Red Tree Credential - 2013
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Red Tree Credential - 2013



Red Tree Credential - 2013

Red Tree Credential - 2013



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Red Tree Credential - 2013 Red Tree Credential - 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • COMPANY CREDENTIAL2013 – Semester 2
  • Indonesia’s Digital Landscape
  • Indonesia’sdigitalstats45 millionsInternet users in 201176 millionsInternet users in 20157%9%11%13%18%22%2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011Internet users growth1.5 hoursInternet per day52%people reading others’comments on socmedbefore buying products47% 13%visit thebrand’s websitebuy thebrand’s productAfter connecting with the brandthrough social media…83%online Indonesiansuse social media
  • Digitalmarketingshift* Omnibeat.comAre your brand ready for the era in which social media marketingwill matter more and more? Big brands have shifted their traditionalmarketing to social media. Delegating your social media marketingto a fresh graduate staff, or even an intern, will not bring you results.Outsourcing it to professionals will bring you justified ROI.
  • Red Tree Overview
  • RedTreeoverview We are an online marketing and consulting agency that offers varietyof digital services. We aim to become a leading digital media buyingagency in Indonesia by offering clear and efficient solutions for yourbrand[s] to really be known in the digital channels and have a realimpact on your target audience.
  • OurservicesFacebook Marketing | media placement, community managementSearch Marketing | search engine marketing & optimizationYouTube Marketing | media placementTwitter Marketing | media placement, community managementYahoo! Marketing | media placementand more…
  • Ourclients We’ve worked with many prominent multinational andnational brands, ranging across different industries.and many more…
  • Successstory-1 During May 2011 until March 2012, we helped Axe gain1,6 million Facebook fansthrough the use of various ads placementMay-September 2011+1,000,000 fansJanuary-March 2012+600,000 fans
  • Successstory-1 For this achievement, AXE Facebook Page was acknowledgedas the 5th fastest moving global brands by Mashable.comAXE ID grew 28 timesfrom 2011 to 2012with 1.6M total fansand still growingThe engagement rate ofAXE’s FB Page has alsoincreased significantly
  • Successstory-2We are helping Strepsils gain 100,000 FBfollowers and 10,000 Twitter fans during aperiod of 6 months.Weare helping Veet gain 500,000 FB followers,30,000 Twitter fans, and write useful articles forVeet’s website.We are helping Durex gain 500,000 FB fans fora period of 6 months.Reckitt Benckiser is a majorproducer of health, hygieneand home products, withmany prominent bands undertheir name.We work closely with ReckittBenckiser’s brand managersto help amplifying their onlinecommunity building effort.
  • Whyworkwithus? Because these are the advantages that you will get:We guarantee your investment. You will get what you pay for!We are extremely cost effective and offer the cheapest placement.We offer flexible placement schemes:Cost per thousand impressionCost per clickCost per acquisitionCost per interaction| CPM| CPC| CPA| CPIWe offer legitimate and valid results with clear reporting.The bottom line is… we deliver!
  • CostingschemesThis cost is based on every 1,000 impressionsor appearances of your ads. This scheme isgood for pursuing awareness of your brandor campaigns.CPM [Cost per thousand impressions]With this scheme, you will be charged onlyfor each audience who click on your ad.This scheme is good for driving traffic to yourwebsite, microsite or Facebook page.CPC [Cost per Click]This cost is based on every audience whonot only click the ads, but further, like yourFacebook page and become a fan. Notevery audience who click your ad willbecome fan. And it is us who will take therisk of making sure that you will pay onlyfor what you get.CPA [Cost per Acquisition]
  • CostingschemesOur newest costing scheme is the CPI or cost per interaction. With this scheme,you will be charged on every interaction an audience/fan make with your page,or page content. For instance, every time someone like your page, like your page’sstatus update, comment and share your post, a CPI is activated. The CPI is thelowest cost per unit compared to other schemes. This scheme is best to amplifyyour engagement rate.CPI [Cost per interactions]
  • Our Facebook Service
  • FacebookinIndonesia47,165,080Indonesians are on FacebookMale59%Female41%11%15%42%21%6%2%2%1%13-1516-1718-2425-3435-4445-5455-6465-100Indonesia ranks 4th for number of FB users after US, India & Brazil.Indonesians are very active on Facebook and use it as the hubfor their digital activities. 93% of Indonesians Facebook usersaccess their account at least once a month, compared to 27%for global users.
  • ValueofFacebookfans 28% more likely than non-fans to continue using the brand41%more likely than non-fans to recommend a fannedproduct to their friends81%of them feel connection with a brand they engagewith on FB, versus 39% of non-fans who said the same87%of them say the felt warmth, gratitude and happinesstowards a brand, versus 49% of non-fansfans also spend an additional $71.84on products compared to thosewho are not fans$* SYNCAPSE; June 2011
  • Whyreachmatters Impressions create value99% of sales generated from online branding campaigns were from peoplethat saw ads – proof that it is the delivery of the marketing message to theright consumer that creates real value for brand advertisers.Reach drives revenue for online brand marketersStudies demonstrated that campaigns that maximized reach had on averagea 70% higher return-on-investment.Finding the right message frequency is keyStudies revealed that for online brand campaigns,if we reallocated high frequency impressionsto people seeing too few impressions,you would see a 40% increase in ROIwith the same budget.* A study by Facebook and Datalogix
  • Targeting by demographicand interestsFacebookadstargetingTargeting bygadgets/OSOne of the biggest advantages of Facebook advertising is its abilityto super-target its ads. You can tailor your ads to each segment thatyou target, based on demographic, gadgets and interest profile.With Facebook, you can combine super-targeting and viral ability.
  • FacebookadsformatsPage Like Ad Sponsored Stories Sponsored Stories for Mobile Event AdSponsored Posts[Apps]Sponsored Posts[Photo]Sponsored Posts[Video]Sponsored Posts[Event]Sponsored Posts[Promo]Whether it’s for increasing fans, increasing awareness, promotingspecific posts, events or programs, Facebook offers many differentadvertising formats that will suit your needs.
  • FacebookadministrationWe also offer Facebook community management service,where we will handle and manage your Facebook page,create engaging content and interacting with your fans.Product knowledge | First respond to questions & complaints | GreetingsRelated info | Polling | Simple quiz | Useful links | Discount & program info
  • Our Twitter Service
  • TwitterstatisticsIndonesians on TwitterMale47%Female53%74%15%6%6%15-2526-3536-4546+500 millionsglobal Twitter users19 millions10.6 billionstweets worldwide50%2,4%are from Jakarta[#1 globally]online Indonesians say theyshare “everything” online[global average: 24%]Twitter demographicbased on algorithm by beevolve[Twitter users rarely disclosetheir demographic profile]
  • Memetweetbuzzers Rather than using celebrity buzzers and/or influencers,we build a network of meme tweet buzzers to helppromote your brand on Twitter…YourBrandBuzzerBuzzerBuzzerBuzzerCelebrity buzzers are real life persons whohave acquired large number of fans onTwitter and offer pay-per-tweet service. Theirfollowers are varied and rarely segmented.We created a network of Twitter accounts,each with different theme and topic, andthus each account accumulating differentsegment of audience. We then use them topromote your brand. We offer cost-per-follower and cost-per-tweet. You will payonly for what you get.
  • Ourbuzzersnetwork@ZonaCewek221.000 followers@Ketawa_Bersama97.000 followers@KamarCowo187.000 followers@DapurTips50.000 followers@InfoBolaku121.000 followers@FaktaPriaDewasa204.000 followers@SyairGombal102.000 followers@CitraPerempuan124.000 followersSome examples of meme tweet buzzers under our network:4,000,000 followersIn total, we have more than
  • Twitteradministration We also offer Twitter community management service,where we will handle and manage your Twitter account,create engaging content and interacting with your followers.Product knowledge | First respond to questions & complaints | GreetingsRelated info | Polling | Simple quiz | Useful links | Discount & program info
  • Our Search Marketing Services
  • Searchmarketing Search marketingis the process of gaining traffic and visibility from search enginesthrough both paid and unpaid efforts [to the search engine service].It encompasses:Search Engine OptimizationEarning traffic through unpaid or free listingsSearch Engine MarketingBuying traffic through paid search listings
  • Searchmarketing Search Engine MarketingSEM focuses on purchasing adswhich will appear on the resultpages of search engines such asGoogle. These ads are placedbased upon the bid that we put forthem against the competition. OurSEA service scheme is pay-per-click.You pay only for each click that yourad gets.Search Engine OptimizationSEO is the activity of ensuring awebsite can be found amongsearch engines top results for wordsand phrases relevant to what the siteis offering. Basically, it’s like a qualitycontrol for websites. Our SEO serviceis subscription-based, where we willmanage your site for one year toensure it will get high page-rank.
  • Googlestatistics45.5%people can’t tell the differencebetween organic & paid result40%clicks taken by the top threead spots on search result page80%global Internet users reachedby Google Display campaigns155%chance of likeliness for consumerswho are exposed to display ads tosearch for brand specific terms
  • Text Ads Image Ads Mobile AdsVideo AdsOur Display Network letsyou place ads on a varietyof popular sites, blogs andother sites across theinternet to reach morepotential customers.GoogledisplaynetworkGoogle Display Network is a large group of websites and other channels such asemail programs and blogs who have partnered with Google to display their ads.The network has:1.5 billionspage views20 millionsunique visitors700 millionsad impressions81% reach in Indonesia
  • GoogledisplaynetworkGoogle Display Network is also categorized into different “verticals” that you canchoose to promote your custom message to a specific kind of audience:NEWS TRAVEL FEMALEFINANCE MALEand more…§  Capture audience around search keywords§  Capture audience across topic categories§  Capture audience on spesifics sites§  Recapture audience who previously visited your sitesFour targeting options for your brand:
  • Our YouTube Service
  • YouTubestatistics 1 billionunique user visit per month4 billionshours of video are watchedper month52%80%recalled watchingvideo ads onlinein the past30 days72 hoursof video are uploadedper minute53 countrieshave localizedYouTube serviceconsumers say thatwatching product videosmakes them more confidentin online purchase decisions46%took someaction afterwatching thevideo ad26%looked for moreinformation aboutthe subjectpresented inthe video22%visitedthe websitenamed in thevideo ad12%purchasedthe specificproduct featuredin the video ad
  • BenefitsofvideoadsVideo ads are as effective as TV inbuilding awareness of your business.And they get results – like an average20% increase in traffic to your website.Ignite your brand or business using the emotion, power and sheer funof video. Marketing on YouTube turns viewers into fans, and fans intonew customers – delivering you real success day by day.Other benefits of online video ads:Stand out from the competitionCreate interactivity and user interestRank well in search enginesLet others advertise for youInstruct and educate your audience
  • YouTubeadsformats Display [banners]Display ads run across all areas of thesite except the Homepage. They appearto the right of the feature video andabove the video suggestion list.Overlay in-videoOverlay in-video ads are transparentoverlay ads that appear on the lowerportion of your video.TrueViewTrueView ads are skippable video adsthat are inserted before, during of afterthe main video.Non-skippable in-streamNon-skippable in-stream ads are videoads that can be inserted before, during,or after main video and must bewatched before the video selected canbe viewed.
  • Moreabouttrueview In-search In-slate In-search In-displayIn-stream ads play likea TV-style ad before orduring another videofrom a YouTubepartner. Viewers see 5seconds of your videoand then can keepwatching or skip it.You pay if they watchfor at least 30 secondsor to the end of thevideo [whichever isless].In-slate ads showbefore YouTubepartner videos thatare 10 minutes orlonger. Viewerschoose to watch oneof three ads or seeregular commercialbreaks during theirvideo instead.You pay only whenviewers choose towatch your video.In-search ads appearabove or to the rightof regular result on thesearch result page.You pay only when aviewer chooses towatch your video.In-display ads appearalongside otherYouTube videos, or onwebsites on theGoogle DisplayNetwork that matchyour target audience.You pay only when aviewer chooses towatch your video.
  • Our Yahoo! Service
  • Yahoo!statisticspeople reached daily byYahoo! Indonesia front pagethan the largest newspaperin Indonesia, withless costMore people visitYahoo! Indonesiain one month thanthe total numberof Bali touristsin four years.3x80%
  • BenefitsofYahoo!ads Display advertising can increase your online presence, increase brandawareness, drive leads, promote new products and increase reach andfrequency beyond search campaigns.Whether your budget is big or conservative, we can help youmeet brand awareness and performance goalsby promoting your business across Yahoo! NetworkYahoo! FinanceYahoo! MailYahoo! NewsYahoo! Sportsplus partner sites dedicated toa variety of business nichesThe Yahoo! Network has some ofthe most-viewed web pagesacross any advertising network.
  • Yahoo!adsformats HomepageThe homepage iswhere everythingstarts. Here, you willget exclusive adposition with hugepotential impressions.Yahoo! Indonesia has4 millions daily uniquevisitors with 5.7 millionsdaily page views. Thisis twice the number GutterRich gutter ad sits flushto the left and right ofthe page content,inline with the top ofthe page. Its unusualplacement will alsodraw users attention.A full background adon Yahoo! Mail loginpage. This ad will bringenormous impressions.Jumbo Mail LoginPage TearAn out-of-banner and high impact ad that“floats” in the page corner and effectivelydraws users attention.Mobile DisplayYahoo! ads are also availablefor mobile platform.
  • Our Additional Services
  • AdvertisingreportsBasic reportingFor each type of ads, we will provide a defaultyet detailed report on basic parameters suchas: conversion rate, click through rate, numberof clicks and impressions, reach andconnection, summary of ads performance andsuggestions for future actions or improvements.Advanced reportingIf you need an even more detailed reporting,we also offer advanced reporting that willanalyze parameters such as: competitoranalysis, content engagement, key influencers,engagement rate, response rate, page score,page comparison, and many more…
  • Socmedadministration We offer several social media community building andmanagement services, such as:Writing creative articles for your social media platforms,such as on Facebook, Twitter and blogCreating and maintaining new content ideas on aregular basisManaging the daily conversation and engagementbetween your brand and your audienceUpdating weekly and monthly reportThis is a very customizable service.Talk to us to see how we can bestfulfill your community building andmanagement needs.
  • Engaging your target market through online media has nowbecome the absolute necessity for almost every business.But brands in social media will be vulnerably exposed.Let us help you to amplify your best side to your target audiencethrough the proper management of social media marketing.Call us now…
  • Red Tree AsiaJl. Panglima Polim 4 No. 131Jakarta Selatan - 12160[p] +62 21