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VESL Class Idiom Dictionary 2014
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VESL Class Idiom Dictionary 2014


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  • 1. Idiom Dictionary VESL @ MiraCosta College Spring 2014
  • 2. Business & Work Idioms Victoria Mendoza Edith Floyd VESL@MiraCostaCollage Spring 2014
  • 3. • Lemon: A defective product or anything that doesn’t work.
  • 4. • Think outside the box: to think in different ways.
  • 5. • The big wig: An important, powerful or famous person.
  • 6. Idiom project Manami Hayashi
  • 7. • Too much on one’s plate = having too much work one must do
  • 8. • Downsize =to reduce the number of workers in a company • Throw in the towel =to quit • In hot water = get angry
  • 9. Business Idioms Created by Jennifer Rong VESL 4/30/2014
  • 10. Tim and Alison chat at home • Banker’s hours = short / few hours
  • 11. David and Jennifer meet at park • Balance the books = to check that all money in a business is accounted for
  • 12. News from company • Across the board = including everyone or everything
  • 13. Created by JuFen Huang VESL 4/30/14 BUSINESS IDIOMS
  • 14. Tom and Sara meet at a restaurant •Bean-counter = An accountant
  • 15. •Good call = Good decision or judgment
  • 16. •Company man = A person who always works hard
  • 17. Idioms project By: Camila Zuluaga Melissa Lesmes Enrique Desentis
  • 18. •Big wig: An important person or famous person.
  • 19. •Throw in the towel: to quit; to give up to something
  • 20. • Take the bull by the horns: To deal with a problem directly and resolutely ; to confront a problem or challenge. • Think outside the box: To think creatively;; to approach a situation or problem in a new way.
  • 21. • Back to the salt mines: humorous way of talking about returning to work, usually with some reluctance. • Business before pleasure: This expression means that it is considered preferable to finish one's work before going to relax and enjoy oneself.
  • 22. Business & works Idioms Faby and Candy Project VESL MiraCosta College Spring 2014
  • 23. •Co-workers are talking about their boss.
  • 24. • Big Wig: An important, powerful or famous person. • Lemon: A defective product, or anything that doesn’t work very well; something which breaks constantly.
  • 25. • Bite the hand that feeds you: To be ungrateful, to turn against your family or employer or other supporters. • Tomorrow is another day: that even if everything is not satisfactory at present, there will be opportunity for things to improve.
  • 27. • Break even = to have expenses equal to profits • Ball park figure =a rough estimate or figure • Balance the books =to check that all the money in a business is accounted for • Meeting adjourned = to end a meeting
  • 28. Idiom Dialog Abdul Haq & Mohammad Bilal
  • 29. Idiom Project Howard 04/30/14 VESL
  • 30. Joe is talking to Jack at the meeting room. •Though the roof: Very high; higher than expected
  • 31. Joe is talking to Jack at the meeting room. •Pass the buck: To shift the blame; to blame somebody else
  • 32. Joe is talking to Jack at the meeting room. •Pull one’s weight: To do one’s share of the work
  • 33. Thank you for watching!