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LinkedIn Presentation at MCED
LinkedIn Presentation at MCED
LinkedIn Presentation at MCED
LinkedIn Presentation at MCED
LinkedIn Presentation at MCED
LinkedIn Presentation at MCED
LinkedIn Presentation at MCED
LinkedIn Presentation at MCED
LinkedIn Presentation at MCED
LinkedIn Presentation at MCED
LinkedIn Presentation at MCED
LinkedIn Presentation at MCED
LinkedIn Presentation at MCED
LinkedIn Presentation at MCED
LinkedIn Presentation at MCED
LinkedIn Presentation at MCED
LinkedIn Presentation at MCED
LinkedIn Presentation at MCED
LinkedIn Presentation at MCED
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LinkedIn Presentation at MCED


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Presentation on LinkedIn given on June 18, 2009 at MCED

Presentation on LinkedIn given on June 18, 2009 at MCED

Published in: Technology
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  • Disclaimer: Neither John nor I are associated in any way with LinkedIn other than being active members on the LinkedIn site.
  • BENEFITS STATEMENT: LinkedIn and other social media sites are fast becoming important tools in today's business environment, however, many people are struggling to discover the value of these tools. Many people are on linked in but not everyone is using it to its maximum potential. In this talk we will give you strategies of how to effectively use LinkedIn but many of these strategies can apply to other social media tools that you use as well.
  • Whereas MySpace Facebook and Twitter includes any indiscriminately, LinkedIn is geared towards professionals. Linked in is a place to exchange information, ideas and opportunities. Where can you go locally to interact with over 41 million people? Other than maybe Old Orchard Beach in the Summer? How often do you say, “We should really stay in touch?” or “So what have you been up to lately?” LinkedIn helps you to make good on your promise and actually stay in touch How nice would it be to have more than 30 times the total number of people in Maine that you could potentially ask questions to? If you don’t control your professional identity online, who will? Linked in helps you control your brand and your professional image.
  • Really, how many Fortune 500 execs do you currently have access to? Now you can see how small Maine really is An introduction is a great way to get to know someone There’s a group for everyone
  • More at
  • People are social creatures What other popular online forums are based on your professional life? The younger generation has grown up using electronic media for communication Older generations are finding these types of communities to be an effective means to staying in touch with remote family members Important resource for job seeking
  • Over 41 million people are already on LinkedIn What are you missing by not being on LinkedIn?
  • Almost every interest that you can
  • Pick a group topic that you are passionate about and can add value to Like the Maine Entrepreneurs Rich Internet Applications Martial Artists
  • Transcript

    • 1. The Who, What, When, Where, and Why of this Strange New World By (aka Kirk Hill) & (aka John Moore)
    • 2.
      • What is LinkedIn?
      • Who uses LinkedIn?
      • Why should I use LinkedIn?
      • When should I jump in to using LinkedIn?
      • Where do I find _________ on LinkedIn?
      • Q & A with Kirk and John
    • 3.
      • It is NOT MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter
      • LinkedIn is a community of over 41 million professionals
      • A new member joins LinkedIn approximately every second
      • A place to stay informed about your contacts and industries of interest to you
      • A portal to find the people & knowledge you need to achieve your goals
      • A way to control your personal brand
    • 4.
      • Access executives from all Fortune 500
      • Lets you see how people are related to each other
      • Find the people that know the people you want to meet
      • Collaborate with other like minded people with the groups feature
    • 5.
      • Entrepreneur Creates New Company Because of Advice and Connections He Found on LinkedIn
      • Advertising Professional Finds Investors and Helped his Sales Team
      • After Layoff, Worker Lands New Job By Using LinkedIn Groups
      • Company Hires Chief Administrative Officer and Another SVP
      • Grad Student at Brown University Lands Job at Microsoft Before Graduation
    • 6.
      • Venture Capitalist Uses LinkedIn to Get Connected
      • CEO Uses LinkedIn Jobs to Recruit Talent, Saves Tens of Thousands in Recruiter Fees
      • SVP Gets $250,000 Opportunity Because of LinkedIn
      • Investment Banker Uses LinkedIn to Land $300,000 in New Business
      • CEO Lands Million Dollar Client Via LinkedIn
    • 7.
      • Looking for a job or looking to hire someone
      • Looking to connect with others in the community
      • Gathering information
      • Building credibility and referrals
      • Assisting with sales
      • Finding resources
    • 8.
      • Reverses the Sales Process
      • Open up what you offer to a much wider audience
      • An accepted way to sing your own professional praises
      • Gather and publish recommendations
      • Track your contacts
    • 9.
      • Immediately if not sooner
      • Profiles can be built up over time so don’t worry about having all information right away
      • Probably many people that you already know are on LinkedIn
      • Also take a look at the LinkedIn groups that are relevant to you
    • 10.
      • Starts with resume type information
        • Job Experience
        • Education
        • Specialties (or Keywords)
        • Interests
        • Groups and Associations
      • Add in cover letter or marketing summary
      • Point to company or personal websites/blogs
      • Small status line that gets posted to your connections home page and email notifications
    • 11.
      • Ability for people to post recommendations to your profile – great marketing tool
      • Tips for getting people to write recommendations for you
        • Start by recommending others
        • Ask people to recommend you
        • Write recommendations and have people approve and submit them using their LinkedIn account
    • 12.
      • One way to share contact information with people that you meet, however:
        • No phone, fax, or cell numbers on your contacts’ profiles so you will need to either enter it into the LinkedIn contact manager (Beta) or use another tool for keeping this info
      • Have access to the contacts of your contacts
        • You may have 100 first level contacts
        • If those contacts each have 100, you have access to 10,000 second level contacts
        • If each second level contact has 100, you have 1,000,000 third level contacts
    • 13.
      • Interesting data about your first three levels of contacts
        • Number of people at each level
        • Percentage of connections by world region
        • Percentage of connections by industry
      • Allows you to get a quick understanding of what types of people are in your network
    • 14.
      • Thousands of groups/associations that you can join and participate in
      • Discussion Boards
        • Bulletin board functionality allowing members to share information and interact through comments
      • News
        • Allows group members to highlight and comment on news stories that are relevant to the group
      • Job Board
      • Directly contact and connect with other group members
    • 15.
      • This is the real power of LinkedIn groups
      • Group managers have control over group
        • Manage the group profile page which includes short and long descriptions and a group website link
        • Can either open group to everyone or accept members on an individual basis
        • Mark discussions as featured and to moderate discussions and comments
        • Ability to send announcements to the whole group
    • 16.
      • Promote Everywhere
        • Twitter
        • LinkedIn Status
        • Facebook
        • Blogs
      • Start, comment on, and mark as featured relevant discussions on the discussion board
        • Discussion boards are heart and soul of the group
      • Consider having or encouraging face-to-face, offline networking events
    • 17.
      • Post and comment on relevant News articles
      • Use announcements intelligently and solicit feedback on the relevance and usefulness of announcements
      • Cross post relevant discussions to other groups with links back to the group that you are promoting
    • 18.
      • LinkedIn Answers
        • Post a question to your connections and to the LinkedIn community as a whole
      • LinkedIn Polls
        • Use these when you want to poll the LinkedIn community
      • In addition to asking questions and posting polls, remember to answer questions and polls to get your name associated with a particular area of expertise
    • 19.
      • If you are not on LinkedIn you need to get on now
      • LinkedIn has a ton of benefits for professional social networking
        • Online Resume
        • Online Branding
        • Groups
        • Questions and Answers
        • Polls