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Figures for ren dinner web

  1. 1. The Renaissance and it’s Famous People
  2. 2. What is the Renaissance? rebirthThe Renaissance was the “_____________” of culture (art, music, radeetc) and t_____________. It was a time period where thec_______________ were reborn right after the lack Plague/Death lassicsB_______________. When someone refers to the classics of theRenaissance it means that the people of Europe brought back ideas Rome Greecefrom __________________ and ________________. They alsostarted to believe in humanism which is that all people have potential and that they__________________________________________________ should live for today not just their afterlife__________________________________________________________.
  3. 3. Michelangelo:The Italian Sculptor & Painter • Lived: 1475 – 1564 • From: Florence, Italy • Personality/Training: Bad temper, ambitious, & religious, studied art, sculpture and painting • Talents/Achievements: Painter & Sculptor. Show emotion, human beauty, & very lifelike. Influenced others. Greatest achievements: Pieta, David, Moses & the Sistine Chapel (which caused him to go blind) of Rome.
  4. 4. PietaDavid
  5. 5. The Sistine Chapel
  6. 6. Titian:The Italian Painter• Lived: 1488 - 1576• From: Italian Alps• Personality/Training: Generous & Persuasive. Studied painting, especially frescos in Rome and Florence• Talents/Achievements: Used great color and very light brush strokes that made his work look like it was alive and gave humans personality. Paintings dealt with myths, Bible stories, portraits of royalty. His work with color and brushstrokes used today.
  7. 7. EuropaWoman with Mirror
  8. 8. St. John
  9. 9. Miguel Cervantes:Spanish Writer• Lived: 1547 - 1616• From: Madrid, Spain• Personality/Training: Adventurous, Courageous, Funny, but not trustworthy. Studied with humanist priest, but most was his own experiences• Talents/Achievements: Writer good at satire (make fun of something). He wrote many plays, poems, & novels. Don Quixote was his most famous. It makes fun of knights and Spanish society
  10. 10. Leonardo da Vinci:Italian Renaissance Person• Lived: 1452-1519• From: Florence, Italy• Personality/Training: Brilliant, independent, curious about the world & a vegetarian. Studied art, music, math, anatomy, botany, architecture, & engineering.• Talents/Achievements: A painter, sculptor, architect, & engineer. He sketched many inventions that were far ahead of his time, Made the Mona Lisa, the Last Supper, etc. Shows perspective, balance, detailed, & a rich use of light, color, & shade.
  11. 11. Mona Lisa
  12. 12. The Last Supper
  13. 13. Albercht Durer:German Artist• Lived: 1471 - 1528• From: Nuremberg, Germany• Personality/Training: Loved fashion, intelligent and very confident. Studied goldsmithing, painting, math, Latin, literature, printmaking, & traveled a lot.• Talents/Achievements: He blended German painting with techniques of perspective and idealized beauty. He was great at engraving and woodcuts. He painted religious
  14. 14. Nicolaus Copernicus:Polish Scientist• Lived: 1473 - 1543• From: Torun, Poland• Personality/Training: Very creative and a free thinker. Studied medicine, law, and astronomy at the University of Krakow.• Talents/Achievements: He studied what he really saw in the sky. The earth revolves around the sun. The theory was attacked by the church, but accepted by many scientists and our modern science is based off of it.
  15. 15. Andreas Vesalius:Belgian Scientist• Lived: 1514 - 1564• From: Brussels, Belgium• Personality/Training: Hardworking, curious, confident, and sometimes very gloomy. Studied stray animals and got his medical degree.• Talents/Achievements: He was a great observer and studied dead human bodies and made important discovers such as, the human heart has 4 chambers. He wrote the first medical textbook with illustrated drawings.
  16. 16. Isabella I:Queen of Spain • Lived: 1451 - 1504 • From: Castile, Spain • Personality/Training: Intelligent, strong-willed and a devoted Catholic. Very little school (normal for women of the time) Studied Latin, art and court affairs • Talents/Achievements: Very forceful and held her own in court politics. United Spain when she married Ferdinand. Sponsored Columbus and helped to reinforce Catholicsm in Spain.
  17. 17. Elizabeth I:Queen of England• Lived: 1533 - 1603• From: London, England• Personality/Training: Strong minded and independent, but flexible and a good listener who gave good advice. Highly educated and spoke 5 languages.• Talents/Achievements: She changed the policies and strengthened England’s economy. Inspired many and supported the theater, education, culture, trade, and exploration. Under her rule England became rich and powerful.
  18. 18. Willliam Shakespeare:English Poet & Playwright• Lived: 1564• From: Stratford-on-Avon, England• Personality/Training: Quiet & a bit mysterious, good observer, and had a great sense of humor. Studied Latin, classical literature, and acting.• Talents/Achievements: An actor, poet, and playwright. He had a way with words and understanding human behavior. People admired his poetry and flocked to see his 38 plays. Many of them are still popular today.