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  • 1. Reebok Toning Shoes Controversy Jessica Kress Erin Plunkett Lacie Normandy Taylor Maher Cristina Contreras
  • 2. Background Information– Reebok quoted that their toning shoes would increase and tone muscle • Video to show how Reebok advertised their product • Percentages for each muscle group
  • 3. Background Information• The reason why % were false and prices were slashed: – Research only conducted on 5 women on a treadmill for only 500 steps, reebok acknowledges that effect may diminish after consumers get used to the shoe. – Balance-ball Technology injured users due to unstable sole because of rounded design. – False advertising of toning percentages: 28% buttock, 11% hamstrings and calves. – Led to a $25 million lawsuit. Settled with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) before it got out of control. – Reebok must reimburse customers who purchased EasyTone shoes who are not satisfied with results.
  • 4. Background Information• Overview of how the Reebok EasyTone shoes injured consumers. – Body parts • Knee • Ankle • Calves • Achilles • Hip problems • Tightness in joints and muscles
  • 5. Objective• To improve Reebok’s reputation. – Reimbursements – Advertise product through social media – Getting Fit for Summer promoting product positively – Host an Event to promote the shoe.
  • 6. Reimbursement• Fill out and send in paperwork about negative product if not happy and keep product• Anything less than $200, no receipt is needed.• Send out apology letter to customers Refund can be found here: http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/cases/reebok/index.shtm
  • 7. Goal: Advertise our product new ways, encourage consumers• Strategy: New Networks – Social media » Facebook » Twitter » YouTube » MySpace – News – TV commercials – Hanging ads in windows of retail stores
  • 8. Goal: Getting Fit for Summer• Strategy: Making sure our product reaches the target audience, with the positive information. – Launch in the Spring of 2012 – Targeting customers to buy toning shoe. – Logo: “ReeNew” Reebok – Renewing Reeboks name and image » Posters • Include new sponsors with product • Appeal to target audience • Information in stores with coupons » Table Tents on college campus, parks, etc. • Make available to targeted audience (16-45). • Admitting faults by proving positive information to the community with a hands on approach.
  • 9. Host Event• Event: “Walk-a-thon” – Reebok promoting shoe – Raising awareness for health organizations for the specific month – Walkers can try the shoe when walking • If they like them, they can get 20% off if bought that day.
  • 10. Goal: To extend media outreach for broader impact!– Strategies • How to: – Word of mouth – Billboards/Posters – Social media outlets – Press Releases • Leverage third-party partnerships to add credibility – Promote new shoe in TV shows – Celebrities lifestyle – Exercise gym merchandise
  • 11. Evaluation– Campaign tracking survey • We’ll be able to see survey research – Geographic location – Campaign targeting customers – Effects on different areas– Content analysis • Promotional Events • Media exposure to promote Reebok positively. – News paper articles – YouTube videos – Magazine articles – Social media comments
  • 12. Evaluation• Would they continue to purchase new shoe?• Where are they purchasing the product?• Compute advertising value equivalency – Focusing on reliability and validity. – Compare their results with advertising.• Conduct surveys to customers who bought a pair shoe – True or False Surveys – Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree or Strongly Disagree Survey