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  • 1. PDN: Take two seconds to say hello to someone you don’t know.
    Have out:
    September 1, 2011Homework:Get your Syllabus signed, Finish your passport & buy a folder
  • 2. Objective:
    • Our Syllabus
    • 3. Using Greek History in our Modern Day World
  • Social Studies
    Room # 234 at Tamanend Middle School is a place where history is alive! As we work through this year, Team Legacy students will explore the Ancient World and gain an understanding of how early civilizations impact the modern world in which we live. The seventh grade curriculum builds upon knowledge gained in previous grades and prepares the students for the investigation of early American History in eighth grade.
  • 4. So what will students study in 7th grade this year?
    • Why Study Social Studies?
    • 5. Classical World (1500 BCE - 500 CE– Rome, Greece)
    • 6. Middle Ages Across the Globe (500 CE – 1350 CE)
    • 7. Renaissance, Reformation & Exploration
    NOTE: Certain topics will be taught in conjunction with English and Reading class and other grade level subjects areas both on your academic team and the other seventh grade teams.
    3,000 +Years of History
  • 8. What is the a value & a rule?
    Value = Something that you feel if worth protecting in your life (a right vs a wrong)
    Rule = something to protect your values
  • 9. Values of Classroom
    # 234
    1. Everyone deserves RESPECT
    Rules of Classroom
    # 234
    1.Come to class on time and prepared
    2. Ask permission before leaving the classroom for any reason.
    3. No food or drink in class. This includes candy and gum.
  • 10. Grading:
    Your grade for each quarter will be based on your total points earned out of the total points possible in the following categories:
    *Group Work
    *Oral Presentations
    *Quizzes/ Pop Quizzes
    * Group Work
    * Writing Assessments
    * Work Habit
    (All tests, writing assessments, oral presentations, and projects will be announced in advance)
  • 11. Grading:
    Every day that a homework assignment/project is late points will be deducted from the work habits grade. Homework assignment will be graded in several ways: group grading (self check with a group), teacher collection, spot checks, etc.
    **We will follow the district grading scale.
    **Each Marking Period Calculation = 10% of the grade will be Work Habit and the remaining categories will equal 90% of the grade.
    ** The final end of the year grade will be calculated by using all four marking periods and three core assessments.
  • 12. Textbook!
    Textbooks may be signed out for homework assignments!
  • 13. Online Textbook!
    There is an online book that your student can use in case they forget their own book at school. Here are the directions to access it.
    1. Go to the Journey Across Time 2005 edition site for PA- http://glencoe.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0078241332/
    2. Click on Student Center.
    3. Choose Online Student Edition under Textbook Resources on the left.
    4. Click on the link to access the Online Student Edition.
    5. Under Sign in or Register, you and your students can use the following:
    Username: JAT2005
    Password: 8hu5rust
  • 14.  Absences (What Did I Miss Board?)
    It is the student’s (meaning YOU) responsibility to find out what was missing during his/her absence. This shall be done before or after class, never during class!
    Any missed assignments should be made up within the numbers of days of your absence. (EX: absent 1 day, missed assignment due 1 day after your return)
    If you miss a test/ quiz you must make arrangements with me to make it up within 5 days of your return to school or it will result in a zero.
  • 15. Study Buddy
    When you are absent you should contact your study buddy. He/She should be in the same Social Studies class as you. This way you will be able to keep track of what was discussed while you were out.
    You will need two names, emails, and phone numbers!
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