How to kiss
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  • 1. 1The first and the most basic rule of any kiss is-knowing the right moment. Kiss should not be sosudden that it becomes shocking!
  • 2. 2Quit stressing over who goes first. When youreenjoying the activity, you forget who really started it.Plus, be the one to launch a few lusty mouth-to-mouthsessions and the physical charge will likely thrill himso much, hell soon follow suit on his own.
  • 3. 3Always kiss back. Guys are sensitive about physicalrejection, and turning your head away when he lungesbecause you feel crabby or fear you have morningbreath can make him hesitate next time.
  • 4. 4Men should ensure that before heading into a kissingscenario, ensure your facial hair is soft, by using asmall amount of hair conditioner on any stubble, andthen applying facial moisturiser. Or plaster your lipswith Vaseline, then gently wipe it off.
  • 5. 5Channel the Sherlock Holmes in you and detect whenshe wants you to move in. Wait for her lips to appearfuller. A slight blushing and widening of her lips showssexual interest. Shell also start to size up your lips for away to make a good mouth-match. So youll see a slighthead tilt.
  • 6. 6According to a recent study, women rated the taste of apartners mouth as more important than men. Topturn off? Halitosis. Fix bad breath using salt and aglass of water. Dentists recommend gargling twoteaspoons of salt dissolved in water to eliminatehalitosis-causing bacteria.
  • 7. 7Dont slobber all over her like a Great Dane. "Brushyour lips over hers until she parts them and offers youher tongue.
  • 8. 8Keep her face lightly cupped and look into her eyes.Breathe out and shake your head as though you foundthe kiss unbelievable.
  • 9. 9Kissing is your entrance exam for the rest of yourpartners body. For maximum effect, plant a small kisson each lip before placing soft, dry, relaxed kisses onthe entire mouth.
  • 10. 10"A womans upper lip is served by different nervebranches to her lower lip," says Siski Green, author ofHow to Blow Her Mind In Bed. "Spend timelicking, kissing or gently nibbling her upper lip, thenmove down below-no, not that far down-to ensureevery nerve ending gets stimulated to the max."
  • 11. 11Brush your lips between her throat and chin. The skinis thinner where the body flexes, so the nerves andblood vessels are closer to the surface-thats why itsalso a perfume point. Youll engage sensory receptorsand trigger an emotional response.
  • 12. 12Kiss honestly. You dont have to be someone else whilekissing.
  • 13. 13The kiss wont just help you score at night, but it caneven help you win over your clients at businessmeetings. A study at Stranmillis University College inBelfast found that people who turned their heads tothe right when kissing were more emotionallyengaging than leftleaners. "By turning to the right, youreveal your left cheek which is controlled by theemotive right cerebral hemisphere," says researcher DrJulian Greenwood
  • 14. 14To make sure your partner harnesses the same positiveeffects from a makeout session as you do, jack up theromance. The setting of a kiss can affect how womenperceive it.
  • 15. 15Consider some breath freshener or a lozenge and takethe initiative.
  • 16. 16When things go awry in a relationship, kissing can be apotent weapon in your armoury.
  • 17. 17Kiss lightly around her mouth, on her cheeks, or onher neck €”thats a very sensual thing to do. Thenwhen you reach her mouth, kiss her very softly on thelips €”no insert-tongue-here kisses.
  • 18. 18A little tongue action is good, but not when you feellike youre mouth-wrestling. Men are notorious fortonsil spelunking.
  • 19. 19A guy should move around when making out, not sitstill and peck. Explore. Slide your lips over her bodyand keep your hands moving.
  • 20. 20Some guys think a kiss simply involves moving theirtongue in and out of my mouth. Thats just annoying.Instead, try different motions and amounts ofpressure.
  • 21. 21Most men think cunnilingus is just foreplay. Butyou’re on the wrong track: most women think ofdining at the Y as the best bit of the main course. Ifyou dive down directly into the delta, with the attitudethat munching out for a few minutes is just a way toprime for the pump, she’ll sense it and lose interest
  • 22. 22Touch your partners love nub like you’re punchingyour PIN into an ATM and youll get the wrong sort ofwithdrawal. Instead, tantalise her with kisses thatinitially avoid the breasts and genitals. Drive her wildwith your special kissing sequence-feathery kisses onthe neck, moving to the shoulder, then to the collar-bone area, following to small of the back, inner thighand finally, hitting the mound between her legs.
  • 23. 23The shared adrenaline rush that comes from anunexpected kiss can make a couple feel more bonded.Why not try it?
  • 24. 24"Slide your mouth to his cheek and then his ear, thenback to his mouth,"Also try different things with yourhands, like rubbing his back, so it becomes a full-bodyexperienc
  • 25. 25You have to know when the moment is right. Like ifthe conversation stops, your eyes meet and neither ofyou seems to be able to look away, that is the perfectmoment to kiss her. So, you should take theopportunity to do so.
  • 26. 26Never ask a woman for her permission to kiss her.Despite what you might think, women, in general, likeit when their man takes charge, especially during apassionate moment. Asking for her permission willmake you seem timid and unsure; not sweet andsensitive. So, be a man and kiss her.
  • 27. 27This moment should feel like it is moving in slowmotion. There is nothing that will turn a woman offfaster than a guy who moves too quickly, especially ifthis is the very first time you are even going to kiss her.
  • 28. 28Dont go from talking across a table to planting yourlips on her face; touch her. Put your hands on her hipsor around her waist and gently pull her toward you.Then, run your fingers through her hair, and cup herbeautiful face in your hands.
  • 29. 29While eye contact is good up until this point, makesure to close your eyes while you are kissing her. Thereis nothing weirder to a woman than a guy who kisseswith his eyes wide open.
  • 30. 30Let the kiss have a tinge of affection. Instead of beingbrutally agressive, it is always a better option to betender and loving.
  • 31. THANKS