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  • 1. The Golden Age of Athens
  • 2. The Persian Army
    • Greeks weaken the Persian Empire and the Persians flee across the sea, but they keep their area in Asia Minor and the Greek city-state involved!
  • 3. Is the War over??
    • Athens wants to follow the Persians and take back all of Greece
    • Sparta wants to just keep what Greece has & they are afraid of Athen’s new found power!!!
    Athens 
  • 4. All Walled up and No Where to Go!!!
    • Sparta demands no polis on the Balkan Peninsula builds a wall – easy for the Persians to invade and keep.
    • Athens refuses & gets the support of other city-states since they have the powerful navy Greece needs
  • 5. The Delian League
    • Persia is still a threat!!!!!
    • 150 city-states meet (all but Sparta)
    • Bind themselves to Athens
      • Follow their leadership
      • Pay money and military items
    • In return Athens gives them
      • Continuing protection from Persia
  • 6. Delian League??
    • Athens took total control
    • Controlled the money and made everyone pay them
    • What was it originally used for??
    • Started to use the money improving Athens not fighting Persia
  • 7. Pericles
    • Military General became the leader of Athens
    • AKA – the “first citizen”
    • The Golden Age of Athens
  • 8. Pericles Reforms
    • All city states & people will:
      • Democracy
      • Use Athenian $
      • Pay taxes
      • Have a chance in the government
  • 9. Pericles & Athens
    • Beautifies Athens
      • Builds Temples
      • Libraries
      • Encourages art, writers, philosophers, and architects
    • Problem – uses Delian League $$
  • 10.  
  • 11.
    • Pericles’ version of a theater – used for our modern movie theater designs
  • 12. Caryatids support the roof of the portico on the Erechtheion sanctuary
  • 13.  
  • 14. Parthenon $3 Billion & 15 years!
  • 15.  
  • 16.  
  • 17.  
  • 18.  
  • 19.  
  • 20.
    • As restored from copies, Athena probably stood with her weight on her right leg, and her left leg relaxed. She wore sandals, a peplos belted
    • over the overfold, an aegis, and a helmet. A centauromachy was illustrated on the soles of her sandals, and the helmet was decorated with griffins and sphinxes. On the palm of her outstretched right hand she held a statue of Nike, and in the other she held a spear. At her feet rested a shield, within which a serpent (representing Erichthonius) was coiled. The shield was decorated on the outside with an Amazonomachy, and on the inside with a Gigantomachy. On the statue base was illustrated the birth of Pandora, the progenitor of the race of women.