Case Study: Outsourcing in hybrid model


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This case study is about Entellects' capabilities for software services. Entellects has expertise in not only software services but we can also outsource personnel software resources for IT and non-IT companies based on our clients requirements.

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Case Study: Outsourcing in hybrid model

  1. 1. ENTELLECTS INC CASE STUDY: Outsourcing in Hybrid Model
  2. 2. ENTELLECTS INCCASE STUDY: Outsourcing in Hybrid ModelCompany100 people Software Company based in Chicago.IndustrySoftware ServicesAbout Entellects Inc.Entellects provides specialized technology consulting services that expand our customers’ capabilities andcompetitive advantage. Based on a refreshing new platform for delivering talent to the top companies in theworld, Entellects applies proven mechanisms for driving successful outcomes across our consulting and practiceareas. Our resources and expertise in Business Intelligence, Application Services, Enterprise Content Managementand Testing can be deployed in an individual, consulting or outsourced capacity.Within a span of six years from its launch in 2004, Entellects is now well established services technologyconsulting firm located just outside of Chicago, Illinois. From our very first project to the current one we utilizethem as an opportunity for internal learning and challenge to win over. Our approach to consulting is a refreshingexperience that changes the measures of the industry. Entellects strongly believe that ethics and values are theroot of a healthy organization and we practice the same. Client’s satisfaction is our success.Business CaseA software company in Chicago had immediate software development outsourcing need. The company hadrecently undertaken the project, but they discovered they lack many of the capabilities to develop the project.Moreover while moving ahead they discovered that more than a half of the project had to be outsourced to thesome software company that has capability to take it up.The company had option either to instantly recruit up new resources in mass or go for outsourcing to successfullydeliver the project. Other constrained company had to abide was to deliver the project under the monetarybudget and no compromise on their clients data security part.The major part of the project had required lot of Mobile development capabilities and hands on working withcustom control panel in telecom domain. Entellects proposed to implement its Hybrid Outsourcing model withthis company and successfully delivered their outsourcing need.
  3. 3. ENTELLECTS INCNeedsThe outsourcing needs of the company were conspicuously visible. To summarize here we have enlighten some ofthese needs:  Approximately 60% of the scope of the work had to be outsourced.  Mobile Expertise: Expertise in Mobile Application Development along with good experience working with Custom Control Panel was required.  Budget Constraints: Due to budget constraint the development rates had to be cost-effective.  Quick Development: The project had to be developed very fast and despite the involvement of two different development teams.  Persistent Communication & Coordination: It is well needed to employ a model wherein persistent communication can happen between development teams at both ends till the project gets finished. As the projected was divided between us so there had to be good coordination needed, so the project progress should be on track as carved in the start.  Security concerns and trust of local: To avoid legal complications, if any they stumble across in future, the company strongly wishes their outsourcing partner should be a locally registered company.  Post deployment support: The Company wanted a local partner from US. It is so because they can communicate with them about the bugs and issues that may rise after deployment of the software. So clearly here they needed the company to be available locally and can provide post deployment support.Solution – The Hybrid ModelEntellects analysed this business case and even dealt the similar case before where we have employed our welltested hybrid model as outsourcing technique.The implementation of Hybrid Model – Project governing team at onsite and big development team atoffshore:  Entellects worked as team at onsite: We provided the Project Management team including Architects, PMs, Business Analysts and other key people’s collective team at their premises. Hence they collaboratively worked as a team to chart out plan for developing the project. Only the onsite rates of these people had borne by the company and rest of the development work is done through our offshore team in India at very cost effective rates.  Offshore development team in India: To provide cost advantage and quick development we have used our development team based offshore.
  4. 4. ENTELLECTS INC  Coordination between offshore and onsite: Our project governing team at onsite have persistently communicated with offshore team in India to get the work done. And in parallel they also worked to provide interfacing between the on-going works at both ends. This exempted the contracting company from progress concerns going offshore.  Offshore deliverance – not client’s headache: As just said the software company have freed from progress and development activities going ahead at offshore. They just had to look after their own team’s development.Hybrid Model is about employing the blended approach to attain maximum throughput in least cost & it alsobeefs up the complete faith in engagement. The Hybrid approach of resource deployment in onsite + offshore +nearshore model has tested by Entellects with its customers extensively. It has proven to be extremely cost-effective while nurturing the close relation with the needful resources at onsite/nearshore proximity.The Hybrid model not only strengthens the client communication it also nurtures the project implementation.And now here the project implementation has no flaws because of its direct speculation while it was being in thedevelopment phase.
  5. 5. ENTELLECTS INCThe picture associated here depicts our Hybrid model in greater detail and its advantages: o 24/7 productivity – The client get the advantage of 24/7 productivity by having the different teams working onshore and offshore places in accord to their time zones. This result in very fast development cycle of the software in few days with an added advantage of offshore’s low cost rates. o Exemption from offshore progress concerns – Clients feels bliss because they need not be concerned about the on-going development at offshore at all. All the Project Management work is handled by the PMs that reside at the clients place. o Clear vision of project progress – With the PM, Analyst and Architecture design team presence at clients place, client can suggest the enhancements, business needs in the projects. And with frequent meetings, status reports, reviews client feels the transparency and can foresee the outcome as he desired. o Local vendor yet offshore advantages - Clients get the trust of a local vendor yet they enjoy the cost advantage of offshore. o Security & federal laws - Client feels much securer while working with the software vendor residing on their turf. By this they work with the incorporated company which abides to the local laws. o Post Deployment support - The client gets the true post deployment support from the local presence of the vendor. And even more with end user training, fixing bugs detected post deployment, iterative enhancement support etc.Key Issues / challengesThere have been challenges that we had overcome, however it wasn’t on the part of our Hybrid Methodology ofoutsourcing. The factors that affected or the issues we faced during this contractual period, here we enlightenfew of them:  Interfacing with Custom Control Panel: Every-time when it is the Custom Control Panel i.e. except Panel D or C, it takes time to understand and write code to interact with this platform.  Parallel development and testing: Though the project was split-up into modules that either team were working on. But at the end these modules were supposed to be integrated as single software, and it has to be well tested after its integration at different stages while it was evolving. Hence there were iterations going on at both ends which depicts a cycle of development, testing, integration and then testing it again to check if it is working fine.
  6. 6. ENTELLECTS INCResultsThe ultimate result was the project got delivered on time to their client and the client was gratified with qualityand requirements fulfilled that were proposed in the scope of project.The summary of results can be outlined as:  24/7 speedy development: With the offshore development team in India and team at the company site in US caused a speedy development of the project. Because when the US leave for the day unlikely the India is all up and starts running.  Huge Cost-saving: As a result the company gained the advantage of onsite Project Management yet the cost advantage of getting a big offshore team. Big development team and hence the quick development.  No quality or security compromise: As we are the Incorporated company headquartered in Chicago, the company felt much securer to outsource its work offshore yet they felt like it was given to a neighbourhood company on which they can trust on.  Post deployment support: The Post deployment support as discussed above is the added advantage they got from us.  Unburdened management team: The company had not be concerned about the progress of the development going at offshore because it was cared by our team working at their premises to provide coordination and interfacing between the teams of both companies.  Successful on-time delivery: Finally as an outcome the project succeeded to be delivered on time to their client having them happy with quality and functionalities required.