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Educational Applications for MS Word Fillable Forms

Presentation by Kathleen Reynolds, ESL/Linguistics Department at Harper College, at Spring 2012 TechFest

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Using fillable forms

  1. 1. Using Fillable Forms in Microsoft Word Spring TechFest 2012 Kathleen Reynolds ESL/Linguistics, Harper College
  2. 2. Users can type only in designated areas. The places where they need to type (or select options) are highlighted.
  3. 3. Why Use Fillable Forms? • They are green—no need to print. • They are easy to create from existing documents—no need to re- type. • They work well with online assignments (for example, watching a video and answering questions). • They keep papers and assignments looking the same.
  4. 4. How to Create Fillable Forms Video: I6l6OYx8Jg
  5. 5. Sample – Video Lecture Students watch a video online. While watching, they take notes on the main idea and important expressions. Then they take notes in the fields provided.
  6. 6. Sample – Vocabulary Assignment This serves as a template for students to complete regular assignments by filling in blanks and using drop down lists. Keeping the formatting the same makes this assignment significantly easier to grade.
  7. 7. Sample – Listening Quiz Students listen to conversations online. They use drop-down menu to select the conversation that matches the picture. They write notes about the activity in the field for typing.
  8. 8. Sample – Guided Writing Assignment Students are given an essay with details missing. Individually or in pairs, they type in the details in the blanks provided.
  9. 9. Sample – Pair Vocabulary Activity This activity requires a classroom lab setting. Students work in pairs where each one has different vocabulary words. They must describe the words to their partners and complete the charts.
  10. 10. Sample – Fillable Graphic Organizers Individually or in pairs, students type information to complete the graphic organizer. The main benefit is that the finished diagrams are standard and look appealing. The trick is to create a table, make the lines invisible, and set “fixed column width.” Or email Kathleen for a template!
  11. 11. Where… • Post on Blackboard or email to students. • Place on a shared lab drive, if available. Where to Use Fillable Forms • Each student saves a unique copy. They can rename the documents and submit via Blackboard or email. … and How to Use Fillable Forms • As a template to assign regular homework • For quick quizzes and tests • To accompany an online activity • For individual, self-guided work • In class (computer lab setting) for individual or pair activities
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