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Topocad for
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The TOP file contains more

As you notice, the TOP file becomes bigger than         Typical GIS
DWG and DGN when you save ...
”We wouldn’t manage without Topocad”

           Joakim Sköld, a survey technician at SVEAB, has           control of qua...
This project is part of the Travel center Uppsala. The work began in February 2006 and is scheduled to finish in
March 201...
Topocad for machine control
and machine guidance
Machine control is used a lot in some of the northern          systems vi...
International training course, June 16-18, 2010!

→ Register at                                      Enjoy Stockh...
Get to know Topocad and all its modules

           What is Topocad?
           Topocad is a CAD system developed for s...
canals, ditches, etc. With this module you can also calculate    Database adapter FDO
surfaces and make a surface check to...
The Topocad history
            In late 1993 Chaos systems was founded, we got a CAD                                   wit...
News in Topocad 12
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• The system files (symbols, line ...
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Topocad magazine april 2010


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Topocad magazine april 2010

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Topocad magazine april 2010

  1. 1. TOPOCAD magaZine SPRING 2010 Topocad for machine control & machine guidance Topocad point clouds and scanning "We wouldn't manage without Topocad" The TOP file contains more Get to know Topocad and its modules News in Topocad 12 The Topocad history
  2. 2. Content Development! 2 Development! 3 The TOP file contains more 4 "We wouldn't manage without Topocad" As you grow older and actually can start to look back in time, 6 Machine control and machine guidance you see that there has been a lot of development during the 7 International training course 7 Point clouds and scanning years. This year will be my 20th year in the business. The 8 Get to know Topocad and its modules first survey I made was the first GPS measured digital terrain 10 The Topocad history model in Sweden ever. It was back in 1990, on a fairly flat 11 News in Topocad 12 surface around a parking lot and a lawn, outside a convention 12 Tips & Trix, Contact information centre in Gothenburg. Back then, we downloaded the data and calculated a DTM from this survey. Fantastic. p.4 A couple of weeks ago I held a training course for a group of surveyors and mappers, and when we introduced ourselves, one of the surveyors said: “I began my first employment at this office, in December 1965. Back then we didn’t have that much theodolites”. I guess not. It’s only 45 years ago but still, it is a lifetime of work. Since 1990 the speed of development has been high, of course, and sometimes you think that, now, this is it, we cannot go further, it is good enough! During the last 20 years p.8 the GPS has really burst into bloom. Today, I have 1 GPS with map in my car, two others in my boats and I actually have 2 GPS receivers with maps in my pockets at the time of writing. Built in my two mobile phones. And if the satellites go down I can make a rather good interpretation of my position from the mobile phone connections anyway. I remember when the robotic total stations came, it was first named “robotic” station. I made a lot of work towards a Geodimeter 468DR back in 1992-1993. The one-man station came and concurred, at least up here in the Nordic where you cannot find anything else than the one-man stations today. After that we had to wait a while for the next big innovation step. Some connections between GPS and total stations were made but it took some time to get them up and running. However, as I see it, the next big thing was the scanning and LIDAR. You haven’t bought one yet? Well, you will. Most probably. Cover picture: The Chaos days 2010 On the digital side, I talk computers, we have seen them get smaller and smaller and faster and faster – and less expensive! The Internet, of course, has changed our lifes forever in an Topocad magaZine amazing way. Google and Google Maps. is published by Chaos systems Looking at the development being done here at Chaos systems, one notice that we have never developed as fast as Responsible publisher: today. Topocad has become a great software, from CAD and Tomas Sandström Editor: survey calculation to digital terrain modeling, contouring, Anja Jonasson design, cross sections, net adjustment to different database Writer: adapters for ArcGIS and FDO and now to a scanning Franz Smidek interface. I love Topocad! Well I should, I have seen it as a baby and Edition: 2 000 now it is a teenager. Topocad really is an excellent tool Main office: whatever you use it for and it is fantastic to have thousands of Chaos systems users using your software – daily! Solna strandväg 14, 6tr Welcome to this issue of Topocad magaZine! 171 54 SOLNA SWEDEN And also, welcome to the Int’l training we arrange in June 16-18 in Stockholm Phone: +46 8 410 415 00 Archipelago! Support: +46 8 290 660 Fax: +46 8 290 666 Sincerely yours, Tomas Sandström TOPOCAD magaZine Partner of Chaos systems SPRING 2010 Page 2
  3. 3. The TOP file contains more As you notice, the TOP file becomes bigger than Typical GIS DWG and DGN when you save it on your hard A typical GIS file, as Shape files, contains X, Y and disk. Why is that? Well, it contains more. possibly Z, information about the type of object and layer names (divided in separate files) and a lot It contains more data than ordinary CAD drawings, of attribute data. Not much more, no colours, no it contains a lot more data than coordinate files and blocks, no line types. So it is three words of data it actually contains more data than GIS files like that is quite far away from each other. Shape or Mapinfo files. So what does the TOP file contain? So what do different format contain? To start TOP - as the coordinate file - contains X, Y, with, all files we discuss here contains X and Z, Point Id, Point Code. TOP - as the drawing Y-coordinates. But that is the only thing they have file - contain layers, colours, line types, blocks in common! A coordinate file, typically used by (symbols), texts, line widths, arcs, circles, the surveyor, contains what is important for the polylines, polygons, splines, dimensions, etc. As surveyor. X, Y and also Z (height) coordinates. the GIS file it contains all kinds of attribute data Point number and Point code. It might also have connected to any type of object, not only blocks. some special code and perhaps some attribute data. It does not end here, the TOP file also contains individual settings for each attribute shown in the What about drawing files? drawing/map and it also contains imported road Drawing files contain quite much. Except for lines with spirals. X, Y and Z coordinates they also contain layer The TOP file is an intelligent hybrid between all information, colour, line type, block and geometry these different types of data sources and you will as line, curve and circle. Attributes may be there not lose data going to Topocad but you will most but then only as attributes connected to the block. probably lose data when you export from. TOPOCAD magaZine SPRING 2010 Page 3
  4. 4. ”We wouldn’t manage without Topocad” Joakim Sköld, a survey technician at SVEAB, has control of quantities and areas, says Joakim Sköld. used Topocad for almost four years. Topocad is In my department we would not manage without one of his most important tools. Topocad. For example, we use the programme to convert the DWG files we receive from constructors SVEAB is a full service company that handles and architects. We convert data, that usually was commissions of great variety. In one of their latest created with AutoCAD, to our total stations and GPS projects their assignment is to build a passage for for stake out and survey. We check that the scales pedestrians and cyclists under the railroad at the are correct so that we can provide the working sites Central station in Uppsala. This project is part of the with correct data. If the drawing lacks coordinates Travel center Uppsala. The work began in February we try to place coordinates in Topocad. We use the 2006 and is scheduled to finish in March 2010. same programme to calculate the volumes of the - I use Topocad daily for volume calculation and excavations and to create bases for stake out and billing. Do you have any favorite functions? - A function I appreciate a lot is the option to add or remove parts of a polygon. For us, this facilitates the handling of areas and dotted land considerably. The polygon handles both holes – polygons within the polygon – and islands – polygons outside the polygon. Polygons are supported when importing/ exporting through, among others, ISM and ArcGIS connectors. - I also frequently use the function to build up a terrain model in 3D, insert height on the lines and also study the terrain models in 3D. With the help of different colour levels and 3D I notice immediately if something is incorrect or if a point has ended up in the wrong place. Do you have any tips for new Topocad users? - It is fairly easy to get started in Topocad. I worked with the programme for about two years before I took SVEAB is building a passage for pedestrians and cyclists under the railroad at the Central station in TOPOCAD Uppsala. magaZine SPRING 2010 Page 4
  5. 5. This project is part of the Travel center Uppsala. The work began in February 2006 and is scheduled to finish in March 2010. "I use Topocad daily for volume calculation and control of quantities and areas" says Joakim Sköld. my first training-course. I would recommend new users to join a basic training-course. For me, even though I was familiar with the programme, the course Topocad and building was a real eye-opener. I learned to do things more contractors smoothly and quicker, for example using one key Topocad is used to a great extent by different stroke instead of, like earlier, three to four separate types of building contractors, house as well steps. as establishment. Is there anything you miss in the The contractors are important customers programme? who have great influence on the develop- ment of Topocad, and Chaos systems tries to make all stages of work as smooth as - I think Topocad fulfils my needs. It feels like it is possible. cut out for my work. I can study the terrain in 3D, but sometimes I wish that I also could use the programme to create drawings in 3D, says Joakim Sköld. TOPOCAD By Franz Smidek magaZine SPRING 2010 Page 5
  6. 6. Topocad for machine control and machine guidance Machine control is used a lot in some of the northern systems via LandXML format. It works fine for all countries. With a machine control or guidance systems and is very easy to use. The DTM has some system in the excavator or other machines at the disadvantages for road geometry but in Topocad we construction site you can easily follow where your take care of these problems. If you send a DTM from bucket or plane is according to your designed road a calculated cross section file (TCS) it is possible to or excavation. create triangles with small distance between to avoid the fault in road geometry calculation compared to a The systems on the market works great; you adapt DTM. sensors on your stick and boom, put a GPS or two on • Road geometry, road lines (TRL) and road profiles, and plug it into your computer and off you go! Perhaps vertical longitudinal sections (TRP) can be sent to the not that easily, but for the last couple of years the machine control systems using the LandXML file. development of the existing systems has been fast and • Cross sections, cross sections design can be sent to the many of the systems are working very well now. It is machine control systems via LandXML or to Georog also much easier to adapt on the machines. Machine system via the MBS format. For this we have set up systems on the market is Trimble, Topcon, Georog, three different methods to send data; point list 2D DigPilot, Novatron and others. (PntList2D), cross section point (CrossSectPnt) and lines. The line method is probably the most used one At Chaos systems we follow this line of business with and it creates road lines, road profiles or 3D polylines great interest and we have for several years made it for each line inside the cross sections. possible to export data to the machine control systems there is. There are a few different types of data that can As a Topocad user you can trust the way we work with be used in the Machine control systems: the machine control systems and we are always in the front of the development of different methods and • Digital Terrain Model, the easiest data type. Create formats to use for the machine control systems! a DTM in Topocad and send it to the machine control
  7. 7. International training course, June 16-18, 2010! → Register at Enjoy Stockholm archipelago during the lightest nights in the year! Social events during the week Place: Stockholm Archipelago, Stensnäs are sailing, sauna and boat tour. conference centre Price: Take part of the Int’l training course! Accomodation and meals: 199€ per day Three days Topocad training: compressed training Topocad training: 399€ for 3 days with basic module, survey calculation, CAD, transformation, road lining, terrain modeling, profiles, cross sectioning, road section templates, handle point clouds, city planning module, FDO adapter to databases, macro module and more. Stensnäs Topocad point clouds and scanning! From Topocad version 12.2 we will be able to handle to handle huge point cloud files in a standard way. They large scanning files! It will be a new module that will need to be able to handle these files for cross sections be able to use LAS files from scanning instruments as and profiles and also for other traditional methods in well as other file formats such as PTS, XYZ and other mapping and design. ASCII files. We will make our own internal format .TPC (Topocad Point Cloud), an indexed file with functions This will give all of our users a simple way to handle for import of other scanning file formats as LAS files. huge amounts of point cloud data to create traditional The TPC file will be possible to use instead of or in cross sections, profiles, volume calculations and combination with DTM files: contours! 1. Terrain cross section creation, use a TPC file instead of or in combination with one or several DTM files. The cross sections will be created from the DTM’s where they exist and from the TPC file in other cases. Of course it will be possible to use both for terrain sections only as well as designed cross sections using a section template. 2. Terrain profile, when you need a terrain profile (terrain longitudinal vertical section) you select to create this from the TPC file instead of a DTM. 3. When you create a DTM from a PTS file, you will be able to select parts of the PTS file to create a DTM from this to use it as a DTM in all other commands. 4. Volume calculation by model, calculates volumes between a flat surface to a PTS file or from a DTM file towards a PTC file. 5. Create contours directly from a PTC file. In Topocad 12.2 item number 1, 2, 3 and 4 from the list above will be available. Item number 5, Create contours, is scheduled to a later release. With Topocad point clouds we take an important step towards meeting the modern way of achieving data. We see that the demand from our users is high to find a way TOPOCAD magaZine SPRING 2010 Page 7
  8. 8. Get to know Topocad and all its modules What is Topocad? Topocad is a CAD system developed for surveying calculations, COGO, transformation and for mapping, design and GIS connectivity. A system made for surveyors and designers Topocad is a true object orientated CAD system especially made for survey, calculation, mapping and design. Topocad has been developed by an experienced team of engineers which resulted that the development of Topocad started from a surveyor's point of view. Whether you are a civil engineer or a landscape architect, a surveyor, a tunnel designer or a database manager, Topocad has the right application for your job. The Topocad modules are "add-on" packages that increase the field of applications. Topocad is a user friendly and easy to learn CAD tool. You don't have to work with it every day to be in control. Being on the market for several years, Topocad has reached many thousands of users in more than 100 countries and is translated into more than 17 languages. The Topocad maintenance agreement keeps you up to date with the latest developments. Base module Profile The Topocad Base module contains a complete CAD, The Topocad Profile contains profile form, interpretation and communication towards total stations, levellers, GPS editing of profile, heights on road lines and surface check. The instrument. It also provides the user with dimensioning, module is not only used for creating professional profile forms transformation, code table, terrain modeling, contour lines, road lining, export/import to a number of file formats, LandXML and a built-in 3D viewer Topocad reader & reader PLUS Topocad reader is a TOP viewer and can communicate towards an instrument and calculation of survey data. Also, import of files and export of some file formats is possible. Topocad reader PLUS is Topocad reaser plus possibility to import and export DWG/DXF. Topocad engineer Topocad engineer is a smaller version of the base module, and but also for creation of the profiles from surveys, from profile contains foundation CAD, the most of Topocad´s CAD engine, form and terrain profiles, it handles camber and cross falls communication towards instrument, calculation of survey data and really everything that has something to do with vertical and import/export of files. heights on long-stretched objects as road lines, railways, pipes, TOPOCAD magaZine SPRING 2010 Page 8
  9. 9. canals, ditches, etc. With this module you can also calculate Database adapter FDO surfaces and make a surface check towards a road for instance. Topocad database adapter FDO reads and writes to a number Requires the Base module. of databases via the open source FDO database connection. It uses the open source FDO from Open Source GEO, which Volume model With the Volume model, volume calculation between two terrain models is possible, and also between excavation bottom and two terrain models. Requires the Base module. Volume cross section Volume cross section contains section templates, calculation of cross sections, editing of cross sections with interactive has been adapted to Topocad and makes it possible to access data from several different geospatial data sources in the state of geospatial databases and file formats. Requires Base module. Civil planning The Civil planning module has functions to create intelligent objects through compound commands, functions to allow features on areas, all according to the country standard, and volume calculation, export to DTM, export to 3D lines and self defined features. It contains the Macro module and usage sections in a drawing, export to LandXML for machine of properties direct to objects in the drawing and a special control. way to handle legends. Requires Base module and Macro module. Requires Base module and Profile. Macro module Tunnel The Macro module creates compound commandos from a Calculation of tunnel terrain models, tunnel section templates few different initial varieties. Select if line shall be closed, and tunnel cross sections are some of the things that are filled, start on a certain point number, and if it shall have possible in the Topocad Tunnel module. codes and attributes. Create different lines, points, symbols Requires Profile. and text, and copy and make changes on existing objects. Menus can be created and you can alternate between them Net adjustment directly in the macro toolbox. The interface of the Net Adjustment module calculates all Requires Base module. kinds of differences in your database using the Least Square Adjustment method. Calculation of networks, simulation of Field survey net, error reports, search for gross errors, export to drawing Topocad module makes it easy to connect your drawing to and to PP file are some of the most important functions. A your GPS receiver. This enables you to use all the powerful very useful tool for calculating and generating data coming desktop functionalities of Topocad in the field. from small construction sites to a regional covered network of The field module is for survey and stake out of data direct to/ control points. from the drawing with connection to a GPS instrument using Requires Base module. NMEA 0183, and you can navigate directly in the drawing. Requires Engineer or Base module. Database adapter ArcGIS With Topocad database adapter – for ArcGIS you are able to Railway connect the ArcSDE, or the personal Geo database, directly to The Railway module adds rail functionality to Topocad. and from Topocad via ArcGIS client. Topocad reads and writes Calculation for cant, slew/lift, overlap measurement, use of the database and makes a long transaction from the database length tables and report of exchange points are functions that with all the CAD possibilities to edit and upgrade the data. help you to measure and view your results the best way. Requires Base module. Requires Profile. TOPOCAD magaZine SPRING 2010 Page 9
  10. 10. The Topocad history In late 1993 Chaos systems was founded, we got a CAD with number 05 was actually the fifth module and why the management contract for the huge infrastructure project the base module is number 08 – well think of that… Northern link in Stockholm. This gave us the possibility to start the company and already from the beginning we had an In 2001 the Survey module had been that much, with all CAD, idea to develop a CAD software with integrated functions for communication, terrain model, road geometry – and then there survey calculation, communication and with integrated digital was a need for less functionality for a much smaller price. So terrain model as well as road geometry calculation. we had to make a module of the base module (08) and licenses without module became the Topocad Reader. Then Topocad In May 1994 the first code string was written for Topocad. Not junior or in Mapsuite+ words the Mapsuite+ Foundation. even 8 months later, in January 12, 1995, we shipped the first At the same time we cut the functions of Volume sections in 92 licenses already sold at that time, without anyone seeing it two – terrain sections and theoretic sections – so the terrain for real yet. Topocad 1.0 was not that much compared to today, sections (only) was made module number 09. The modules 10, but anyway, it was a new thing then. It was 32bit Windows, it 11, 12 and 13 was smaller add-on’s with point database, map was a true CAD and it was made for surveying and mapping. sheet reader. The TOP format was already then bigger in that way that it contains more data than other formats in this line of business. In 2004 we made our first database connection together with This thing with 32bit wasn’t that easy at the time. Windows the Swedish company Spatial technology with connection 95 didn’t come before end of 1995 so we had to use the 16bit to their ISM (Independent Spatial Management) adapter to operation system Windows 3.11 with a feature called win32s. Oracle. This gave us a lot of knowledge into this world and a Not so compliant, not so steady, so it gave us a lot of headache couple of years after that we got a question from the Swedish until Windows 95 came. Windows NT worked fine though. Land Survey to make an adapter to ArcSDE from ESRI. Said and done. It was ready 2006 and with this we got really into Since then, Topocad has been steadily developed and we have the mapping and GIS world and we have hundreds of users put many many thousands of hours behind the development. working with this adapter every day. The latest database And we have got thousands and thousands of users of Topocad adapter we developed was the Open Source adapter FDO since then. Almost every year one version has been released. (Feature Data Operation) which was made to Topocad release But if you count, 2009 with release 12 and back to 1995 with 11.3, June 2009. It connects to many different databases such release 1 we have 14 years but only 12 versions. 1997 was a as Oracle, SQL server, PostGIS/PostGreSQL, MySQL and year without release due to many new modules and also 2000 others and gives the user access to open different datasets from was a year without any new release. completely different databases. The design modules – Road profile (longitudinal section), Since January 12, 1995 a lot of things have happened Volume Model (Volumes by digital terrain models) and the with Topocad. It has become a really good CAD made for Volume Section was the first modules to be released. Already surveying, mapping and design. It is a CAD closer to GIS than in 1996 we had parts of them. Volume section was the first – many GIS packages, integrates surveying with civil planning and that is why the Volume section has module number 01! and design without any thresholds to climb. It has been installed in, what we know, more than 100 counties to many Later, we found out that we needed to split the Volume section thousands of users. I have been with Topocad since day one. in two modules – the profile became its own module – with It is slightly older than my oldest son and yes, I feel proud module number 02 and right after that the Volume Model of Topocad and I am very pleased to hear that so many users with module number 03. A year after that the Net adjustment are working enjoyably with Topocad every day at work, and module came with number 04. You can almost see the history perhaps also on their off duty time! in module numbers, but a couple of the numbers have been Enjoy. there and then replaced so the module number 07 (Engineer) has replaced the 3D module which now is embedded in the Tomas Sandström Base module, module number 06 which now is Reader PLUS Sales manager and partner of Chaos systems was former a digitizing add-on module. So the Tunnel module The company November 1993 was founded, The first 1996 The first The latest Topocad June 2009 March 2010 module, 2004 under the the Volume database database 12.1.1 is name SMT Topocad model, is connection adapter is here and the released version 4.0 is released, released, development year 2000 ISM FDO is still steady 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 Topocad Chaos January 1995 New February 2009 2006 The company 2000 1.0 - the first Topocad systems chages name version of logo celebrates 15 to Chaos Topocad is years at the systems released Chaos Days TOPOCAD magaZine SPRING 2010 Page 10
  11. 11. News in Topocad 12 Generally ArcSDE • The system files (symbols, line types, code table and • Possibility to show the geographical limitation of attribute) can now be saved and used as XML-files maps. and also as a collected XML-file. It makes it easier for you to see what they contain. It also makes it easier to ISM distribute data between different users. • Possibility to show the geographical limitation of CAD maps. • New dialogue for searches in database. • New function for intelligent COGO functionality as a tool box. FDO • Copy a whole drawing, or parts of it, and paste it • Possibility to show the geographical limitation of directly in another drawing. maps. • Associative dimensioning: the measurement knows when the object is edited. Civil planning • Improved print functionality. • Automatic start of the stretch commad when selecting • The legend editor has a preview button and can work the same object twice, or when pasting an object in a with parallel columns. drawing. • Lines can be made to always stay on top • More lineweights. independently from surfaces. • New command to copy attributes. • New command to get object heights from attribute. Import and export • New command to save drawing sheet as template. • Possibility to edit attributes for several points. • Export to LandXML for inRail (length tables) • Possibility to get attributes from object to drawing • Import/export of roadlines from Novapoint. stamp. • Import/export of profiles from Novapoint. • Possibility to snap to object centre. • Possibility to set deafault catalogue for DWG/DXF • Possibility to offset road lines. fonts. • Possibility to freeze layers in external references • Empty drawing sheets is not imported from DWG/ directly in drawing. DXF. • Possibility to copy object from external references to • Export of crossfall to Leica 1100 and 1200. drawing. • DWG version 2010 import and export. • Legend can automatically add columns if the space • Survey data ends. • Better support for handling GPS-transformations. • Command for edit Legend remembers last used text • 3D view height. • Can handle text and terrain models (in CAD). • New button in Legend command to add all visible • Macro Module civil properties. • Coordinate list in Legend uses the number of decimals Survey data that is set in system/project settings. • Drawings with external references always generates • New command to calculate GPS data and survey data XR files. at the same time. (Possibility to use calculated GPS data as backsights.) Sectioning and machine control Output • New way to handle the section template and sections; • Possibility to semi-automatic fetch attribute data from outer slopes are built into the template and this makes objects in the drawing to the drawing sheet. it possible to handle the otherwise tricky drainage trench that is located under the centre of the trench or Road line in its proximity. • New command to create meta data. • Export of cross section data to MBS file for Georog • New function to make a more exact adjustment in the machine control. road line editor. • Possibility to transform road lines. TOPOCAD magaZine SPRING 2010 Page 11
  12. 12. Contact us Tips and Tricks in Topocad Phone: +46 8 410 415 00 Support: +46 8 290 660 Fax: +46 8 290 666 Website: E-mail: Export to formats like PDF – how you Order: Support: distribute drawings and outlines easier to those who does not have a CAD programme. Resellers Since PDF is not vector based it is difficult to export to this format from Topocad. A way to BANGLADESH LITHUANIA solve this, however, is to install a PDF printer Overseas Marketing HNIT-BALTIC and then you print your drawing directly to it. Corporation (PVT) LTD GeoInfoServisas A free version of a PDF printer is Cute PDF – Mr M. A. Mannan Bhuiyan Mr Audrius Melvydas omc@citechco net How do you work easier with prints? BELGIUM NETHERLANDS You can either control lines and colours with BDT Topcon Sokkia Nederland Mr Antoine Tusset Mr Jos Heesakker the help of line tablets or directly according to jos heesakker@topconsokkia nl the drawing. When printing you can choose to follow the pen tablet or According to object = Sookia NV NEW ZEELAND as in your drawing. Show/hide different object Mr Bregt De Bruyn Optical Services Limited when drawing – the easiest way to do this is to Mr Alex Felgate create layer collections where layer is on/off. alex nz You can choose a layer collection for each view BOSNIA GeoWild PAKISTAN in the print. Mr Zelyko Gulija CHAUDHERY BROTHERS Then, of course, you can create your own geowild@bih Mr Muhammad Masood drawing templates that look like you want them masood@brain to. BRAZIL Novaterra ROMANIA When it comes to forms/prints there are Mr Eduardo Paco Topotrade a lot of things you can do to simplify www Mr Mircea Simoiu infotopotrade@rdslink ro them: • Create more finished templates – you find CROATIA RUSSIA them as default in the folder C:Program Geomatika-Smolcak d.o.o. GSI, Geostroyizyskanya FilesChaos systemsTopocad 11SheetsSV Mr Nenad Smolcak Mr Vasiliy Galakhov - they can be edited and created. (Ordinary nsmolcak@geomatika-smolcak hr galakhov@gsi ru TOP-files) SERBIA • You find coordinate marks in the out data DENMARK Dorocon Geomer Group menu. By using feature (select – right-click) Mr Ronald Frey Mr Borko Draskovic you can decide if you want north arrow and geomer@eunet.yu scale stock in each view. • In out data you also find Key, where you can FINLAND SWITZERLAND add symbols, lines, coordinate lists and text. Novatron Oy Topo Center • For a fast way to light and darken layers you Mr Visa Hokkanen Mr François Noverraz create layer collections. Each drawing view can have its own layer collection to show Geostar Oy UNITED KINGDOM different layers. Mr Olavi Laakso Chris Little survey equipment LTD Mr Chris Little JORDAN chrislittletraining@hotmail. Middle East Group for Business Mr Nidal Zawati www ESS Safeforce / Sokkia Uk Mr Gary Ridsdale Calender gary IQPC Stockholm May 31- June 1 Chaos Int’l training Stockholm June 16-18 KENYA Precision Geomatic Ltd (PGL) Geosoft Associates INTERGEO Cologne October 5-7 Mrs Gwyneth Bell Mr James S. Karioki gwyneth.bell@ Trimble Dimensions Las Vegas, November 8-10 TOPOCAD magaZine SPRING 2010 Page 12