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Mesopotamia Notes Mesopotamia Notes Presentation Transcript

  • By: Miss K. Rice
    • So who were these first people considered to be the world’s first:
    Civilization Civilizations have: Cities, organized governments, art, religion, writing system
    • They were the:
    Mesopotamia Sumerians
    • Turkey & the Arabian Peninsula
    Turkey Arabian Peninsula
    • Migrated by following their food supply and looking for a nicer climate in which to live (NOMADS)
    • 3500 BCE
    • In Southern Mesopotamia
    • What did they look like:
      • A written description:
        • Short
        • Stocky
        • Black- haired
    Who can draw the best of them all ????
    • The main Sumerian occupation was:
    • Farming spread throughout the world between 7000-2000 B.C.E.
    • Farming caused people to stay close to their fields.
    • Villages grew.
    • How did the Sumerians accomplish the feat of being able to farm the land?
    • Changing the environment
      • Irrigation
      • Levees
      • Animal Husbandry (taming animals to use for labor & food)
    Domestic Animals Definitely Not Domestic!
    • As Sumerian farming became successful there was more available
    • Their because
    • of the
    Food Food Surplus!!! Population grew
    • As the world’s population increases, so does specialization.
    • Craftspeople
    • Toolmakers –
      • Ex. Sickle makes harvesting crops easier & Faster!
    • What do the Sumerians need for a bigger population?
    Homes and many of them = Cities
    • What do the Sumerians need for a bigger population?
    Rules / Laws
      • Organization and to keep order
    • Self-Sufficient!
    • Brick wall with bronze gate (closes at night for protection)
    • Narrow winding streets
    • Lower Class = unskilled workers (usually live by fishing) & farmers
    • Middle Class= artisans (shop keepers, carpenters, government officials, etc.)
    • Upper Class = Merchants & Priests
    • Ziggurat = Temple
    • Women = owned by the men
    • Wealthy = especially priest own all the land and have conflict with kings once kings are established
    • Serfs & Slaves = majority of the population
      • Do all the Manual Labor
    • Males
      • Sun up to sun down
      • Encouraged
      • Failures
    • Ziggurats
      • Hill of Heaven
      • Mountain of God
    • Over 3,000 Gods
    • Priest
      • - Lots of power
      • - Control who gets land
    • Did priests ever go to war?
    • War broke out and the people needed a stronger leader than the priests
    • Became HEREDITARY!