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JAS Oil & Energy
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JAS Oil & Energy


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  • 1. JAS Forwarding Oil & Energy Presentation
  • 2. Key Discussion Points  Mission Statement  Vision  History  Our Success & Future Plans  Global Organization & Services  Worldwide Network  Worldwide O&E Locations  JAS O&E Division  Packing & Warehouse  Loading/Unloading & Yard  Project Example  Customer Portfolio  Information Technology  Wrap Up
  • 3. “To be an organization that is committed to providing service at a level of excellence that exceeds every industry standard, at a price that is fair. We will accomplish this by creating an environment that encourages and rewards our employees on reaching our full potential, and puts emphasis on both competition and equality.” Mr. Biagio Bruni, Chairman Mission Statement We believe the above statement is illustrated best by the exponential growth of the JAS Group of Companies over the last thirty years. No organization can achieve the growth JAS has shown without providing exceptional service to our customer base. Exceptional service comes from the people within the JAS organization, people that have been invested in by the JAS organization and that have grown as JAS as grown. There are numerous examples of people having worked through the ranks at JAS due to ability, hard work and the company’s belief in its’ people. Marco Rebuffi one such example. Having started in the Milan branch of JAS Italy 20+ years ago as a clerk, Mr. Rebuffi is the Worldwide President & CEO reporting directly to Mr. Biagio Bruni.
  • 4. JAS has a simple objective, deliver the client's product safely and on time. In the words of JAS' Chairman Biagio Bruni, "Every year we receive a higher rank, which shows we have provided what the market wanted from us: excellent service at the right price". Vision
  • 5.  Founded in Milan, Italy in 1978 under the leadership of Mr. Biagio Bruni.  Covering the first decade. An orientation from Europe to the Far East, with JAS taking a dominant market share in the inbound market to Japan from Europe.  By 1988, JAS became the #1 IATA ranked airfreight forwarder in Italy through Mr. Bruni’s efforts in creating a superior service oriented organization.  The late 1980s and 1990s saw the emergence and establishment of the network in China, USA, and South America, permitting a truly global presence and more evenly balanced trade flows over the 3 major trading zones of Europe, the Americas, and the Far East. In addition the JAS Group invested in a series of physical logistics facilities in key gateway hubs to service its own operations.  1985 ocean services offered to it’s rapidly growing customer base.  October 2005 Jas India opens.  January 2006 JAS Worldwide Headquarters relocates from Milan, Italy to Atlanta, GA (USA).  Within the last 5 years JAS has seen further expansion in South America, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe and the United States.  As of 2007 JAS still operates as a privately held company under Mr. Bruni’s direction. Current business plan includes a public offering in 2010 (60%-70% will remain independently held.)  2008 – 30 Year Anniversary History Evolution of JAS Forwarding Worldwide Today, the JAS network operates in 79 countries with 241 Offices, employing +3,000 employees worldwide
  • 6. Our Success:  Our rapid growth and success has been possible through the use and development of highly skilled people and leading-edge technology.  JAS puts a real emphasis on customer service which enables customer acquisition and retention.  Continued aggressive growth through a combination of organic growth and strategic acquisitions in the key markets and in key products & services By continually reinvesting in the business, we have maintained a strong and solid financial position. Future organization expansions and investment plans:  To become a USD $2 Billion company by 2011.  Medium term goal is to go public on Wall Street by 2011, although remaining Independently held.  Continue growth pattern through organic growth and by acquisition.  JAS Worldwide HQ is currently undergoing audits by one of the top 5 audit companies in preparation of the above. This growth pattern will be achieved through organize growth and by acquisition. Our acquisition targets are in those markets where our current representation is below where are market share should be. In addition we are looking at mature markets such as USA, Italy, China & UK. Major investments in IT are all under our “Future Blue” budget which is a realignment of our business processes. Business intelligence, industry & client interface through various standardized portals are a necessity.  End of 2010 an additional 10 offices are planned to open within the USA.  Break into the top 10 forwarders in the world. Our Success & Future Plans
  • 7. Global Organization & Services
  • 8. Global Organization & Services Global Organization Structure
  • 9. Global Organization & Services Global Account Support Team
  • 10. Global Organization & Services JAS Group today: 241 offices +79 countries Over 3,000 employees Worldwide Consolidated Revenue in 2007 was $ 1.007 M Business split by region : Europe/Middle East 42% Far East 20% North America 17% South America 11% Australia/NZ/South Africa 9% Other 1% Privately held, 7th Airfreight Forwarder in Europe, 19th Freight Forwarder in the World. JAS Forwarding Worldwide
  • 12.  Albania  Angola  Argentina  Australia  Austria  Bangladesh  Belgium  Brazil  Bulgaria  Canada  Chile  China  Colombia  Cyprus  Czech Republic  Denmark  Ecuador  Egypt  Finland  France  Germany Worldwide Network JAS Global Presence  Greece  Greenland  Hong Kong  Hungary  Iceland  India  Indonesia  Iraq  Ireland  Israel  Italy  Japan  Jordan  Kazakhstan  Kenya  Korea  Kuwait  Lebanon  Macedonia  Malaysia  Moldova  Maldives  Malta  Mexico  Morocco  Netherlands  New Zealand  Nigeria  Norway  Oman  Pakistan  Peru  Philippines  Poland  Portugal  Qatar  Rwanda  Russian Federation  Saudi Arabia  Singapore  Slovakia  South Africa  Spain  Sri Lanka  Sweden  Switzerland  Tanzania  Taiwan  Thailand  Turkey  Uganda  Ukraine  U.A.E.  U.K.  United States  Uruguay  Venezuela  Vietnam
  • 13. JAS Oil & Energy Division Consistent with the JAS commitment to quality, our staff has been recruited based on their long experience across the entire spectrum of the Energy Sector but specifically in the areas of:  Oil & Gas Industry  Construction & Engineering  Drilling Contractors  Platform Upgrade  Mining  Refining
  • 14. The Energy Division stays true to these ideals and our team in this important vertical market is staffed by professionals with experience of successfully handling global traffic for well-testing, drilling and supply companies. Professionalism, honesty and integrity are the qualities shown by our Oil and Energy Team and they ensure that our client’s trust and business is in good hands. Services include, but not limited to:  Air & Ocean Forwarding  Charters  Door-to-Door Service  Customs Clearance  Port & Marine Services  Heavy Lift Capabilities  Warehousing, packing & Distribution JAS Oil & Energy Division
  • 15. Packing
  • 16. Warehousing
  • 17. Loading / Unloading
  • 18. Yard
  • 20. The freight consisted of electrical generators and their components. A lot of the freight was oversized and overweight, ruling out commercial airlines. The urgency of the cargo meant that ocean freight was not an option either. JAS participated in the R.I.O project (Rebuild Iraqi Oil) and was tasked to find the best solution from moving cargo from USA to Bassora, Iraq in the shortest time possible. Bassora airport and port at the time were open for military use and not by any commercial airline or steamship line. JAS’s proposal was to charter 8 Antonov 124-100 aircraft and fly them directely to Kuwait City. From there, the JAS team in Kuwait took over, waiting for planes, unloading them and loading all the trucks needed to move the freight to destination. In addition, JAS arranged all the necessary military escorts with the US Army and was able to deliver all the equipment to the Oil Fields in Bassora in 96 hours from departure in the USA. Project Example from USA to Iraq…
  • 21. Strategic Customers Worldwide
  • 23. Information Technology Global Infrastructure Our System comprises of the following components:  Shipment tracking and expediting functions  Value Added Services: Warehousing, Distribution, Pick & Pack, Inventory Management.  Purchase Order Management  Electronic Interfaces to Government Authorities (where applicable)  Billing and Costing  Statistical and Analytical Reporting (both internal and external)  Automated Inbound Shipment Creation fed by Messaging System
  • 24. Shipment Tracking  JAS provides multi-level tracking information depending on client objective  Shipment level, tracking is provided via access to our multi lingual Global Web Sites.  Tracking information can also be retrieved via “Quick Track” function or secured access. Secured Access View Information Technology
  • 25. Supply Chain Management For a more complex scenario, the JAS Orbis system provides full visibility down to the part number level, if required, from origin to final destination delivery of an order. Information Technology
  • 26. ORBIS  JAS has developed a proprietary in-house developed solution that provides the client interface between back office systems and the client either via web portal, directly via exchange of information into the clients systems or a combination of the two.  Orbis provides Supply Chain Management capabilities required by large multinational companies.  Orbis provides information from the point of receipt of electronic Purchase Order information through to delivery to the final client.  Orbis is configurable to support shipping based on receipt of product, scheduled departures or on client authorization only.  Orbis will receive and transmit Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in a variety of standard (ANSI X12, EDIFACT) or proprietary formats Information Technology
  • 27. Information Technology ORBIS / Management Report Creation & Flexibility  Management Report Creation and Flexibility  KPI Measuring - Tomkins Company / Individual Tomkins’ Companies - Globally - Traffic Lane Specific - User defined milestones  Standard Suite of Reports - Volume - Transit - CD Packaging  Custom Written Reports - JAS has created customs written reports from Tomkins Requests - Ad-Hoc Reports as requested  User Defined Reports - Individual User defined reports and library retention.
  • 28. Summary of Complete Supply Chain Interactive Search/Drill Down Measure Forwarder Performance Detailed Reporting
  • 29. Tariff Details Customs History View Documents View Product/Orders Full Shipment Details Milestones Notes & Status Alerts
  • 30. Measure transit times of the transportation process. Detailed Transit Reports for Analysis Lane Specific Measurements & Alert Modeling
  • 31. Full Suite of Reports Full Details, Transit Reports, Sea/Air Statistics, Charges, Bookings, Build your own CD for compliance and data retention purposes.
  • 32. 1. Create Your Report 2. Select from your Library of Reports 3. Run Your Report JAS ORBIS – User Created Reports (1) (3) (2)
  • 33. JAS ORBIS – User Created Reports Information Technology
  • 34. Technology & Value Added Solutions  Continuous Improvement  Orbis Customization to meet All of Your Requirements  Monthly Webinars offered to your Regional Management for future development  EDI Integration with your companies community – Just touching the surface  Ocean Carrier EDI Status update through GT Nexus Information Technology  Inventory Management - Virtual Warehousing - Local Distribution - Automatic Alerting  User Defined Profiles - Visibility - Reporting - Tracking  Added Value  Customized Solutions throughout your Company.  Supply Chain / Order Management - Multiple EDI Formats - Raw Material Packing List - Shipper Letter of Instructions - Commercial Invoice Request - Buyer Approval @ Order Level - Buyer Approval @ Product Level - Assembly / Consolidation Visibility & Notifications
  • 35. Information Technology Ease of Implementation  Orbis University  Fully documented system  JAS Orbis Training Site  JAS Home page with update notifications  JAS / Designing Solutions Together
  • 36. Information Technology Ease of Implementation • Group Training Sessions • Group Product Review • Application Support • Orbis University Training Guides • JAS Orbis Administrators Globally
  • 37. Ease of Implementation Information Technology • Comprehensive • Customized and Flexible • Management Information Source • Everyday User Collaboration • Used through out Tomkins Companies • Reduced Cost for your Supply Chain • Complete Control of Supply Chain • JAS & Your Collaboration Development • Proven eCommerce/Information Solution
  • 38. Wrap Up
  • 39.  Global footprint is the same as all major competitors.  Operate our own offices in all major trade lanes.  Structured Global Account Management Program which engages subject matter experts – Regional & Global Executives.  Proactive vs. Reactive approach taken in all aspects of our business (commercial development, operations, product management, implementation & transition of business, compliance and I.T.).  Very flexible which allows us to react quickly due to a flat management structure.  Reduce logistics costs by leveraging all modes into a bundled solution. JAS Forwarding Worldwide is best described as: * Strategic * Client Committed * Pro-Active * Valuing Tradition * Investment Minded * Innovative Wrap Up What Separates JAS No longer one of the many…… ….one of the few
  • 40. Wrap Up Summary JAS Forwarding Worldwide is a full service forwarder that enters into, manages and maintains a collaborative “CAN DO” approach with its clients. Experience, expertise and specialization means your account will receive “best fit / best price” solutions. JAS is 100% committed to making the relationship with your account mutually successful. JAS management and operating systems are world class quality and are easily transitioned into your account. We are able to meet or exceed the requirements laid out in your bid requirements for Distribution, Warehousing, and storage in so far as origin and destination are concerned. Simplicity - implying it is basic - is one of the key factors in our proposal and service. The uncomplicated nature and straight forward application of international forwarding practice and principles should be well demonstrated within and by our reply to this RFQ. Finally: We want your business and will work hard to win it and equally tirelessly to maintain confidence in our appointment!