensive coverage• In depth• Factual reports accompanied with opinion from different parties• Some use of scaremongering
  • 8. Bali: Media CoverageBritish media, stats Dec. 07:• The Daily Telegraph 61• The Independent 47• The Times 25 Total reports: 133
  • 9. Bali: Media CoverageBritish media headlines:• The Daily Telegraph: “World powers to agree Bali climate treaty ”• The Independent: “Bali Conference: World unity forces US to back climate deal”, “Bali talks critical in battle to stop planet warming”
  • 10. Bali: Media CoverageBritish media conclusion:• Extensive factual coverage• Many opinion-pieces• Some newspapers take sides
  • 11. Bali: Media CoverageUnited States media, stats Dec. 07:• USA Today 27• New York Times 22• Washington Post 14 Total reports: 63
  • 12. Bali: Media CoverageUnited States media headlines:• USA Today: “Talks intensify at global climate summit”• NY Times: “At Divided Climate Talks, Consensus That U.S. Is at Fault”
  • 13. Bali: Media CoverageUnited States media conclusion:• High factual coverage• High degree of different opinions• High variance between different sources
  • 14. Bali: Media CoverageArgentine media, stats Dec. 07:• Buen. Aires Herald (en) 19• La Nacion 15• Clarín 8 Total reports: 42
  • 15. Bali: Media CoverageArgentine media headlines:• La Nacion: “EE.UU. obstaculiza un acuerdo climático” – US blocks climate treaty• Clarín, Dec 16: “Bali: vago acuerdo global para combatir el cambio climático” – Bali: vague agreement for tackling climate change
  • 16. Bali: Media CoverageArgentine media conclusion:• Low factual coverage• Almost no commentary or opinion• More coverage in English language newspapers
  • 17. Bali: Media CoverageEstonian media, stats Dec. 07:• Postimees 7• EPL 6• SL Õhtuleht 1 Total reports: 14
  • 18. Bali: Media CoverageEstonian media headlines:• Postimees: Dec. 6 “Eesti ametnikud lähevad paradiisisaarele kliimast rääkima”• Trans: Estonian officials go to paradise island to discuss climate
  • 19. Bali: Media CoverageEstonian media headlines:• EPL: Dec. 8 “Bali saarel otsitakse üksmeelt, kuidas päästa üks planeet. Meie oma”• Trans: Bali island: search for consensus on how to save a planet. Our planet.
  • 20. Bali: Media CoverageEstonian media conclusion:• Low coverage• Fact and opinion not clearly demarkated in reports• No contextualization by informed opinions from scientists, politicians, etc.
  • 21. Bali: Media CoverageGlobal media, reports Dec. 07:• Reuters 39• BBC World 33• CNN Int. 20 Total reports: 92
  • 22. Bali: Media CoverageGlobal media headlines:• BBC: “Key climate summit begins”, “US stalls on carbon targets”, “Dispute blights climate summit”• CNN: “U.S. rejects Bali climate draft”, “Deadlocked Bali talks near end”, “EU, U.S. reach Bali compromise”,
  • 23. Bali: Media CoverageGlobal media conclusion:• Short and precise• Very extensive factual coverage• Use of different media
  • 24. Bali: Media CoverageOverall comparison 140 120 France 100 United Kingdom 80 Global news 60 United States 40 Argentina 20 Estonia 0
  • 25. Bali: Media Coverage lOverall conclusions• More coverage in Europe than in the Americas• Less coverage in Estonia than in Europe, or the Americas• Global media coverage lacks opinion, but more balanced than national media
  • 26. Thank You!