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Email Marketing Best Practices


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• Learn the up-to-the-minute procedures for increasing and improving your one-to-one communications program through an automated marketing system designed to engage your customers with you and your …

• Learn the up-to-the-minute procedures for increasing and improving your one-to-one communications program through an automated marketing system designed to engage your customers with you and your organization.
• Deliver targeted messages to segmented lists of customers and prospects.
• Create a powerful campaign that will enhance your marketing positioning and name / brand recognition

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  • 1.
  • 2. Web 2.0 and Email Marketing
    Web 2.0 is a concept that promotes the interconnectivity and interactivity through online capabilities.
    One aspect of Web 2.0 is Email Marketing
    Various marketing strategies are utilized to reach a targeted group of prospects.
    Email Marketing is one of the many new tools available to marketing professionals.
  • 3. What is Email Marketing?
    Email Marketing
    Method of direct marketing through email to prospects. This method typically utilizes a dedicated email address as opposed to your personal email account.
    Some aspects to consider when exploring email marketing campaigns:
    Ability to incorporate multiple address lists
    Customized reporting tools
    Available email templates
    Spam compliance measures.
  • 4. Why use Email?
    Email marketing allows you to communicate programs and services quickly and efficiently.
    This audience desires timely, relevant and concise information that is disseminated quickly.
    Email marketing is the best solution to reach your online prospects
  • 5. Who’s using Email Marketing?
    67% prefer email as a communications channel over other online vehicles. - Habeas (2008)
    49% of online merchants maintain that email marketing performs better than other forms of marketing, including paid search, search engine optimization, direct mail and affiliate marketing. - Internet Retailer (2007)
  • 6. Contact Management
    Import contacts - copy & paste, or import your list as a .txt, .csv, .xls file
    Create targeted lists - choose target prospects and generate multiple focus lists
    Keep a record of prospects who opt-out - maintaining these records will prevent accidental solicitation to disinterested prospects (who could become very angry prospects)
  • 7. Add/Import Feature
    List Name section stores targeted prospect lists
  • 8. Templates
    Choose category, then design
    Design professionals have ability to utilize custom designs
    Features include:
    Sectioned blocks promote ease of use
    Images (use your images or the image library)
  • 9.
  • 10. Templates Options
    Sectioned blocks promote ease of use
  • 11. Tips for Content and Structure
    Decide targeted audience and desired outcome
    Promote consistency throughout campaign to reinforce brand and company message
    Logo should be clearly visible to readers
    Keep the title and subject line simple and easy to read to prevent the appearance of spam
  • 12. Tips for Content and Structure
    Don’t overwhelm the reader with too much content.
    Promote “call to action.” Some examples of “call to actions” used in email solicitations are; click for more information, call our 800 number or visit our website.
    Bold headings allow the reader to easily skim the message.
    Include quick links to your website, any relevant online publications, contact info.
    Include a Join Mailing List link.
    Preview & Test before sending!
  • 13. Example of Content and Structure
  • 14. Tracking Email Progress
    Identify effectiveness of campaign through reporting tools
    Sent = number of emails sent
    Bounces = number of emails sent but not received
    Opt-Out = recipient clicked on Do Not Mail link
    Opens = received and opened
    Clicks = recipient clicked link in email
    Forwards = number of times email was forwarded
    Review reports and learn from them. Identify areas that need improvement and popular features.
  • 15. Example of Reporting Features
  • 16. Where to Start
    Constant Contact is an online email marketing program that offers email marketing, online surveys, contact management and a help center with online and telephone capabilities. Even if you are not a designer, features like their SpeakUp service assists in creating emails that grab’s your audiences attention and gets your message across with impact.
  • 17. Where to Start
    Other Sources
    There are many companies that offer these services and software. Conduct research to find the company that’s right for you. Other email marketing services:
  • 18. Contact
    Questions or Comments? Feel free to contact:Kristin Rielly New Media DeveloperIrwin Siegel Agency,