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    • How to Develop a Green Thumb
    • Common Houseplants--Cactus
    • Common Houseplants—Spider Plant
    • Common Houseplants--Aloe
    • Common Houseplants--Philodendron
    • Common Houseplants—African violet
    • Common Houseplants--Orchid
    • When it comes to keeping plants healthy, it’s all about balance.
    • Wondering about watering?
      • Know your plant type, dry or wet.
      • Recognize when your plant is thirsty.
      • Know how the plant wants to be watered.
      • REMEMBER  You can always add water, but you can’t take it back.
    • Plant Types
      • Dry Types
      • Cactus
      • Spider plant
      • Aloe
      • Philodendron
      • Wet Types
      • African violet
      • Orchid
    • Watering Tips by Type
      • Dry Types
      • They need little water.
      • Watch for signs of dryness before watering, or water on an infrequent schedule.
      • Water slowly and sparingly.
      • Wet Types
      • They need more water.
      • Water regularly.
      • Watch for signs of overwatering.
        • Leakage from planter
        • Water isn’t absorbed quickly
        • Soil damp for more than a day
        • Presence of fungus gnats
    • Signs of a Parched Plant
      • The plant’s leaves are starting to droop or flop.
      • The soil surrounding the plant is dry and hard.
      • Some leaves are starting to wither or brown.
    • Top-Down Watering
      • Definition: Watering the exposed soil in the
      • planter from the top
      • Good for:
        • Aloe
        • Spider plant
        • Philodendron
        • CAUTION: Water the soil, not wet the plant.
    • Bottom-Up Watering
      • Definition: Allowing the roots to suck up water
      • from a container
      • Good for:
        • Cactus
        • African violet
        • Orchid
        • CAUTION: Discard any water not absorbed in ten minutes. Allow plants to drain thoroughly.
    • The Light of Their Lives
      • Not enough light can lead to the plant’s malnourishment.
        • One sign is very pale leaves.
      • Some plants can get sunburned if placed in direct bright light.
        • Orchids’ roots or leaves will get black burn spots.
    • The Miracle Gro Menu
      • Plant Fertilizer Spikes
      • It is time for a new spike when the old one has dissolved.
      • Good food for:
        • Spider Plant
        • Philodendron
      • African Violet Liquid Fertilizer
      • Use sparingly, perhaps two drops per plant per week
      • Good food for:
        • African Violets
        • Orchids
    • Food for Thought
      • Do NOT fertilize a sick plant.
        • Eliminate pests.
        • Change the watering schedule
        • or lighting.
      • If you fertilize a plant, water it.
        • Otherwise, the fertilizer will burn
        • the plant.
    • Beware of plant pests. They like to hide on leaves or in soil.
    • Prevent Problems
      • Isolate sick plants from healthy plants.
        • You don’t want fungus, blight, or pest infestations to spread.
      • Keep new plants in isolation for a month.
        • Make sure the new plant is healthy and pest-free before exposing your other plants to it.